Friday 13 September 2019

Feline Fiction on Fridays #102 at Amber's Library featuring **The Little Book of Bob ~ Life Lessons from a Street-wise Cat ** by James Bowen ~ Advance Reader Copy

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Hello gorgeous library guests and welcome to my private library

Oh wow, what a week, furstly before I furget; we posted all the Pay It Forward Surprises in the last few days; so fur those furst commenters who haven't had theirs already, do keep an eye out in the next week or so fur a shiny blue package in the snail mail from The B Team.

Also, we finally sent out Valentine's signed copy of Bob, No Ordinary Cat, sorry it's taken so long, the P.A. is still convalescing aftur her accident in early June and sadly, it's taking much longer than expected.

Amber's Book Reviews - The Little Book of Bob    Life Lessons from a Street-wise Cat @BionicBasil®  Amber

In other news, I've got all my review books ready to share between now and Catmas, so that's 10 more delicious books with cats just fur mew to get your mittens on! MOL

And now I think it's time to share this weeks book, as I'm so excited I can barely catch my breath!
Amber's Actual Library Feline Fiction on Friday's with Amber @BionicBasil™

This week I'm sharing

Amber's Book Reviews What Are We reading This Week -  The Little Book of Bob    Life Lessons from a Street-wise Cat @BionicBasil®

The Little Book of Bob

Life Lessons from a Street-wise Cat


James Bowen

**Advance Reader Copy**

**Furstly I have to let mew all know that I was given a free copy of this book in exchange fur a fair review**

Here's A Small Snippet of the Book Blurb: 

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Street Cat Named Bob comes and uplifting book of wisdom and advice from the most street-savvy cat of them all.


So what did I think to Bob's Little Book of Wisdom? 

Amber's Book Reviews - The Little Book of Bob    Life Lessons from a Street-wise Cat @BionicBasil® Fudge and Amber

Well furstly I had to get it away from Fudge, as he's such a huge fan of Bob, well I am too, in fact I have his poster in my library.  We gingers love Bob, but anyhoo I digress; I had to literally prise my advance reader copy from Fudge's paws, run off to my library and lock myself in, (yes, of course, he can read it but only aftur I have had my fill! MOL)

Once inside my sanctuary, I settled in my uber-comfy library-chair and devoured Bob's wisdom from cover to cover.

Now as this is an ARC I'm not allowed to quote from it, but I will say this, if you're a fan of Bob like us, mew will love his latest literary offering.  

It has an uplifting narrative; sometimes humorous, at others sanguine but also realistic, and always from the heart.  Bob really is amazing, in fact he reminds me so much of Basil; full to over-flowing with sage advice to navigate this crazy wurld we live in.

So if mew're looking fur a gift fur yourself as a little treat, or fur someone else, this is absolutely purrfect, and available early next month ready fur Catmas! 

Thank mew Bob, fur another fab book!


Many thanks to the publicity department at St Martins Press, New York fur asking me to review Bob's latest publication! 

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Pages: 166

Publisher: St Martins Press 

The Amber Biblio Rating System Fur Offurall Enjoyment:

Ratings of:

The Little Book of Bob
Life Lessons from a Street-wise Cat

Offurall Enjoyment

I do hope mew enjoy this book if mew decide to give it a try. 

*    *    *

Sadly it's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and I'll be back next week with another specially paw-picked book just fur mew.  And don't furget that all my previous reviews can be found on my Book Review page.

Happy reading or listening until next time

Soft purrs

Amber xox

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  1. That sounds like a lovely book, but if it is by Bob it is sure to be.
    My package arrived and I have included it in my post today. Thank you to all of you.
    I am sorry to hear the PA is still having a time of it convalescing after her accident, and hope she is soon feeling better.

  2. Bob is such a good kitty to write about:)

    Purrs and POTP to your PA!

  3. Sending healing thoughts to your PA. I'll have to add Bob's new book to my reading list.

  4. Sounds like a great book. Another book to add to my humongous TBR pile. Cat U Later.

  5. That little book sounds like big good sweet Amber!

  6. Am totally in love with Bob, so I'll be on the look-out for this book!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful read. A street wise cat should be listened to.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your peeps. ♥

  8. amber...hay ya gorgeouz..... we hope de PA iz doin way soooper grate....N herz final lee on de road oh ree covered....

    thanx for de ree veew; we gotta add thiz ta R list coz we haz all oh bob's books now.... we like ta reed em ta de FSG !!! ;) ☺☺♥♥

  9. That is a great book. I need to do a review of it soon. XO


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