Thursday 23 June 2016

Thankful on Thursday with Humphrey & Blog Hopping with Pepsi

Purrsday greetings pawesome pals

Humphrey is joining us today now he's finally gotten offur his two week Grump-Fest aka the dropped ice cream on our day out to the seaside!

We solved his surly mood by making him an entire tub of iced deliciousness made with triple-shot extra creamy cream with crunchie nip cookie chunks [Erin I know mew are salivating right now! MOL].  This, funnily enough abated the black cloud that had been residing approximately 6 inches above his head all this time.

He said and I quote,

"Basil, this is the best ice cream effur in the entire history of ice cream, we need to go into purrduction right away!"

Then he added,

"Thanks so much, I needed that! If mew need me I'll be in the lab getting it ready fur purrduction to begin immediately, by the way what are we calling it?"

"Humphrey I'll leave that up to mew!"

He waved and dashed off.

I nodded, waved back and was happy that he was happy, and the fact that he has a new project. 

So today I'm thankful that Humphrey's now Happy and not Grumpy anymore! MOL

Here's to Humphrey's new project and may it bring him much purrleasure

Wishing mew all a day of much happies

Bestest purrs

Basil XOX

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  1. IceCream?? A-la-Nip??! OMC!!! Swoon!

    We would be super duper happy too:)

    1. Guys, Humphrey swooned, rolled offur and grinned like the Cheshire Cat when he tasted it! MOL MOL XOX

  2. dood !!! mice creem !!! now yur talkin grate eatz....

    think of de diffrunt flavors ewe can make it will go grate
    with number 5 from yur restaurant !! we look for werd ta see in it
    on de men ewe ☺☺☺

    happee thurzday all~~~~~

    we iz offline til monday; sew heerz two a moorish idol …chek him out ! kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. Tabbies... dudes and Miss Dai$y of course!!! We will certainly be adding it to the menu, and if mew need another shipment of No: 5's we can have that dispatched within 24 hours plus a side of the new Ice Cream! MOL XOX

  3. My kitties would love that kind of ice cream :)

    1. Guys, it's the bestest ice cream effur and if mew'd like some let us know! MOL XOX


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