Wednesday 15 June 2016

Wordy on Wednesday with Biblio-Kitty Amber #3

Wordy on Wednesday with Amber ©BionicBasil BBHQ Mewton-Clawson Library

With Me Amber, BBHQ'S Self-Appointed Biblio-Kitty

Fantabulous greetings pawesome furiends

Hey guys, Amber here *waves paw excitedly* 

It's Wednesday and mew know what that means; YAY I've got another book to share with mew!

Here's hoping mew've all had a terrific week thus far and it's only going to better heading towards the weekend.

Now I've been trawling the shelves fur something to excite mew all with... which does take a bit of time as mew can see.  Luckily I have a good organisational system:-

At each end of the library are the old books, some of the musty old volumes going back as far as the 1800's, and then in the middle is effurything else! MOL   But seriously it's a little more organised than that; with categories fur; cats, fiction, non-fiction, new age, health, fitness, art, antiques, interior design, sewing, fashion, gardening, cooking, travel, music, kids fiction, spoken wurd cassettes & CD's etc... and then a whatever category fur poetry and other things that there aren't too many of.  And I always have to keep a couple of shelves spare fur new purchases! MOL

As mew can see I have a diverse collection of reading material to while the hours away.

Are mew ready fur this weeks offuring?

Today I'm sharing a cute trilogy I read a number of years ago.

[Image - Amber's Purrsonal Copy]

The Secret Country 

(Secret Country Trilogy)


Jane Johnson

[Images - Amber's Purrsonal Copies]

The Shadow World & Dragon's Fire

  Book II                              Book III

The Secret Country was furst published 2006, it's a combination of a magical wurld aka The Secret Country and our own mundane wurld, with obviously a cat as the hero.  Iggy is the star of the books who gets adopted from a magical pet shop by Ben and that's when the adventure begins.

A tale of two wurlds, furiendship and a journey along the wild roads, with a whole host of fantastical creatures along the way.  It's fast paced and funny with deeper meaning should mew choose to wade into those depths, if not that's ok too.

I can safely say that the trilogy was highly enjoyable, well written and fun with fabulous descriptive scenes and I was eager to devour all three volumes post-haste.

While targeted to the children's age group 9-12, I feel that anyone who loves a good 'tail' would really enjoy this series.

The Secret Country: 256 pages

The Shadow World:  288 pages

Dragon's Fire:  320 pages

I can't find any audio books fur the trilogy, so sadly there's no stats to share with mew.

The Amber Biblio Rating System:

Ratings of The Secret Country

Plot Twists 


Story Development

Offurall Enjoyment 

Sadly it's time fur me to go and find another book fur next week.  I do hope mew enjoy this trilogy and if any of mew have read it, do let me know your thoughts. 

Happy reading



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  1. That certainly does sound like a fun and exciting trilogy, Amber. We will have our humans check those out!

    1. Guys, this trilogy was great and I do hope mew enjoy it! purrs Amber xx

  2. That's some fun fantasy reading:)

    We are now here:

    (We had to change our blog to make us have a real name instead of all those silly numbers.)

    1. Guys we've just updated your address in the side bar, thanks fur letting us know and so glad mew liked the look of today's literary offuring! purrs Amber xx

  3. That sounds like a great trilogy. My mum says that often children's books are more entertaining than adults. I think it is because she is going back to her second childhood, or maybe she never grew up!

    1. Flynn your mum is so right, a lot of kids books are highly entertaining! Second childhood, 3rd one & maybe a 4th one who cares, life's too short to be a grown-up all the time! MOL MOL XOX

  4. You have such a beautiful library Amber. I've never heard of that trilogy before but it seems like a great read. Thanks for sharing!

    Rosa @ Cat Lady Confidential

    1. Hi Rosa, thank mew so much I'm furry proud of my book nook. Do try the trilogy, I'm sure mew'll find it entertaining! purrs Amber xx

  5. So many books, so little time!

  6. Hi Amber *Waves* I have to admit peeps and I love a good trilogy, well I like the bird sort and peep the paperback. Anyways, that sounds a great set to buy and we agree oft the childrens books are way more fun. We will be heading over to the shops ASAP. purrs ERin

    1. Hi Erin *waves paw* mew can't beat a good trilogy, bird or book either is ok! MOL Happy reading, purrs Amber xx

  7. Those books sound like fun! So much fun, in fact, I might just have to check 'em out. Check 'em out... Get it? Like checkin' out books at the library? PURRS.


    1. Hi Seville, I'm sure mew'll be having great fun at the library checking 'em out!!! MOL purrs Amber xx

  8. amber; theeze bookz sound awesum.... thanx for sharin bout them
    ....we like reedin all kindz oh storeez two de food servizz gurl
    ree gardless of "age level"

    her iz old az de earth it self but ree cent lee re red a few Nancy Drew
    her had frum when her waz young.... N they waz az good now as bak then !!


    1. Tabbies these books are fab, the food serviss gurl will thank mew greatly fur getting them and mew may even get extra treats fur your efforts!

      The P.A. likes Nancy Drew too, but hasn't read them lately, I'll make a note to remind her... purrs Amber xx

  9. Those sound fun, my friend's son loves dragons so I will tell her about these.

  10. More books for the mom to read! Thanks for sharing these with us, Amber.

    1. Island Cats, your mom will love this series! purrs Amber xx


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