Thursday 30 June 2016

Thankful on Thursday with Parsley and Blog Hopping with Pepsi

Hiya fabulous pals

Welcome to another pile or big heap of gratitude! 

Mew may or may not remember that young Parsley here is rather savvy with his money, and that last year we did a little bit of investing fur him and his nest-egg has grown somewhat nicely!

So as Parsley is the one with all the cash we, The Heathen Hoard had an emergency meeting today as we mentioned the other day that we really wanted to send the P.A. to the Blogpaws Conference this year but unbeknown to us she'd already planned another trip.

"This is no good," I said as we sat in the control room in the secret bunker.

"I agree!" said Amber.

"We really need to get the P.A. to the next one," I continued earnestly. "So I've just been on the interwebs and seen that the tickets are half price till tomorrow."

"Oooooooh nice saving!" Humphrey murmured.

I nodded. "A furry nice saving and if Parsley would oblige we can get the P.A. a ticket right now."

The Hoard looked at me, and then nodded in agreement.

"Who votes fur sending the P.A. to Blogpaws 2017?"

All paws went skywards in a unanimous vote.

"That's settled then," I grinned. "Parsley get your cash out!"

Parsley stared wide eyed at me, "I'm paying fur all of it?"

"No dude, just the conference ticket, The P.A. can pay the rest!" I laughed. "And we purromise to neffur make mew wear the pink collar again!"

"Phew!!!!!" he muttered. "I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to having that new multi-function massage bed I've been aftur fur ages!" he paused fur a second, "And that's fur defo about the pink collar, as mew know how much I detest it?"

"No more pink collar, I will purrsonally lose it down the field," I answered. "Then the P.A. will have to get another emergency collar out of the new batch."

So today we are uber thankful that young Parsley's' savings have ensured that the P.A. will be in Myrtle Beach next May MOL

"Parsley dude mew're the bestest!" I said.

So here's to sending the P.A. on recon mission to Blogpaws 

Wishing mew all a day of much happies

Bestest purrs

Basil XOX

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  1. I wish I could go to BlogPaws next year, but my human thinks the flight across country with a stopover would be too much for me. She may or may not go herself - she's thinking about it.

    1. Awwwwww Summer, mew mean we're sending the P.A. all that way offur the Atlantic by balloon and she won't get to meet mew - that's so sad, well she just have to go the following year too and hope mew're at that one! MOL XOX

  2. That is a nice thing to do fur your P.A. Parsley!

    We won't be going either though...we do think your P.A. will love it!

    1. That was really smashing of young Parsley do to that, we're furry proud of his generosity and mew know the P.A. will love it! MOL XOX

  3. Ooh, a pink collar you say? very fetching. If only I could wear them myself but alas some sort of gravity field displacement/temporal distortion makes them fly off within seconds never to reappear! Peep has just paid for the ticket for BP so I won't have to, well I put my paw down as I would be doing overtime for a whole year to pay for it! purrs ERin

    1. Yep PINK!!! Parsley would beg to differ about the furry fetching remark!!! MOL But as he keeps losing his nearly almost real diamond collars the P.A. puts that one on him and can guarantee 100% that it will still be on him when he comes home - which makes us wunder whether someone is actually stealing the others!??? Great news your peeps has bought a ticket too, yay fur Brits at Blogpaws next year!!! WOO HOO :D XOX

  4. You are very generous, Parsley. Your PA will have a great time.

  5. total lee awesum of ewe ta send de PA to blogpaws;
    frum what we heer itza way kewl eeevent...we noe yur mum
    will haza grate time !!!! high pawz two ewe parsley ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. Hey guys, yes she's really excited about it, but we're more excited about the BP swag bags we've been seeing this week, they look pawesome! MOL MOL XOX

  6. We sure hope your P.A. can get to BlogPaws next year...the mom really wants to meet her!

    1. Hi Island Cats, oh we can assure mew that she'll be there and is so looking forward to meeting your mom too! XOX

  7. I hope to go next year and meet your Mom.

  8. But... But... But... But if you send your PA to BlogPaws, WHO IS GONNA OPEN THE TINS? Inquirin' minds NEED to know.


    1. MOL Seville, we have a cat nanny that moves into our house while the P.A. does her travelling, so neffur fear there's always someone to open the tins!!! MOL MOL XOX


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