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'The Best Cat Food' on Today's Cat-Formation Post at BBHQ featuring Reviews.Com - An Essential Guide To What's In Your Cats Food

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Wunderpurr greetings fabulous furiends

Today we are sharing some furry interesting info about cat food, now we know this is a HOT TOPIC around the wurld with all the different brands available, but we have an inside scoop on the subject thanks to:

...who contacted us before Catmas and asked if we'd like to share their findings.

We all know how impawtant diet is, it is the fuel that feeds us.  Simply put:-  If we put crappy fuel in our bodies, our bodies don't run as effectively and efficiently as they should.  

Howeffur if we put premium fuel in our bodies we stand a much better chance of effurything wurking correctly, staving off illness and other niggles that may crop up throughout our lives.

Getting the right balance of nutrition and vitamins is essential to longevity

 And we must also add here, that getting enough water is also paramount to one's offurall well-being. We have fresh filtered water in various locations around the house which are changed daily and a water fountain in the kitchen. Purrlease try to keep water bowls clean as dust and icky stuff can get in there, this is not nice, and would mew like to drink dirty water from a dirty bowl? No, we didn't think so, so next time mew walk by the bowl check the cleanliness, but it's better to get in the habit of using clean bowls with fresh water effuryday.

Anyhoo, aftur that moderate digression let's talk about food... mmmmmmm I can think of lots of yummy stuff right now that I'd like to nom, but sadly at the ripe old age of 15.5 [I'm nearly 80 in hooman years] I have the odd flare-up of pancreatitis, and CKD [Chronic Kidney Disease] in its early stages so I have to be purrticulary careful about what passes my lips.

Now the pawesome peeps at Reviews.Com spent 300 hours researching the cat food industry to find the best diet. Vets and cat owners were also involved in the process, as well as online research and the analysis of 1700+ cat food formulas, yep there's really that many, who knew?

So aftur examining more than 100 brands, it was found that only 37 of them made at least ONE approved formula - wow we were shocked at that!

Image Copyright @Reviews.Com

It would appear that some cat foods often contain artificial ingredients, preservatives and dyes, now this horrifies us as mew would think that the main ingredient in a cat food formula would be meat, yet shockingly 505 formulas were instantly disqualified for not having meat as the furst ingredient listed.

If it's not meat, then what the flip are we eating? 

A probable chemical factory of nasties - eeeeeeewwwwwww!

311 were disqualified fur containing artificial ingredients, preservatives and dyes.

459 were disqualified for containing rendered fat, meat by-products, sugar, garlic and other questionable ingredients.

323 were disqualified based on formulas with a history of recall, manufacturer or customer satisfaction.

Image Copyright @Reviews.Com

There is also the debate on whether to feed wet food or dry food or a combo of both?

We think this depends on each individual, fur instance Pandora will only eat wet food.  Fudge primarily eats dry food and the rest of us are combo-cats eating a mix of both.

Or mew could move to a completely raw diet, howeffur there are many things to consider before doing this.

We recommend that mew talk to your veterinary purractitioner about any dietary changes mew are thinking of making, or if mew're concerned about the food mew're currently eating.

*   *   *

Now we purrsonally can't tell mew what to buy or what your budget dictates, but we will offur this advice, buy the best quality mew can afford.

Quality food = longevity

And really, who doesn't want to live fur as long as possible?

*   *   *

So what is the best cat food?

While we can't answer that for mew, WE CAN point mew to Reviews.Com where mew can read their excellent in-depth article at your leisure, then mew can make up your own mind on the subject and find the furry best cat food fur mew.

What cat food do mew buy now?

Do mew effur read the label?


Do mew buy vet recommended food only?

*   *   *

 Many thanks for joining us today and don't furget to stop by tomorrow for our usual Sunday Selfies post.

Happy Caturday

Basil & The B Team

*FYI - this is NOT a sponsored post, no goods or money have been exchanged for this post.

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  1. We eat wet food only here - after our kitty Maurice had a urinary blockage, we read dat wet food wuz best. So dat's what we eat. Mostly Fancy Feast, but occayshunally some udder brands.

    1. Hiya Lone Star Cats, oh poor Maurice thank goodness mew were able to help with a dietary change, that's fab news! I hear that Fancy Feast is rather yummy but we can't get it here! XOX

  2. That is very informative. Originally Eric and Flynn had wet food at meal times with dry food left down. Eric loved dry food and ate most of it. Much to his disgust we gradually changed them to all wet to try and get some weight off him. I used to feed a reasonable quality food but not as good as I would have liked to. Whenever I tried to get them on best quality food, they would both turn their noses up. Once I was given some really poor food and rather than waste it I gave it to them occasionally to use it up. You would think I had given them caviar!

    1. Hey guys, isn't it funny how sometimes the expensive stuff just doesn't fit the cut the mustard and a cheaper brand tastes so yummy. Amber only ate Iams fur the furst 5 years she was here, she'd neffur eat wet food in fact she wouldn't go near it, then one day out of the blue she started to eat the wet food. I think us kitties know what we want and eat accordingly! MOL XOX

  3. Interesting post ! We eat a combo of raw food and high quality wet food. Purrs

    1. Hiya Swiss Cats, sounds like mew guys have got your diet wurked out purrfectly! XOX

  4. It's important for our humans to educate themselves so that they can feed us what is appropriate for us to keep us healthy. Thanks for this informative post!

    1. Hey Island Cats, yes mew are so right and especially like with Wally and I having the same pancreatitis and CKD it is vital to learn what wurks and is the best nutrition fur our condition! XOX

  5. I've had places to go to try to figure out dog food, but didn't have one for cat food, so thanks for the resource! Our kitty Sam eats a combination of wet and dry food. She is SO fussy about wet, we have to keep finding new brands (she likes them for a while and then doesn't), but she's not as fussy about dry. I know wet is good for her, so I try to keep her at least eating both. Right now we have her on a special kidney diet food that our vet recommended, since she has a lot of health issues. Most days I'm just happy she will eat anything!

    1. Hi Jan, oh mew are furry welcome and we're so glad to be able to help. Sam sounds a bit like Pandora, she'll like something fur a while, then nope she's no gonna eat it, so we know exactly what mew mean. I, Basil have a special Renal food from the vets too, and sometimes I turn my nose up and walk away, its hard to find a balance and tempting tasty food that we want to eat when we're unwell... we're sending oodles of healing purrs fur Sam and really hope her health issues dissipate! XOX

  6. Pipo eats a grain free dry food, and sometimes a similar wet type, but he is fussy...
    Minko was fed a different type of wet noms. I had to special order it. Pipo liked that stuff too, but it made him have the runs. Sheesh.
    Pipo disdains the freeze dried raw food that I have tried for him. The dogs love that though:)

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