Thursday 13 February 2020

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? on In The Spotlight ~ Product Review featuring The Valentine's Special TAKE MEOWT Box by Gus and Bella

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Valentines What's In The Box on BBHQ Spotlight Review @BionicBasil®

Wunderpurr greetings fabulous furiends

Today we're sharing one of our *sponsored posts with mew from the fabulous peeps at..

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Mew may remember later on last year we shared their epic Catmas Box and the Calm Kitty Box? Today we're back with their special Valentine's Take Meowt Box, and OH MY COD are we excited to show mew what's inside!

So let's show mew what was in the box, sharing the love from Gus and Bella

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box

OMC! Melvyn couldn't believe it; it was the box that just kept giving.  He said, "WOW just look at all those pawesome goodies, and as I'm furst here it's all mine... Fudge will think twice about imposing the furst come furst gets it all rule like last time muwahahahahahaaaaaaa!"

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - Melvyn claims it all

Let's take a closer look at all the love...

Furst up is the King Catnip heart and a bar of Whitaker's luxury milk chocolate, now the P.A. is very partial to a spot of chocolate! MOL

Mew may also be wundering why the catnip heart below is looking a bit furry... well the next picture tells it all!

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - The Goodies

As we were taking individual pics of all the pawesome goodies, the P.A. came to the last item, the catnip heart... well she thought there was a catnip heart but it was now mysteriously absent.  In fact, she thought she was losing her marbles for a moment as she hadn't seen any of us near the goodies apart from Melvyn and he snoopervising her.  

But then she heard a sound coming from the porch and went to investigate, and there she found Fudge red-pawed with the catnip heart he'd so sneakily stolen.  She never even saw him, so his ninja skills are really outstanding; though he was a little hissed off he'd got rumbled and that she took it away to take a picture! MOL

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - Fudge stole the catnip heart

Next up is the Grain Free Vet's Kitchen ultra-fresh food in delicious chicken flavour, and also a packet of Catnip Dental Chew Sticks.

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - The Goodies

Monte the Mouse felt cat toy came next and more Vet's Kitchen heart-shaped treats in a variety of delicious and truly nom-able flavours.

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - The Goodies

And the P.A. got this gorgeous All You Need Is Love and A Cat Plaque by Sass & Belle, and a pair of the most fluffy, soft slipper-socks to keep her ice-block feet supurr cosy and snuggly-bugly - paw themed of course!

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - The Goodies

EPIC or what?

So what did we think to the Take Meowt Box?

We'll let the pictures tell the story...

 Melvyn got Monte the mouse with the epically long tail all in a ravel! MOL

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - Melvyn get Monte All In A Ravel

 Fudge purracticed some dental hygiene.

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - Fudge purracticed some dental hygiene

All The B Team got in on the action...

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - The B Team In Action

Latecomer Smooch was outside when the box was opened but he soon made up for his absence in a spectacular way, and another reason to keep the box is because we love them as demonstrated by Smooch and Fudge.

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - Latecomer Smooch Makes Up For Missed Time

The dry food was very nom-able and the treats were even more so...

What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Gus & Bella Take Meowt Valentine's Box - Sampling all the delicious noms

Five out of six cats loved both the dry food and the treats; the 6th cat being Pandora who doesn't eat treats or dry food, so really it was 5 out of 5! MOL

As with the two previous boxes which we were extremely fortunate to try, this one doesn't disappoint at all; in fact, it exceeded our expectations and just proves the attention to detail and delight factor run very high at Gus and Bella's.  We enjoyed everything in the box with much gusto and verve as mew have seen, and the P.A. was supurr happy with her pressies; she's hung the plaque in the kitchen and is wearing the snuggly socks as we type, oh and the chocolate is being saved for later, but don't tell dad! SHHHHHHH! MOL

We think the Gus and Bella Take Meowt Box is Epically Epic and scores 10 out of 10 paws, top marks



If mew'd like to try a box from Gus & Bella, we have a special discount code just for mew below.  And they do ship wurld-wide, check out their FAQ's to find out more; as we remember that a few of our fab readers wanted to know that info last time we posted.

Discount Code: BASIL10

**gives 10% off first month's subscription box, and also off the One-Off-Gift Box and Pre-Paid subscriptions**

We would like to say a very special thanks to the pawesome peeps at Gus & Bella for giving us the opportunity to experience their gorgeous Valentine's Take Meowt Box  ~ THANK MEW SO FURRY MUCH WE LOVED IT ALL!

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Many thanks fur joining us today and don't furget to stop by tomorrow when Amber will be here sharing a Valentine's Book Review, so until then...

Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by!

Love & Purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

*FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s

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  1. Wow, looks like some pawsome stuff!

  2. OMC!!! What a great and epic haul!!

    Loved seeing how al the kitties got into those gifts:)

    1. Dudes epic is the right wurd fur sure, and we loved it! MOL XOX

  3. You and the PA got lots of great goodies. Fudge really does have awesome ninja skills.

    1. We did indeedy, and Fudge's skills have surpassed all previous records! MOL XOX

  4. Once again Gus and Bella boxes look great. However, they seem to only sell to people in the UK since they don't put their box prices in US Dollars too. This disappointed me. Have a lot fun with your new stuff.

    1. Hi guys, it might be at the check the currency changes to US$. Did you want us to find out? XOX

  5. Wow look at all those goodies. What a haul.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  6. Oh! I must find that long felt cat toy...Da Boyz would go bonkers for it!
    Nice selection of stuff!

    1. Melvyn and Smooch love love love the long tailed Monte Mouse, if mew can't find one let us know and we'll track one down fur mew! XOX

  7. That was some incredible goodie box fur sure, y'all really did hit the jackpot. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. Wow! That is some really nice stuff! Thanks for the discount, saving money while spending money is always good - MOL!

    1. Guys it's an epic box of goodies, and yes saving while spending is also EPIC! MOL XOX

  9. Very nice collection of goodies. Happy Valentine'S Day!

  10. What a fabulous box! Those toys are adorable and I can see everyone enjoyed playing with them!


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