Sunday 23 July 2023

The B Team's Cheddar Gorge Selfie on The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop & Caturday Art Hop **PLUS** Smooch's UK Travel Guide

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Furbulous Sunday greetings furiends

Welcome to another BBHQ selfie selection, and this week we headed south in the Time Travelling Telephone Box to supurr Somerset for our little travel adventure! 

The B Team's Cheddar Gorge Selfie

The B Team's Cheddar Gorge Selfie ©BionicBasil® Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

We loved it, it was a sunny day and we took a picnic, and no mice were consumed during said picnic! MOL

Here's a little bit of info from BBHQ's Expert Travel Guide, Smooch:

Hello epic travellers!

Hey there! We just got back from an amazing trip to Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, England. It was absolutely breathtaking! The towering cliffs and rugged landscape were so beautiful. We couldn't get enough of it! We had a blast exploring the many caves and caverns in the area. Did mew know that some of the oldest human remains in the UK can be found there? It was so interesting to learn about the history of the place and see how people have lived and worked in the caves over the centuries. For those who are more adventurous, there are plenty of activities to get your heart pumping. Outdoor activity centres in the area offer everything from rock climbing and abseiling to caving and mountain biking. Some of us even tried rock climbing, and it was such a rush, but don't ask Fudge about his floofy tail and the harness malfunction! MOL And let's not forget about the famous Cheddar cheese, mew know that means that there are loads of mice around! MOL Mew have to try it while mew're there, no not the mice, the cheese! MOL The nearby village of Cheddar has plenty of cheese shops and cafes where mew can sample and purrchase the best cheeses in the region. Amber purrchased a luxury cheese hampurr for the library mice as a summer surprise, but don't tell Parsley she used his credit card! MOL We highly recommend visiting Cheddar Gorge if mew're looking for a unique and exciting travel experience. It has something for everypawdy (mice included! MOL), whether mew're interested in history, outdoor activities, or just taking in some stunning natural scenery.



The BBHQ Travel Guide
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We're also joining in Athena's Fabulous Art Hop so do stop by and show off your pawesome arty-farty skills.

The B Team's Cheddar Gorge Selfie ©BionicBasil® Caturday Art Blog Hop

The effect was created with Befunky - Underpainting 1  + colour changes to contrast and shadows.

We also turned this fab arty-farty picture into a puzzle, so do stop by the puzzle page and take the Puzzle Challenge, see if mew can beat our time of 8 mins 11 secs. 

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We're off to watch Smooch snoopervise the roast dinner, seriously he camps out earlier and earlier each week waiting for the oven to go on! MOL

After lunch we're planning on a rather sedate afternoon, if the weather is nice we're going to go into the garden and if it's raining we're going to get snuggled in the sitting room and watch an old movie with the P.A. and Dad.

We do hope mew have an epic day and do join us in the morning for the last Brain Training post of the current season.

Also, if mew missed our Crafting for Your Shelter crafting fest, here are the links:

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Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

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  1. How cool is that! Looks lovely.

  2. Cheddar Gorge looks like an awesome place, mew guys, and we love your selfie!

  3. Cheddar Gorge is a great place and you all took a lovely selfie there.

  4. What a beautiful place ! Great ussie ! Purrs

  5. What a lovely place! Mummy is trying to remember if She effur visited there. One thing is for sure - She really misses propurr English cheddar cheese. They do have something that calls itself Cheddar-style cheese in the supermarket, but She has to go to a specialty cheese shop if She wants the real McCoy. Fortunately, there is one not too far from here - but it's furry expensive!

  6. You all went spelunking! How marvelous. All us kitties like to explore in the dark caves. And you came out all clean and not muddy and wet. I would have liked the shopping if I could have bought some chicken and tuna,without Lynn interfurring. Precious

  7. Wow, Cheddar Gorge is a really scenic place! Fun excursion!

  8. Great photo of you all at Cheddar Gorgeseems an epic place to visit i would love the cheese shoppe.xx😻🐈‍⬛🐾

  9. Your group selfies are just the best gang!

  10. That is an epic selfie. XO

  11. What a beautiful place! Thanks for taking all of us along!

  12. What an amazing place, and my lot are all ready for a visit to Cheese heaven!!

  13. What an amazing place...we learned something new...we had NO idea there even was a place called Cheddar, LOL!! Imagine that, they make Cheddar Cheese in Cheddar...go figure!


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