Sunday 30 July 2023

The B Team's Battle Abbey Selfie onThe Sunday Selfies Blog Hop and Caturday Art Hop **PLUS** Smooch's UK Historical Travel Guide

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Furbulous Sunday greetings furiends

Welcome to another BBHQ selfie selection, and this week we headed south again in the Time Travelling Telephone Box to historic Hastings for our little travel adventure! 

The B Team's Battle Abbey Selfie ©BionicBasil® The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop and Smooch's UK Historical Travel Guide

Now mew all know about William the Conquerer and the infamous date of 1066 for the Battle of Hastings, and mew must have heard of the Bayeux Tapestry, and if mew haven't click here to visit the museum in France to learn all about it. What a time to be alive, but we're so glad we missed that era, we much prefer now! MOL

Here's a little bit of info from BBHQ's Historical Travel Guide, Smooch:

Hello epic travellers!

This week I organised a trip to visit Battle Abbey in Hastings, the south of England and it was truly an amazing experience. If mew're a history buff, this place is a must-visit as it holds a special place in English history and every inch of it tells a unique story. Battle Abbey was built in 1070 by William the Conqueror to commemorate the Battle of Hastings that took place in 1066. This battle is a significant turning point in English history as it marked the end of Anglo-Saxon rule and the beginning of Norman rule. The abbey was constructed on the exact site where the battle took place and was home to Benedictine monks until the 16th century. When mew visit the site, mew can explore the abbey ruins and learn about its rich history. Mew'll be given an audio guide that provides an in-depth explanation of the site's significance and includes interesting facts about the battle and the abbey's construction. One of the most impressive features of the abbey is the Great Gatehouse, which was built in the 14th century. It is the largest surviving gatehouse of its kind in England and is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the time. The Battlefield Trail is another highlight of the site. This guided tour takes mew through the battlefield and teaches mew about the tactics used by both the Anglo-Saxon and Norman armies. It's a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the battle's significance. Overall, Battle Abbey is a must-visit for anyone interested in English history. The site is well-preserved, and the audio guide does an excellent job of bringing the past to life. It's an experience we won't forget anytime soon, and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting Hastings.



The BBHQ Travel Guide
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We're also joining in Athena's Fabulous Art Hop so do stop by and show off your pawesome arty-farty skills.

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The effect was created with Befunky - AI Enhancer + Pastel 1effect.

We also turned this fab arty-farty picture into a puzzle, so do stop by the puzzle page and take the Puzzle Challenge, see if mew can beat our time of 10 mins 48 secs. 

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We must say that we're totally fluffed off with all the rain. Cat Dad took a week off work to do some jobs around BBHQ. The upstairs windows need painting, and some need a little more attention with a few gentle repairs - windows are what they used to be, and neither is the wood used to make them! MOL

Then we were hoping to get the gravel ordered to do the new vegetable garden, but without the windows being done, there's no point. So it's all been a bit of a washout.

Anyhoo, we'll be back on the morrow with another new post and if mew missed anything from last week, here are the links:

We do hope mew have an epic day, and remember...

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Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

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  1. What an amazing place for a selfie, mew guys! And your artwork is epic!

    Thanks for the history lesson, Smooch. We would really like to see Hastings some day.


  2. That is a great place for your selfies! We visited there and other places in the general area when we visited Cats Protection HQ before the pandemic. Your art is lovely and vivid.

  3. B-Team, this is amazing visit to history! Your country is seeped in ancient history and castles and churches we have not here. Thanks. Too bad about the wetness of it all fur you. We have had just bits this past 2 weeks, and every bit has brought too much thunder. Lynn says it is now over fur the entire week with cool mornings fur me to go outside. Precious

  4. Such a historic site, the picture of the cats visiting there is already 😎 cool; and then along comes that art effect, and really jazzes it up!

  5. Ooh, I'm adding visiting Battle Abbey to my 'things to do in the UK' list!
    Lovely art and puzzle...thanks.

  6. 1066 and William the Conqueror had a massive effect on the English language and I would love to see this place, you make it sound SO impressive and we love old castles!

  7. That is an incredible group selfie gang, love it!

  8. Very nice selfie of everyone. Great to see Amber. Thanks for the puzzle. XO

  9. That was some interesting history. Great selfies, gang.

  10. That's a great picture and you artified it furry nicely. Mummy tells Us she stayed in Hastings for a couple of weeks on holiday when She was a little girl and she visited Battle Abbey. But in the olden days when She visited, they didn't have audio-guides, of course.

  11. We live about 20 miles from a town named Hastings, but its not nearly as old, nor as famous as your Hastings! We sometimes eat in a grill-pub there....

    Great report and posing for your selfies, gang!


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