Tuesday 6 September 2016

FLASHBACK FEVER! BionicBasil Revisited #8 ~ Friday Mewsings ~ Supurr Crafty in Da Shed

Welcome to our eighth Flashback post.

Today we are not going back to far as yesterday when we went all the way back to 2012 and to be honest it made me a bit too swirly-swirly, so this one is from May 9th 2014!

Let's jump in the time dilation vortex and go back....

Woo hoo, that was much more fun than yesterday... just enough swirls not to make mew too dizzy either! MOL

Friday Mewsings

Happy Friday my furriends

I know this isn't the post mew were expecting today but as it's the Blog Paws Convention in Las Vegas this weekend the Pet Parade is on hold til next week, so don't worry it will be back with all the usual suspects in 7 days!

So this week I thought I'd share how crafty I've been. But I must digress fur a moment, if mew remember on last weeks Pet Parade - CLICK HERE if mew missed it - we played  'Whose Tootsies are These?'  and fur all those who answered correctly I said that I'd send mew something pawesome in the snail mail.

The Answer was:

They were Smoochie's uber cute Tootsies 

 The clue, count the paws  ~ Smoochie only has 3 paws

And the Winners are: 
[As of Thursday P.M. - I'll check again in the morning]

If mew email your peeps full name and postal address to me at:


I will send mew goodies - see pictures below.


Now we can get back to my supurr craftiness, as I needed something pawesome to send mew guys, so me and the kitty clan got together and decided to get in the P.A.'s shed and get our crafty hats on... and this is the result....


This is the preliminary design team aka PTD

An extraordinary bunch kitty of designers with ideas as diverse as the cosmos is large, but in reality purracticality always wins... 
[i.e: goodies that can be shipped easily - not supurr fancy lavish tree houses fur cats fur example!] 

This is the actual work team aka AWT

Me and Snowie having a pre-crafty meeting, no-one else turned up, it was fine at the idea's stage in the house, but when it got the actual work stage in the shed, the slackers had scarpered - Smoochie is exempt from this as he's speshul needs and we don't need him using scissors or sharp stuff unsupervised, so he was in charge of the camera instead! 

"Looks like it's just me and mew Snowie!" I said glancing around the room devoid of any other kitties apart from Smoochie hanging from the tripod.

I gave them one last chance to join in, calling with my bestest caterwaul.


"Basil not so loud, my poor ears!" Snowie said.

"But mew need a fog horn to wake up Posie, Amber and Humphrey when they're sleeping!" I protested.

"Mew are doing a furry good impression of one right now!" Snowie replied dryly.

"I'm so meowing out loud at that comment..." 

"MOL!" Snowie laughed again. "Basil mew're too funny, really."

Smoochie was chuckling from his tripod perch.

"Enough of your wit white fluffy Snowbeast, now let's get to work, these goodies aren't going to make themselves..." I said using my sternest taskmaster tone.

"Whatever," Snowie retorted with a flick of her fluffy tail. "Don't get lippy with me otherwise mew'll be making all these goodies on your own and don't furget mew promised me your Dreamie rations fur the next week too!"

"How could I furget!" I murmured as I switched on the laminator.


Time is funny [and I mean funny peculiar, not funny ha ha ha] in the shed... the P.A. says it could be fractal - but more about that another time.... 

So several hours later after much hard work and supurr slog, we finally had something to show fur our efforts. 

As mew can see [this is my supurr sleepy face] I'm starting to look furry furry weary after all that endless measuring, printing, laminating, cutting, trimming & snipping. Not furgetting the placing, clipping and snapping too.

On the left: jaw clenched, fighting with the yawn.            On the right: I'd lost the battle of the yawns

In fact, I was so tired  by the time we'd finished, the biggest yawn suddenly broke free. Even though I'd been fighting it down for ages, sadly I lost... anyhoo this monster yawn had me in its wicked clutches as it seemed to take furever.....

and ever and ever to come to a conclusion..... exhaustion nearly won as the sweat shed production line was only two furry determined and highly motivated kitties, a printer, a laminator, scissors, a ruler, a craft knife and a cutting mat and let me tell mew, there wasn't even a bowl of Whiskas cat milk in sight! [It was across the courtyard in the house, but it may as well have been a squillion miles away].

 We worked so hard to make mew guys these...

Supurr Speshul Pet Parade Key Rings


Book Marks

I do hope mew like them after all the effort Snowie and I put in... we are chuffed to bits with our crafty skillz and hope to utilize them again while the P.A.'s out, we could have a nice little business happening, Cats working with Cats making stuff fur Cats - PAWESOME

 I like to say a speshul thank mew to Smoochie fur his pawesome camera skillz, I think he did a really marvellous job, even though he was asleep on the tripod perch fur most of the time!

Thanks fur stopping by today and we as in all the kitty clan hope that mew all have a supurr fantabulous weekend and we'll be back on Monday with another Bloopers Post - if mew missed the previous ones clickHERE & HERE

Happy dayz and sunny rayz

bestest purrs


Gifs and Glitter Graphics

Other graphics used under paid licence www.canva.com and www.pizap.com


  1. hay...wear de sam hellz R commint blogger oh blog


    we iz tryin ta say...total lee awesum !~! ...conga ratz two all de winnerz oh de toez oh smoochie prize pack age...... it bee one sa~wheat gift.....

    wavez two everee one guyz......

    N while we iz heer can we get a few orderz oh fivez pleez ~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  2. Wow, you guys sure worked hard in making those prizes. They look great!

  3. Nice flashback, you kitties did a great job making the keyrings and book marks.

  4. Flashbacks are always fun! Those items look great too. You're some crafty little kitties!

  5. You are a hard working gang!! The world needs more of this type of worker...just saying:)


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