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Wordy on Wednesday with Biblio-Kitty Amber #52 featuring All Hands on Pet

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Christmas at Wordy on Wednesday with Amber @BionicBasil

With me, Amber ~ The Self-Appointed Biblio-Kitty

Supurr salutations pawesome furiends

*waves paw*

Hello fabulous furiends and welcome to my furst December post, mew may remember last year when I thought I'd wear my cute little red Kitty Claws outfit.

****Time goes all swirly as we go back to 21st December 2016****

Woo Hoo it's nearly Catmass!!!

So the other day I thought I'd get my cutest little red Kitty's Claws outfit on and really get in the festive mood, what I didn't realise was, I've put a bit of weight on since I last wore it and it was just a smidge, let me repeat that, an eency weency smidge too tight.
The other memfurs of The Heathen Horde thought this was most funny, hilariously funny... I howeffur, did not.

****Time goes all swirly as we arrive back to present day****

Mew may be wundering why I'm sharing this with mew, well mew know that I am now a proud memfur of The Crotchety Cougars Club, we did a Catmas Card exchange and I needed some really, really luffley beautiful cards to send out to my besties.

So Smooch and Parsley appeared in the library office with young Fudge hot on their heals while I'm mulling offur my card dilemma.

"What's up Amber?" Parsley asked. "Mew look like someones just put a book back in the wrong place!"

I harrumphed loudly, as is customary when mew're as crotchety as me and replied. "I need a truly magnifique card to send to my sisfur-hood fur Catmas and I can't think of anything to send!"

Smooch whispered in Fudge's ear and Fudge began to snigger. 

"Amber we'd love to make mew a truly epically epic card, leave it with us!" Smooch beamed.

"Really, mew'd do that fur me?" I asked happily.

"Sure!" Parsley said.

"No wurries!" said Smooch.

"It'd be our purrleasure!" Fudge added.

"That would be pawesome, mew have until lunchtime," I grinned and curled up on my luffley library and started to snooze.

*A short while later*

"Amber we made your card and it's EPICALLY EPIC!" Smooch said trying not to laugh.

I gave him a suspicious glance and then turned my attention to Parsley and Fudge who were borderline hysterics at this point.

"What did mew do?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"THIS!!!!!!!" came the response followed by riotous laughter as they showed me this...

The front

 The Back

I was speechless, it was beautiful and purrfect and so freaking crotchety I couldn't believe my eyes!

"It's just purrfect!" I managed to choke out as my emotions got the better of me. "Dudes mew did a truly epically epic design job and I can't thank mew enough!"

The three heathens stared at me as though I'd just sprouted antlers with jingly bells on.

"Mew like it?" Smooch asked sobering up faster than mew could say, 'and a partridge in a pear tree!' "Like, mew really like it?" 

I nodded and beamed happily. "This is going to be the bestest Crotchety Catmas effur!" I whispered.

The three heathens went into an emergency group huddle. "Dudes she likes it!" Smooch said in shock.

"Yep, we heard!" Parsley mewsed.

"But she was supposed to throw a total fit!" Fudge said. "So we could film it and then it'd go viral on Cat-Tube!"

"Dudes, we need better pics fur next year!" Parsley said. "Let's go back through the photo archives and see what we can come up with!"

*    *    *

And that's how my truly luffley card came to be... Thank mew Heathens and good luck fur next year! MOL

And now I think it's time we move on to this weeks book pick.

This week I'm sharing

[Image Amber's Purrsonal Copy]
All Hands on Pet

Your How-To Guide on Home Physical Therapy Methods for Pets


Susan E. Davis

Book Blurb:

Susan E. Davis has been dubbed “Doctor Dolittle of the PT World,” by Northwestern Medicine Magazine, a publication of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

All Hands on Pet! Your How-To Guide on Home Physical Therapy Methods for Pets offers safe and effective actions pet owners can apply through the animal’s entire life spectrum. Information provided applies to multiple species: canine, feline, avian, exotics and farm animals (non-equine).

Includes 38 photos with directional arrows, plus informative explanations in an approachable style.

Fills the gap where the demand for physical therapy services for pets outweighs the availability of qualified providers.

Cross-references to Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals: A Guide for the Consumer.

Prudent tips, techniques, and advice typical of that given to the author’s own clients
Real stories of courage from the author's actual patient caseload.

All Hands on Pet! is a must-read for pet owners everywhere!

*    *    *

**FYI I received this book in exchange fur a fair review**

What did I think to *All Hands on Pet... 

Well, some of mew may know that we are all fur alternative complementary health purractices here at BionicBasil HQ, so it was fabulous to receive a copy of this book to review.

I thought it was furry well written, though not the sort of book mew can read and do other things at the same like time like watch tv, mew need to focus to learn the techniques.

There are lots of pictures which explain how to do and use the techniques, which is great as it's always better to watch somepurrdy demonstrate so mew can get your own technique down paw.

It's not just fur cats either, it covers all anipal furiends, so whether mew're like Noah on his Ark or just a single kitty getting on with things, this book has info fur effuryone.

I really liked chapter 6 as that focused on Seniors, and as myself and Basil have now reached the dizzying heights of 15+, the author talks about a lot of different ways to assist us seniors in a variety of ways!

All in all, I would say this book would make a fabulous addition to the anipal health section in your library.

Audio: N/A

Paperback: 250 pages 

Publisher: Joycare Onsite, LLC (12 Sept. 2017)

The Amber Biblio Rating System Fur Offurall Enjoyment:

Ratings of:

All Hands on Pet

I do hope mew enjoy this book if mew decide to give it a try... 

...and if mew've read it already, what did mew think?

*    *    *

Sadly it's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and don't furget that I'll be back next week with another specially paw-picked book just fur mew.

Happy reading or listening

Bestest biblio purrs and kitty kisses

Amber xox

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  1. Now that was fun, Amber...ow Parsley nd Fudge's plans to ridicule you were thrown into chaos! MOL!
    Petcretary did that once when a young boy hoping to scare Petcretary shoved a pretty little brown snake at her...and she said to the young man: Wow, that is a 'little brown snake', can I hold it? (That is the name of that species); His jaw about fell off it opened so wide, MOL, MOL!!!

    They sure did make a great crotchety card for a feline lady curmudgeon like yourself;)

    And that looks to be quite a useful manual for helping ones furs get through the stresses of life on the skeletal side of things. MJF could use some of that kind of help some days when he can hardly stand still in one spot without falling he is slipping on the sidewalk, even with a teeny bit of snow:(
    Petcretary hopes he won't break a leg...when he is having a bad day she has to help him on the back steps to go outside...and then, whoot, he goes and runs through the yard like a cuckoo-head, MOL!

    1. Hi Pipo, I thought it was great fun too! MOL Oh dude mew so should get this book, a great addition to your library fur sure! purrs Amber xox

  2. Maybe a little off topic, but I don't think I've ever seen more purrfect cat pictures taken in my life. "Found to be Crotchety" and "Shut up, I'm not fat" - I would honestly frame these they are soooo good! hahaha. Looove the timing on those photos!

    1. Hi Elise, MOL thank mew so much, mew made my day! MOL purrs Amber xox

  3. That was a lovely Crotchety card. The joke certainly backfired on them.

    1. Guys, didn't it just, mew should have seen their faces - PRICELESS and a total kodak moment in itself! MOL purrs Amber xox

  4. Amber, that's the best card and I hope you have the best Crotchety Catmas effur!

    1. Thank mew so much Chatty Cats and the same to mew! purrs Amber xox

  5. Amber, those pictures are wonderful ! My personal favorite is the one of you on your back waving a hind paw...captures the joy and good spirits of the season !

    1. Hi Mary, thank mew furry much, oh that photo is actually called 'A Total Turtle!' MOL purrs Amber xox

  6. Amber you are priceless in your lil' outfit & the card is so cute! Your fursibs did a great job putting it together for you! Hugs & tummy tickles!

  7. That's a great card, Amber. Did your Kitty Claws suit shrink? I know you're not fat. That looks like a good book to have on hand.

    1. Hi Edie, mew know now that mew mention it, I think it did get shrunk, I must berate the P.A. fur making me feel fat! Oh, and that book is great! purrs Amber xox

  8. That does sound like a great book, Amber. And Smooch, Parsley, and Fudge did a terrific job with your card!

  9. Now that card is soooo Cool it has icicles on it. Nice one guys! Better luck next year mol
    Love the sound of that book, does it work on peeps as mine isnt far off an animal mol
    Toodle pipski

    1. MOL Erin, I dread to think what they're planning as they've got a WHOLE year to dredge the photo archives! MOL purrs AMber xox


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