Sunday, 11 February 2018

Valentines Cats and Who's Your Valentine? on The Sunday Selfies

Supurr Sunday salutations pawesome pals

Welcome to another selfie selection and today...

...our theme is:

Valentine Cats

Who's your Valentine this year?

It would seem that Amber's neffur had a Valentines Card, can mew believe it?  We are taking steps to surprise her fur Wednesday, we were going to have an intervention this week, but then Parsley reminded me it was Valentines, so we'll ambush her with cards instead! MOL SSSSSHHHHHHHH 

We'll be back on the morrow with a fantastic new mandala fur mew to colour and the winner of last weeks pawesome Birthday Give-Away so we hope to see mew then, and if mew still haven't entered mew have until 5pm GMT today, just go leave us a comment here!

Bestest Sunday Purrs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. I love your selfies. I can't wait to see Amber's face on Wednesday.

  2. Nice Valentine's Selfies! We will "see" you at the HOP!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Looks like Amber will need some serious help with her mail opening duties come the 14th MOL I just hope they don't all turn up like in Harry Potter!
    Toodle pips and purrs

    1. MOL Erin, that would be hilarious, but I don't think we need to wurry about that! MOL XOX

  4. I feel bad that Amber never got a Valentine. She's way too purrrty not to be flooded with Valentines. Sending love and admiration to the beautiful Amber!

  5. WoW! I LOVE your Valentine's Selfie! So furry cool!
    I wish I had thought of that!
    I hope you have a most Marvelous Day!

    1. Thanks Marv, and we hope mew have a Marvelous day too buddy! XOX

  6. We love your Valentine's selfies, Basil and Co.! We're sad that Amber's never received a Valentine's Day card. We bet she will LOVE the one you have for her on Wednesday!

  7. Those are great Valentine selfies from all of you.

  8. Those are some really heartfelt selfies!

  9. Oh that Amber definitely deserves some Valentine's Day card luv! Tee hee hee! I'm sure she'll luv what you all come up with for her. XOXO!

  10. looks like you're all set for Valentines.My Valentine is still Angel Nellie bellie she will always be my queen of hearts,xx Speedy

  11. I sure hope you find a Valentine, Amber! I have had one from My Catster Days...sigh...I miss those 'good old days'.

    1. Thanks Pipo, we've got her cards and now we just need to surprise her on Wednesday! MOL XOX


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