Monday 14 March 2022

Love To Colour? Colouring with Cats #138 ~ Getting Your OM’s on with Mandalas on Mondays ~ Crystal of the Week PLUS **Your Crystal Questions Answered** What Is Lapis Lazuli Good For?

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Supurr Monday greetings beautiful furiends

Welcome back to Colouring with Cats, we know that we've had a bit of a break since Catmas when we ran our epically epic adventure story Fast, Furry and Dangerous again. And we'll be alternating each Monday between Mandalas and Brain Training until the end of Spring.

We're continuing our crystal journey today, and this week, we've got a lovely gemstone to share today.

Crystal of The Week


What is Lapis Lazuli  good for?

Lapis Lazuli is a stunningly rich, deep blue stone and can be flecked with gold and/or white and black. It can have a veined appearance or slightly mottled effect depending on each individual stone.
Colouring with Cats #138©BionicBasil® Crystal of The Week - Lapis Lazuli

At BBHQ we have several pieces of lapis, and here is our newest acquisition which was acquired a few weeks ago when the P.A. visited a gem show nearby. The P.A. really liked this stone as it reminded her of a sandy beach and deep blue ocean.

Mandalas on Monday #136 ©BionicBasil® Melvyn Checks Out The Lapis Lazuli

Here's a little about the gem lore for lapis lazuli; being a blue stone it is ideal for the throat chakra, although it is reputed to be excellent for opening the third eye chakra which is located mid-eyebrows and up a tad. It is said to facilitate psychic abilities, enhance dream work and assists in stimulating spiritual power.

Apparently, it is renowned for its protective properties and can assist against psychic attacks, and no the P.A didn't have many crystals back in the day when she experienced a ghostly encounter.  

It is also said to harmonise and balance the spiritual, emotional and physical planes to create uplifted feelings. It can facilitate freer expression of words and thought, if used on the throat chakra, and helps with creativity. So if mew're struggling with any blocks in those areas this may be a crystal to try.

Lapis is a supurr crystal and there is loads more info online to discover regarding the various healing and beneficial properties. And there are lots of different jewellery designs available such as rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings etc.

 If mew have any crystal questions; email us, DM us or ask us in the comments below.

To check out last times Crystal of the Week, click the link: Black Tourmaline.

(disclaimer; we are not health or medical practitioners, all crystal info is purely for entertainment purposes only.) 

Anyhoo, we do hope mew've all have a totally pawesome weekend, and that mew're ready for the week ahead, so let's jump right in and start as always with our little breathing exercise, which we're sure mew all have down paw by now... but if mew've furgotten, stop what mew're doing fur a moment and take deep fulfilling breaths; counting to five on the inhale and five on the exhale:

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Smooch is here again to offer mew assistance in getting your OM's on and Zen Harmonies happening, so just press play, close your eyes and follow his instructions.

Don't mew feel better already?  I know we do!

All the mandalas featured are created & designed by us, aka The B Team.

Here's this week's mandala.

Mandalas on Monday ©BionicBasil® Colouring With Cats Mandala #138 Printable Image

Right-click the image to save and/or print the mandala.

And here's our finished version, this time we used a delightful green and magenta palette.

Coloured on the iPad and then transformed in Prisma, this time we chose the effect - Bubblegum.

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So on that note, we'll say bye for now and hope to see mew

Until then

Keep Calm and Colour OM!

Supurr chilled purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. I love that crystal. The colors are fabulous. Wow.

    You know how I love my breathing exercises.

    I also love to color. Beautiful job and I love your choice of colors.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  2. The ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli on the funerary mask for King Tutankhamun, and the colour of the stone is gorgeous!

  3. I love lapis lazuly, I made a necklace out of little shards of it years ago and have completely forgotten about it - I'll wear it today.

    Love your epic breathing exercises Smooch!

  4. Love the blue color of that crystal! The mandala colors are very beautiful too!

  5. guyz !!! de PA picked an awesum DOEZ look like a sandee beech and ge gurl said her coulda uzed it bout a bazillion yeerz ago two PA noez oh what we speek !!

    thiz weekz mandala iz soooper kewl...manee thanx for de download...we like theez colorz two gether :) ♥♥♥

  6. Definitely going to get a crystal like the one you showed us it's beautiful. Thank you for the breathing exercises and the colouring in mandala.x😻💜🐾

  7. The Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue. The bigger photo does look like the waves washing in over rocks.

  8. I love Lapis Lazuli! Blue is my favorite color. You have such a beautiful piece too. I love the coloring page too. It is so nice to sit down and color once in a while.
    -purrs from your friends at

  9. I love blue. I want to get a stone now. Beautiful mandala. XO

  10. That shade of blue is sure pretty!

  11. Gosh I love the lapis lazuli.
    Thank you for sharing at


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