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**RERUN**Easter Eggstravaganza** Crafting With Cats ~ How We Made The Scratch'n'Purrch Magic Shroom and Mini Faux Lawn

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Supurr Greetings Pawesome Pals

Thanks for joining us for the second re-run in our Easter Crafting with Cats series. Mew know we have so much fun making all this stuff for feline enrichment, and we hope mew enjoy seeing it and/or making it too! 

If mew missed how to make the catnip Easter Eggs on Caturday, click here.

And mew can find all our previous projects on the Crafting with Cats Page. And don't panic, as mew don't have to be an expert in anything to make any of them. Plus we offer workarounds and no-sew projects for those who don't like to sew.

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**A quick note before we begin**

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This time we're making a pawesome

Scratch'n'Purrch Magic Shroom and Mini Faux Lawn

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® Scratch'n'Purrch Magic Shroom and Mini Faux Lawn

What Mew Will Need:

For the Shroom: 

empty cable reel

sisal rope - we used 10 metres or 10.94 yards


faux fur green

white felt square

fabric of your choice - we used a piece of raw silk dupion in candy pink for the top of our shroom 

cotton - needle - scissors - optional sewing machine - staple gun - glue gun

Fur the mini faux lawn mew will need:

faux fur in green

backing fabric


**see our previous tutorial on how to make the mini faux lawn aka snuggle matt**

Let's Get Started

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® How To Make The Scratch'n'Purrch Magic Shroom

1. Dad had thrown this empty data cable reel out, but the P.A. spotted it and squirrelled it away in the craft room for future use, and this week an idea finally struck after a long dry spell in the creativity department. 

2.  Cut your wadding/padding to size and place it atop the soon-to-be-shroom. We used double-thickness for extra softness and comfort.

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® How To Make The Scratch'n'Purrch Magic Shroom

3. Take your felt and cut as many circles as mew want, we made 5.  Place them on your fabric and pin them in place.

4. Sew either on a machine; we used a simple zig-zag stitch or sew by hand, or if mew're not into sewing glue in place. 

5. Mew should now have something that looks like this.

6. Place atop the wadding and position it for the best effect.

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® How To Make The Scratch'n'Purrch Magic Shroom

7.  Flip your shroom and staple the fabric in place, pulling gently to keep it taut. If mew're not sure about this step, watch our chair renovation video - fast forward to 6 mins and mew'll see exactly how to do it.  You can also glue this step if you don't have a staple gun. Then cut off any excess fabric near the inner core.

8. Mew should now have something that looks like this. It's starting to look Shroom'a'licious! MOL

9. & 10. Take your faux fur and mark around the reel cutting your circle about 2" or 5 cm wider.

11. Measure the width from the inner core to the edge, mew can then cut out the exact size circle so your fabric looks like a doughnut and fits around the core purrfectly. 

12.  Glue the faux fur to the reel, then flip offur and glue the remaining overlap to the underneath.

13. & 14. Take your sisal rope and begin glueing so it covers the staples.

15. & 16. Wurk your way along the full length of the core glueing the sisal rope in place until mew reach the faux fur.

And mew should now have something that looks like this, and is covered in cats! MOL

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® The Scratch'n'Purrch Magic Shroom with The B Team

Pop to our Instagram feed to see the video - scroll through the pics as the video is in the middle.

The B Team love it!

The Scratch'n'Purrch Magic Shroom took approximately an hour to make but should take mew less time as we didn't have any instructions. And mew can make it without using a staple gun or doing any sewing whatsoeffur - how epic, epically epic!  Mew can also use any colours mew like and that goes for the faux lawn too, it's just that we used these colours to match our Valentine's Cottage

And that furiends furry sadly brings us to the end of today's re-run Crafting with Cats post, we do hope mew liked it and if mew decide to make your furry own Scratch'n'Purrch Magic Shroom and Mini Faux Lawn we'd love to see.

Feel free to post your pawesome crafty pics on our Facebook page at:

And if there's anything mew'd like us to make, leave a comment and we'll do our best.  

We'll be back tomorrow with this weeks hot news bulletin, so do stop by to see what we have in store for mew this week, plus mew get to vote on the brand new Easter-themed bandana selection.

Epic crafty purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 

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  1. You kitties have it made in the shade, with all of this cool cat stuff being created just for you!

  2. What a wonderful Easter project. You're all so talented and I'm glad mom goes along with whatever you want.

    Have a purrfect day and week. Scritches all around and my best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  3. Wow, that is so 😎 cool! What a fun project and what marvelous pictures of the kitties enjoying it!

  4. Love that one, it's so pretty and colorful!

  5. This is one super fab creation xx😻🐈‍⬛🐾


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