Wednesday 15 March 2023

The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up ~ Snow At BBHQ, Four Take Tea and Melvyn's Wearing This Weeks Top Pick Bandana **PLUS* This Weeks Top Videos

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 Smashing Greetings Supurr Furiends

Welcome to the BBHQ midweek news round-up!

It was a truly glorious morning early yeasterday at BBHQ, the sun was shining and those rays felt so warm, it was quite delicious feeling the heat. But then at lunchtime it clouded over and started to rain, so no more garden safari's happened.

We got Smooch's blood test back, although the lab stuffed up and the test was in inconclusive, so he's had another one and we'll update mew when we've got news. 

And Melvyn did some sneaky shopping at Eric's Empawrium last week, we thought he wasn't going to to buy any new bandanas but apparently there's a 30% off sale and he couldn't resist bagging a few bargains! #ohdear

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First up in the news this week

Snow At BBHQ

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Remember on last week's post, we mentioned that snow was imminent. Well, we did get some on Thursday and Friday, but luckily it was only a tiny smattering thank cod!

We love to see the white stuff, but we don't like it to linger around for long and the good news was, it had pretty much gone as soon as it hit the ground.

There are other weather reports that are threatening blizzards, but we remain hopeful that said blizzardy weather will miss us.

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Next up in the news

 Four Take Tea

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When the P.A. got home from work on Monday teatime, she had a welcoming committee of Pandora, Smooch, Parsley and Fudge at the backdoor.

And they all demanded snacks before she'd even put her bags down. Melvyn and Amber were both still asleep. Amber was in the lounge in a snuggle nest, in such a deep, deep, deep sleep that the P.A. had to check she was still breathing, and Melvyn was upstairs in bed. He likes to snooze on the P.A.'s side of the bed up near the pillows. 

In fact, those two sleep more than anypawdy, and if there were prizes for who sleeps the most, they'd be joint winners! MOL

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Finally this week

Melvyn's Modelling The Top Bandana Pick

This was last week's top pick, the lovely Lucky Clover bandana as voted for by mew, our wonderpurr furiends, and doesn't it look epic? 

And just in time for St Paddy's Day on Friday and if all has gone to plan, our new St Paddy's blog header should be live today.

The Midweek News Round Up©BionicBasil® Melvyn's Modelling The Top Bandana Pick - Lucky Clover

Melvyn say's he's feeling epically lucky, and Parsley said, "Well mew should put a lottery ticket on then!" MOL

Check out this week's catwalk videos on:

Which one is your favourite? 

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Which one should he model next?

Here's the March selection.

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The options from the top left in a clockwise direction:

1. Baaa-Tastic

2. Funny Bunnies

3. Lucky Clover

4. Psychedelic Kitties

Tell us your top pick for next week in the comments!

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That's us done for today, we will be here on Friday with another fab book just for mew and if mew missed any other posts, here are the links:

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In the meantime...
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Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 

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  1. We vote for funny bunnies next, Melvyn. We loved seeing four of you enjoying some snackage. What a great photo.

    Paws crossed for NOT blizzardly weather! XO

  2. I like Baa-Tastic for next time!

    It is funny that Melvyn didn't hear the food hitting the dishes and come running! Is Amber getting deaf?? Maybe that is why she didn't come for noms.
    Enjoy the rest of theweek, and we hope you do not get any blizzards.

  3. You all are good eating in a row. Melvyn is modelling expertly as always. I vote for the funny bunnies next week.

  4. We just experienced the switch to Daylight Saving Time, and wish we could nap instead of work, but we are humans and the cats are all sleeping...maybe they'll take up the slack where their poor, tired humans cannot.

  5. You're all so precious.

    I vote for Baa-Tastic for next week.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to all the kitties and a hug to mom. ♥

  6. Glad your snow was minimal! Parts of the US got some but I'm too far south for most snowstorms. We are getting cold nights, though, brrr. Darling pictures of everyone, Melvyn looks really snazzy in the shamrock bandana! Hmmm, maybe Baa-tastic next!

  7. I sure hope you don't get a blizzard, yikes. Tea time sure looks like a fun time!

  8. That was quite the welcoming committee. I am glad Amber was OK. Is she hard of hearing? My Joanie is deaf so she sleeps deeply. Go with the sheep next week, save the bunnies for closer to Easter. XO

  9. We joke about Fudge's tail, but Pandora's is just as beautiful!

  10. Love your photos I vote for baa tastic next. Just going to watch the videos.xx😸🐈‍⬛🐾

  11. on free wi fi two day guyz and had two stop bye and say HI...yur header
    total lee rockz !!! noe burdz and noe snakez !!! :) hope everee onez grate and stayin
    IN trubullz !! ♥♥♥

  12. Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches all around and a hug to your mom. ♥


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