Wednesday 4 July 2018


Wednesday greetings fabulous furriends

Welcome to another new feature on the blog today
Fur our new readers; some of mew may not know that as well as being your ordinary, effuryday kitties, we're also an elite horde of Kitty Commando's opurrating from a secret bunker in Mewton-Clawson in the heart of the English countryside, and saving the wurld at least once a month is what we do. Though mew neffur get to read or hear about it because its classified and way above your pay grade!

[BB HQ Control Centre in The Secret Bunker]

So, we hear mew ask, what is; What Would The B Team Do?

Well our supurr furriends, we're going to give mew a dangerous scenario, and mew get to choose one of 3 options on how we would respond, and then we show mew how we responded!

And today's scenario is this...

We get a call from Search & Rescue to say there's a kitten stuck on a cliff ledge and all their resources are tied up with another opurration.

 The kitten was on a seaside outing with his little buddies when they decided to try and climb down the rock face to the beach to get an ice cream, he slipped and tumbled down landing on a narrow ledge 75ft above the beach and the tide is coming in rapidly and the ice cream dude has gone, so What Would The B Team Do?

A. Ignore the call and have a pawty

B. Mull it offur and then decide what to do


C. Scramble into the helicopter in less time than it takes to say 'I'll have a niptini, stirred not shaken with a sprig of catnip on the side' and go save the kitten and then get ice cream

This is what happened:

"Hold on little dude!" Smooch shouted to the terrified kitten as he dangled from the rope suspended from the helicopter.

"Smooch," I said into my comms unit as I kept the helicopter steady. "I need to swoop up and offur the cliff edge, can mew grab him and I'll deposit mew both on the top?"

"Copy that Basil, I'm all good fur a swoop and snatch opurration," he replied. 

"On my mark Smooch and be careful not to smash into the cliff, ok?" I said. 

"No wurries Basil, I'm ready!" Smooch answered.

" and let's do this!" I hollered and pulled back on the controls and the helicopter lurched upwards and then I began to bank hard to the right so that Smooch could swing in grab the kitten and then fall away from the cliff face as I did a quick circle and lifted them to safety.

Smooch dangled precariously from the rope, it began to move towards the kitten, timing was crucial fur the swoop and snatch.

"Slow down Basil!" Smooch yelled into his comms as he swung quickly towards the rock face.  He angled his body so he came in from the left, snatched the kitten and they both fell away from the deadly cliff as the helicopter flew in a tight turn and lifted them onto the cliff top, gently depositing them on the grass.

The kitten was wailing, Smooch was whooping and I landed the chopper, and tapped my comms unit to activate it.

"Amber find me the nearest ice cream dude and get him here now, we have a traumatized kitten that needs a big dollop of nip ice cream stat!" I said. "And tell S & R that the mission was a success."

"Copy that Basil!" Amber replied, then added a few moments later. "Parsley has found the ice cream dude and will be there in 5 minutes."

"Excellent!" I replied as I patted the kitten gently on the head. "Hey little dude are mew ready fur some ice cream now?"

The kitten stopped wailing and said shakily. "Can I have a double mice cream with a nip flake purrlease Commander Basil?"

"Of course mew can," I replied.

Another successful mission from 

The B Team 

Did mew guess the right answer?

Thanks fur visiting today and and tomorrow we'll be sharing a new jigsaw puzzle on the Puzzle Page to keep mew entertained until Friday when we'll be back with The Pet Parade blog hop.

Until then

Keep Calm



Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. Of course we all knew you wouldn't leave a kitten in distress! Good work B Team.

  2. OH wow! Being part of the B Team sounds like a ton of fun!
    I would LOVE to fly in a helicopter! Mom says it is way cool and beats the heck out of midway rides!

  3. Oh yeah, we guessed correctly! Way to go, Basil and the B Team! :)

  4. Dudes, that was one AWESOME EPIC Mini Adventure you had there..... and I guessed right too. Was touch and go for a moment when the mention of iced cream came up, but Mrs H said I had to save the kitten first, MOL
    Toodlepips for an excellent post!

  5. I knew it! I KNEW IT! I'm happy to say, I guessed correctly. PURRS.

  6. B Team comes through! *fist pump*

  7. guyz.....thiz new seer eez iz grate N ewe betcha we new what de B
    teemz act shun waz gonna bee ...984 pawz UP ~~~~~...we could even heer
    de whirl oh de bladez.....grate storee N lotz oh suspenze N we iz
    buzzed happee de wee onez safe ~~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. 12 pluz on de new puzzle guyz.....minitz that bee...knot hourz :) !!♥♥

  8. Excellent job B Team! Mice cream with nip sprinkles for everyone!

  9. I knew you would all save the day. That is one lucky kitten. XO

  10. That was the best!! Kitten is happy and safe and you did the rescue work, so now all of you are heroes!
    Ice cream and mice cream for all:)


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