Monday 23 July 2018

Welcome To Our 8 Things About... Post And Today It's All About Humphrey

Welcome to

WOO HOO pawesome furriends

Welcome to another our third:- 8 Things About...  

8 Things About WHAT though?! we hear mew ask.  Well fabulous furriends it could be 8 things about anything, but today it's all about...

8 Things About Humphrey

A lot of our regular readers know that our older fursib furry sadly departed fur the Rainbow Bridge in April 2017 along with our beautiful sisfur Snowie, but that doesn't mean that they still don't come visit us from time to time on the blog, and they'll both be here fur our 2018 Summer Blockbuster Adventure, so stay tuned as we'll be sharing that in August.

Anyhoo, let's get started and tell mew stuff about Humphrey that mew probably neffur knew... 

1.  Humphrey was rather an amewsing kitty, and would often do the funniest things. Years ago and I'm talking way, way back in 2006/7 he was being purrticularly boisterous one evening as the P.A. was unpacking the grocery shopping, and he was rolling on all the plastic shopping bags on the kitchen table. The next second something spooked him and he bolted, and he unwittingly had his head through one of the plastic bag handles. 

The plastic bag opened up like a parachute behind him as he zoomed around the house wundering why a plastic bag was hot on his heels. The P.A. was also zooming around the house to try and catch him to remove the bag - from my vantage point it was hilarious! Though Humphrey and the P.A. funnily enough did quite see what was so hysterical - mew had to be an observer.  But that brings me to one fact that mew won't know, that aftur that incident he was called Bagman fur rather a long time! MOL

2. In March 2106 Humphrey was the Garden Overlord, so he was the original Gardening with Cats Pin Up.

3.  He was also furry sneaky and would often hang out and just spy on effuryone. A purrfect example is below! 

4.   Before we officially became the The B Team Humphrey had spent many years as an inventor and had a secret lab in the shed, which is now Amber's Library.  In 2012 construction began on the secret bunker and he moved his lab into there, thus making Amber furry happy that the P.A. could now convert the shed fur her library.  Though Humphrey was the furst B Team kitty effur to do a book review way back in May 2016 but Amber soon put paid to that and decided that the book review slot was hers and promptly told Humphrey that he'd been supurrceded! MOL

5.  In August 2014 Humphrey was being all small, dark and mysterious on the cover of People Magazine, and he's lapping up that headline: 100 Most Beautiful People - Summers Hottest Bachelors!

  "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!" Humphrey agreed. 

6.  As part of The B Team Humphrey brings a lot of weight to the table, even in his now non-corporeal form [wait until mew see what he invented while at the Rainbow Bridge, it'll blow your fur off!]  Anyhoo his code name was/is Purredator 1 [Parsley is Purredator 2] and the things he can do is truly staggering, fur instance on one of our missions [which has been declassified now, so I can tell mew] we were in the jungle hunting down a horde of rebel boars that were terrorising the locals, Humphrey being a bit of a lone-cat back in the day, headed off ahead as the solo scouting pawty and by the time the rest of us caught up he'd - all by himself - caught 5 of the boars and the other 3 had ran [ we did get them later] and he said in his drawl. "Dude, they didn't stand a chance and let me tell mew they are as boring as fluff!" MOL MOL

7.  This is one of our fav pics of the big dude...

8.  In June 2016 Humphrey insisted on wearing his tweed flat-cap and then turned into Mr Grumpy because he dropped his ice cream on his newspaper, he ended up sulking in the beach-hut all afternoon.

As Humphrey got into his mid/late teens [70-80 in hooman years] he did become a bit of grumpy old cat and favoured tweed caps, white socks and sandals in the summer months especially when we were headed fur a day out and he generally had an air of grumpiness unless we were headed out on a covert mission in which case he was all business and weapons!

We still miss him terribly and Snowie and Posie too, and we really look forward to when they all visit from the Rainbow Realm.

And that sadly brings us to the end of 8 Things About Humphrey... we do hope mew enjoyed getting to learn more about our older brofur, he really was a character and a half! 

There will be a new jigsaw on the puzzle page fur mew tomorrow just in case mew feel a need to while a few minutes away until our next post.

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Oh, if mew're wundering why our scheduled Gardening with Cats isn't here today, we hit a bit of snag on Sunday when we were getting it ready, so we'll be posting that on Wednesday instead and all will be revealed including the snag! MOL

Thanks effur so much fur visiting today

Pawesome purrs

Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. What a lovely walk through Humphrey's life. This was very well done. They do leave a huge hole in our hearts.

    Thanks for linking up to Awww Mondays.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. My best to your peeps. ♥

  2. We enjoyed reading those and I'll bet that plastic bag thing was something!

  3. Angel Humphrey was a character, that's for sure! Thank you for sharing remembrances of him with us!

  4. dood....we troo lee N joyed thiz post !!! N we gotta agreez that fotoz oh ewe
    iz 984 pawz UP EPIC !!! :) we hope sum day ewe will sharez sum invenshunz buddy......we wood lovez ta heer em ! ;) ♥♥♥

  5. Humph sure was and is a great dude, and an inspiration to all upcoming grumps an£ inventors and grumpy inventors alike! Mol
    Toodle pips and purrs

  6. I loved learning more about Humphrey. <3

  7. Really enjoyed finding out all about Humphrey. He looks so like my boy Spike.

  8. We loved learning more about Humphrey. He sure is a character. BTW, the same thing that happened to him in #1 happened to Ernie. It was like he was being devoured by that plastic bag. MOL!

  9. Nice to learn more about Angel Humphrey. He was a handsome mancat. #1 was funny :) XO

  10. One of our long ago angel-kitties did the same thing with a was kind of funny, though petcretary would not evfur leave a bag like that in an accessible spot...

    What a loving tribute to Humphrey.

  11. I remember an incident of two of my babies, that have since crossed the rainbow bridge, and a box when they were teenagers. Cassidy had found a lovely box to hide in and nap until his brother, Casper, snuck up on him and pushed the box down the stairs!!! You should have seen the look on Cassidy's face as he went bobsledding down the stairs. Mol mol. He never went near another box in his life afterwards🤣

  12. It was nice to hear your reminiscences of Humphrey. He was a very fine member of the B Team.

  13. I love your spying photograph, Humphrey! �� Did you ever meet James Bond? ⚡ You do look most debonair, gallant, handsome and savvy in that next-to-last photograph--where you're reclining on the mat out of doors. �� Continued best wishes to you and I look forward to our meeting! ��

  14. I sure would've like to have spent time with Humphrey. Ooh, and I'd luv to hear all about the inventions - maybe a doggie robot that doesn't drool, picks up his own poo, cleans out kitty litter boxes, and most important - serves our meals and drinks on time and whenever we ring or mew! Winky winks!

  15. Thanks so furry much for telling us 8 things about the Grand Old Man Humphrey! I did not get a chance to meet him on your blog, but Queen Penelope (and Mom) remember him. and I must say, I would not be surprised if he and Queen Penelope are not have excellent adventures OTB!

  16. What a handsum boy he was. We luvved learnin' more 'but him. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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