Wednesday 18 July 2018

**NEW FEATURE** What Would The B Team Do? There's A Volcano Erupting On The Isle Of Cats - Can This Fabled Island Be Saved From Certain DOOM?

Wednesday greetings fabulous furriends

Welcome to another 
Fur our new readers; some of mew may not know that as well as being your ordinary, effuryday kitties, we're also an elite horde of Kitty Commando's opurrating from a secret bunker in Mewton-Clawson in the heart of the English countryside, and saving the wurld at least once a month is what we do. Though mew neffur get to read or hear about it because its classified and way above your pay grade!

[BB HQ Control Centre in The Secret Bunker]

So, we hear mew ask, what is; What Would The B Team Do?

Well pawesome pals, we're going to give mew a dangerous or deadly scenario and mew get to choose one of several options on how we would respond, and then we show mew how we responded next time!

And today's scenario is this...

There's A Volcano Erupting On The Isle Of Cats - Can This Fabled Island Be Saved From Certain DOOM?

Just 5 days ago we got a frantic call from the Wurld Safety Authority [WSA] in Geneva, Switzerland asking if we could quell a volcanic eruption that was currently occurring on the mountainous and sacred Isle of Cats residing in a secret location in the Adriatic sea.

The volcano was bubbling away, small lava flows were gently cascading towards the capital city of Ocelot, not to be confused with Camelot. Anyhoo, the liquid fire riverlets were only 3 clicks away from the capital and surrounding suburbs; homes of 1000's of feline residents were under immediate threat.

The WSA had called fur an immediate evacuation of all affected areas, but all indications from the esteemed Institute of Volcanology aka The IoV, the volcano had about 2 to 3 days before it erupted in a monumental way, and pawsibly destroying the fabled isle.  

And the local golfing community were not best purrleased!

Die-hard Golfers Trying To Navigate The Wurld Championship Golf Course On The Isle of Cats During The Volcanic Eruption

This is a part transcript of the actual conversation:


"Fur fluffs sake Amber answer the phone already!" I shouted from the bunker corridor. I was fur all intent and purposes rather busy moving a recently delivery of supplies to level three, our warehouse level and the many,  many boxes on my trolley were nearly touching the corridor ceiling - yep when we have a delivery, we really have a delivery!

"Welcome to the Cats Whiskers Holistic Health Retreat, this is Suki how may I help mew?" Amber said sweetly using our regular cover-story just in case it was a wrong number calling.

"This is Hans Plush from the Wurld Safety Authority in Geneva," said the caller in a lovely lilt. "We require the immediate and urgent services of Basil & The B Team."

"One moment purrlease while I transfer your call," Amber replied in that same sweet tone, then yelled at me like a fish-wife. "BASIL CALL ON LINE ONE, IT'S HANS PLUSH FROM THE WSA IN GENEVA!" 

"Thanks Amber," I called back. "I'll take in it my office."

A few moments later I was at my desk and picking up the phone. "This is Basil, how can I help mew?"

"Is that  Basil, Commander Basil Widdairs?" Hans asked.

"Yes this is he!"

"Thank cod, we've got a deadly situation," Hans replied tensely and quickly explained the details to me.

if we have time we'll share more of the transcript next time...

So What Would The B Team Do?

A. Tell Hans we're remodeling the bunker and we can't pawsibly make it until the refurb is offur.

B. Hop in the stealth bomber and fly up to Greenland. Use Humphrey's miniaturizing ray gun to shrink the giant iceberg that's currently threatening coastal communities.  Take the shrunken iceberg; keeping it well frozen fur the journey back to the Isle of Cats. Then throw it out of the stealth bomber as we're circling the erupting volcano, and using the reverse feature on the miniaturizing ray gun to make it full size, and let it land on the volcano thereby extinguishing it.

C. Go watch the latest Jurassic Wurld movie at the cinema.


D. All of the above, because we're really that EPICALLY EPIC!

The answer will be on the next

MOL sorry about that, but mew that's know how we roll!

Thanks fur visiting today and and tomorrow we'll be sharing a new jigsaw puzzle on the Puzzle Page to keep mew entertained until Friday when we'll be back with The Pet Parade blog hop.

Until then

Keep Calm



Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. B Team would do 'B'! And you all should know, that I'm purchasing a brand, spankin' new laptop, just so I can do my jigsaw puzzles! Well, of course, store photos and blog stuff, but having corporate security block my puzzles is just too much for me. And it's mostly your fault...

  2. Wait. There’s a volcano on our island??????

  3. Well, mew guys ARE Epically EPIC, so we're thinking it will be all of the above!

  4. I think B. I am off to the puzzle page :) XO

  5. Hmm, thats a tough one as that iceberg would be great in a very large niptini, MOL
    Im tempted to say all of them but I know that remodelling is a tough business....
    Toodlepips and purrs

  6. Awww...shucks...but I do think maybe that iceberg will not be too heavy with all the skills you kitties have:) There will be sizzling I am sure!


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