Wednesday 29 May 2019

3rd Annual Kitty Memorial Show, Melvyn's Favourite Place at BBHQ and Amber's New Angry insta Account on The Pet Parade #302 with Dash Kitten, Barking from the Bayou and US!

Pawesome Wednesday Greetings Furriends

Welcome to the Pet Parade and our weekly news round up!

Furstly we'd like to tell mew about the epically epic slide-show tribute fur all the recently, and not so recently departed rainbow kitties that our pawesome pals Peaches and Paprika created fur Memorial Day on Monday. 

So if mew haven't seen it already, just click the link below and go leave a comment.  I, Wing Commander Basil was also included, thank mew furry much ladies fur remembering me! 

Peaches & Paprika's Memorial Slide Show 

Melvyn has a new favourite place at BBHQ, the basket at the top of the stairs!

Melvyn's Favourite Place at BBHQ @BionicBasil®

Who wants to tickle that tummy? 

And finally, mew remember last weeks post, when we said a sad farewell to Grumpy Cat?  Of course mew do!  Well we were wundering who could pawsibly be a contender to rise up in the kitty echelons of fame and we discovered these rather cute but grumpy/angry/scowling kitties who mew may, or may not have heard about: 

Meet Garfi


Pompous Albert




Aftur seeing so much grumpiness we decided that Amber needed her very own instacat page, as we thought she'd fit in beautifully with the bad tempered grumpy vibe. Oh, and she doesn't know we've set her up an account yet ~ SURPRISE! 

So if mew want to follow her solo account, here it is:


Can you go and like her picture purrlease, as yesterday it only had 3 likes? And if we show her that, it'll make her even angrier! MOL

If mew missed anything offur the last week, here's the latest posts fur your purrusal:

We'll be here on Friday with our next Fluffers post, so do stop by and join us then, in the meantime...

Keep calm, and purr on

Bestest purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. Melvyn, we can see you do indeed love that basket! And we went and liked Amber's Insta account; we hope it helps keep her temper from flaring too much. :)

    Big hugs to you all, sweet pals!

  2. Melvyn, that basket was made for you obviously ! Purrs

  3. Amber is not angry with us anymore we hope, MOL!

    Melvyn, you are quite the ham! You need an instagram about Melvyn the sleepy cat! MOL! All those other cats are really cute:)

  4. LOTS of potential successors. Though I dare say AMBER has a lead in the threat stakes, MOL

  5. Very cute pose in the basket !

  6. You sure found a terrific spot Melvyn!

  7. Amber's really going to be an angry cat when she finds out about "her" new Instagram account. I'm going to tickle Melvyn's belly.

  8. amber; we iz knot a loud on facebook ore we wood follow ewe strait a way.... lee awesum snooze poze buddy ~~~ mack ~~ ♥♥☺☺

  9. Melvyn, I would NOT tickle your tummy; I'd SNORGLE it!
    Amber, I'm following you on IG!

  10. Melvin, my mom is just really REALLY wanting to smooch that tummy...and she'd even do it in front of ME!

  11. What a comfy place to sleep. I'll tickle your tummy anytime.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥


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