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Welcome To 8 Things About... And Today It's All About Angel Snowie **Plus** TOP SECRET BONUS INTEL

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WOO HOO pawesome furiends

So what's this 8 Things About??! we hear mew ask. Well, fabulous furiends it could be 8 things about anything, but today it's all about...

Snowie departed for the Rainbow Bridge in April of 2017 but that doesn't mean she isn't still a part of The B Team, she left a great big paw-print on our hearts.

8 Things About Angel Snowie

1. Snowie arrived at BBHQ in the Spring of 2000, in fact on the same day that Posie arrived. When the P.A. went to the rescue to see Posie for the furst time, she asked if there were any more cats on-site and was told that the only other resident was a pure white cat who was called Sushi. Sushi was approximately 7/8 months old and had found herself on the street after the couple she had been adopted by as a kitten decided to break up, and she found herself homeless. The P.A. saw the lovely white kitty in the indoor enclosure and said, "I'll take her too!" 

white cat, beautiful cat in the garden, garden, cat

2. Snowie loved to be in the garden, and before we had the fence put up around 2004 Snowie would go and sit in the conifer hedge on the other side of the drive. She had one purrticular spot and aftur a while mew could see the little hole/nest she'd made and she'd stay in there for hours.

white cat, cute cat, nesting cat

3. She also loved to make a nest in the cushions on the back of the sofa, and depending on how she felt depended on which sofa she nested.

white cat, beautiful cat, cat in the sunshine

4. As she was pure white, in the summer she had to wear sunscreen on her ears and nose. And the P.A. used to have to be really quick applying it as Snowie really didn't enjoy it. And back in the day, there were no specific sun creams for cats, so the P.A. used to have buy an SPF 50 made for babies which was for sensitive skin and had the least amount of chemicals in. How times have changed as far as ingredients go.

white cat sitting in a pod chair, cute cat, office cat

5. Snowie loved to be brushed and had really thick fur. Her favourite grooming implement was the yellow pet mit and she would sit in front of the little bench next to the radiator in the kitchen and let the P.A. brush her for ages! MOL

8 Things About at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Angel Snowie

6. Snowie was also a keen burd-watcher, and on occasion, more than we'd like to admit did in fact catch quite a few.  Although the older she got the less this happened.

white cat on a fence, beautiful white cat, white cat,

7. She reminded us of a fluffy white cloud, this pic above is one of our all-time favs. Snowie had the most beautiful golden eyes, they were like shining citrines, they were absolutely luminous in real life. 

beautiful white cat in a basket, cat in a basket, gorgeous cat

8. Snowie was a bit of a basket case, in the fact that she loved getting in baskets. This was a hampurr which the P.A. put a fluffy cushion in for her and she loved it. Although the lid fell down one time and she wasn't impressed, we think that incident ruined her love affair with this purrticular basket. But there were many more baskets in her future.


While Snowie was a very friendly, affable kitty who got along with everypawdy, there was one rule that she lived by and that was:

The 3 Pat Rule

Mew could brush her for ages but try and pat her more than 3 times in any one instance always resulted in a swipe. And if anyone visited the house, they were always warned to adhere to the 3 pat rule, although several went for 4 and learned the hard way, Snowie took no prisoners! MOL

The P.A. said that Snowie had the cutest voice/meow; it sounded like she was saying MEHHHHH.

We do miss the white princess, and it's funny a lot of people thought she was boy because her name was Snowie. Although we never associated that name with being male, it's interesting to note how others perceive name genders.

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And that sadly brings us to the end of 8 Things About Angel Snowie, we do hope mew enjoyed getting to know her a bit more, and we'll be back on Wednesday so do join us then as we're sharing a post all about catnip.

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  1. That was very interesting to learn more about Snowie. We also once had an all white cat called Snowie who was also female.

  2. Angel Snowie was a beautiful kitty, and what cattitude!

  3. Nice to learn more about Angel Snowie, she was beautiful and cute!

  4. Wonderful things to know about Angel Snowie. She sure was a beautiful kitty. They each have their own personalities. Kitties are just the best.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

  5. snowie; wavez two ewe gorgeouz ~~~~~ we troo lee N joyed yur storee and we like de name SNOWIE...sushi dinna fit sum how !!!! we willna menshun de hole....burd thin :) ☺☺♥♥
    pleez ta tell everee one we said HI ...{ yur gardin foto iz like de best ♥♥♥

  6. What a pretty girl you were Snowie, I didn't know you had to wear sunscreen.

  7. That was wonderful learning all about Snowie. She is doing really great up here at the Bridge and says the best part is the sun... with no sunscreen. I wasnt sure what she meant now I know. Thanks friends we love all your 8 things posts

  8. What a beautiful kitty angel !

  9. I used to have a white cat called Snowball. She was so white she could've been called Avalanche.
    Snowie could have been called avalanche too...
    Such a pretty cat.

  10. Nice to learn more about Angel Snowie. XO

  11. We are just catching up on all the posts we missed. We have had a horrible summer and between fires wiping our our interwebs 3 times and family issues we have not been online very much.
    We LOVED learning 8 things about Snowie! She was quite the character! We love that she had the nest in the trees!

  12. What a beauty Snowie was! A bit of a sweet diva??!

  13. Such a lovely kitty. Snow white!
    Thanks for sharing at

  14. She was very furrtogenic [photogenic]! Your Snowie reminds my mom of her two all white kitties that she had before adopting me. One of them, Maximillian, had golden eyes like your white kitty. Mom misses them all the time, as you do Snowie. Hugs.


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