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Welcome To 8 Things About... And Today It's All About Fudge **UPDATED** TOP SECRET BONUS INTEL

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So what's this 8 Things About??! we hear mew ask. Well, fabulous furiends it could be 8 things about anything, but today it's all about...

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...he's the second-youngest** [**Melvyn now takes this position] memfur of The B Team and has only been on the blog just offur 4 years, so we thought we'd share a bit more about him today.

8 Things About Fudge

1.  He loves Dreamies aka Temptations, really loves them. In fact, he'll meow incessantly to get some. He also knows that effury morning when the P.A. is just about to leave the house for wurk and is getting her lunch ready that is the optimum time to ask, and ye shall receive! MOL

2.  Fudge is obsessed with water; when he furst arrived in Mewton-Clawson and was able to have the run of the house, he'd sit by any of the sinks to catch the drips, he would even sit on the edge of the shower to lap up a few drops. He loves to drink from: the watering cans, the burdbaths, puddles, the pond, and a small upright fountain on the patio, etc... check him out on Instagram.

3.  He also likes to go eat from effurypawdy's dish at mealtimes, and he loves to lick the jelly, gravy or sauce off the meaties and then move on to another dish. He has his meal served furst, but as soon as another bowl is put down, he moves in it immediately.

4.  Fudge isn't the brightest memfur of The B Team, in fact, I think he's a couple of sammiches short of a picnic, but his lack of brainpower is made up for in FLOOF! He has the most magnificent tail, and MommaKat & Bear do make us laugh hysterically when they call it: Fudge's Vaguely Pornographic Tail, though we can totally understand why! MOL MOL

5.  He also loves to climb, he zooms up the trees in the garden and especially the one in the courtyard, which he uses as a springboard onto the roof, where he often gets stuck! 

 As he's sashaying along the ridge meowing for the entire village to hear, the P.A. is frantically trying to coax him down with a bag of Dreamies, and funnily enough, this is the only time that he isn't bothered about stuffing his furry face with something yummy.

6.  Fudge is furry kind, there's not a mean bone in him. He loves to snuggle and likes to get curled up in bed. He can be furry demanding when he wants attention, for example; anything the P.A. is reading gets knocked out of the way, the cell phone has to be put down immediately fur him to have his pat needs met, and if the P.A. is in the office he'll pat her leg or arm with his paw and if that doesn't stop her from typing he then sits on the keyboard:-

 'hhhhjhjjjkkkl;l;';ooouiiiiiiiuuuuuuuyyytttffffffmmmmmkkkkkwwvvvvvvvgggggg!' typed Fudge! MOL 

See additional info below in... TOP SECRET BONUS INTEL

7.  He has the hairiest paws out of the entire B Team.

8.  Lastly I think he's made such an epically epic addition to The B Team and his training at our Kitty Commando Training Academy is coming along fantastically.  He's now proficient in most weapons, he can drive most of the vehicles on-site and is currently learning how to drive my new Unimog, he can even use the winch... how pawesome is that? 


Fudge is relentless in his quest for attention. According to the P.A., if she's at home just doing general daily chores, the ginger ninja is nowhere to be seen; well, who wants to get involved in cleaning duties? MOL  

However, the minute she sits in front of the computer the ginger floof-ball magically appears on the desk and parades across the keyboard with no regard for what's in progress, he ambles supurr slowly in front of the computer screens wafting his giant floof this way and that. He tries to bite the phone charging cable, and any pen/pencil/writing implement is fair game for ending up on the floor.

And if there are any loose papers on the desk, they get shredded.

Fudge calls it Office Management, the P.A. calls it a total ginger nightmare! MOL

Now, as soon as he appears on the desk, the P.A. stops everything and has to pick him up, carry him like a big fluffy baby around the room; ducking under the beam of course. Then she'll play with him for a while and eventually return to her desk to wurk.

Guess what?

The minute she sits down, he's back!

He says he's helping to keep her stress levels down in his additional role of BBHQ Health and Safety Officer; it's vital that all hooman staff take regular breaks to entertain their feline overlords.  We daren't tell the P.A. that bit! MOL MOL MOL

And that sadly brings us to the end of 8 Things About Fudge... we do hope mew enjoyed getting to know him a bit more and we'll be back on Wednesday so do join us then.
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  1. Fudge, you really are a special one and we enjoyed learning more about your orange goodness!

  2. Aww, we love Fudge, and enjoyed learning all these things about him! XO

  3. Fudge, you are quite the character! Cute, floofy, fun...and silly...not to mention demanding!

  4. Fudge, you are fascinating! It was fun to learn more about you!

  5. I think I understand why Fudge is named's a word that your P.A. used when he walks on the keyboard!

  6. I think you're all that and a bag of chips, Fudge. I don't care if you're not the brightest candle on the cake. You're most handsome.

    Have a purrfect day and week. My best to your siblings and your mom. ♥

  7. Fudge you're a special and unique kitty cat. Daisy Mae loves temptations too. Good learning about you.
    Have purrfect day and week
    Crystal And Daisy Mae

  8. Oh my Whiskers Fudge, Lily and I loooooove Temptations!! The Human can shake the big plastic container and we will come running from wherever we're sleeping. And that photo of you in the tree? Majestic!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  9. It was good to learn more about you, Fudge. You sound very much like Eric was with his love of water. If we went down to our bottom field he loved to walk in the stream. Also in the early days when they were allowed out unaccompanied, rattling the cat shaped tin of Temptations was the only way I could get Eric to come back.

  10. That was such fun to read all about Fudge. What a great floofy fellow he is and we love those feeties! Our Rumpy is the same with Temptations and Dad has taught him to catch them in the air. That started when he caught one one day and then repeated it. Now Dad has trained Toby and Einstein to Cat-ch but Rumpy is the master. Einstein has the worst record and always lets them bounce off his nose. MOL Purrs Fudge

  11. I loved learning new things about Fudge - and his toe floof looks like a lighter version of mine!

  12. Fudge is most handsome.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  13. Fudge, you are natural leader and will be running the ship before long, 'cause you clearly know how to get your human's attention and what it takes to get them in line to follow your orders! Tee hee hee. Winks.


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