Friday 15 October 2021

Love To Read? Book Reviews with Amber at The Mewton-Clawson Library #174 featuring **The Sphinxing Rabbit: Book of Hours** by Pauline Chakmakjian and Nilesh Mistry PLUS Friendly Fill-Ins

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Hello gorgeous library guests 


Welcome to the Mewton-Clawson Library at BBHQ 

Thank mew for joining me in the stacks today, and it has been a fun week. Did mew see Wednesday's post about the Cats Protection Christmas Bauble Felting Kit? 

Yesterday, the P.A. made the felt mini-me, she's videoed the entire thing and will be posting snippets of video on our reels later today, or early evening when she gets home from work.

She made seven approximately 5-ish minute long videos showing exactly how she made the Cat Christmas Felt Bauble following the instructions, and they will be posted in sequence on our YouTube Channel in the next few days.

And mew will be able to see exactly how it was made in real-time.

ginger and white tabby cat sitting on a jute rug

I was waiting for treats here, as mew can tell the service was sadly lacking!

Anyhoo, let's find out what I've got to share with mew this week.

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Today the P.A. is also joining in Friday Fill-ins Blog Hop with the pawesome 15 & Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.

1. _________ makes my skin crawl.

2. I enjoy _________.

3. I consider myself _________.

4. _________ and _________ are not a good mix.

The P.A.'s answers are...

1.  Horror movies makes my skin crawl. I can't watch them, I see no enjoyment or value in that genre at all, obviously I know a lot of people love this genre but for me, no.

2. I enjoy old movies. Josh collects DVD's, so most nights after dinner we'll watch something from our youth! LOL 

3. I consider myself an easy-going person unless I'm severely provoked, and then it's like unleashing the Kraken.

4. Oil and water are not a good mix- just saying! LOL  I always grew up listening to the fashion tips of the time, and it was always said, that navy and black shouldn't be worn together, blue and green should never be seen, black and yellow was a big no, anyhoo you get the picture, and it's hilarious today that there actually is no fashion because everything is being copied from previous decades, there are no rules and anything goes. 

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Let's see what I've got to show mew this time!

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This week's top book pick is...

Ginger and white tabby cat sitting in a library, library cat
Mewton-Clawson Library Copy

The Sphinxing Rabbit: Book of Hours


Pauline Chakmakjian and Nilesh Mistry

       Here's a little snippet of the book blurb:      

If you could do anything, who would you be? The Sphinxing Rabbit series of books continues with Book of Hours, a delightful and amusing solution to a concern Tocqueville had for American equality - that the absence of an aristocratic class led to a lack of progress in the arts and theoretical sciences resulting in no true intellectual class.

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Mew may remember that earlier in the year I reviewed The Sphinxing Rabbit, and I was delighted when the author contacted me about the second book in the series. So off I toddled to the library PC and bought myself a Kindle copy.

As with the first book in the series this one is also filled to the brim with the most beautiful illustrations, and I mean absolutely gorgeous. If mew have the original paperwhite kindle or previous black and white versions mew'll miss out on the richness and depth of the artists work. I would advise reading on your tablet or getting the hardback version to truly appreciate the artwork.

From my viewpoint, the story once again is very interesting and teaches about the subtleties of how those in the position of power operate to keep the masses ignorant, obedient and controllable. Wow, it sounds like one of the oodles of conspiracy theories I keep reading about happening in our world right now!

Pauline captures a broader perspective and packages it up in a great little book, which clearly spells out the message to her readers, and it is interesting to note that with the right guidance as demonstrated in the book how simple it is to make a positive change to benefit all.

A  thought-provoking and well-crafted read, and I would recommend it most heartily, even if the story isn't your thing, the illustrations alone are amazing.

Hardback: 68 pages
Publisher: Panoma Press
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My Ratings Scale

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Ratings of:

The Sphinxing Rabbit: Book of Hours



Overall Enjoyment
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I really hope mew enjoy the book as much as I did if mew decide to read it.

It's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and I'll be back next week with another specially paw-picked book just for mew, and don't furget that all my previous reviews can be found on my Book Review page.

Until next time...

Keep calm and read more books


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  1. That sounsa like a good book! We enjoyed your fill-in answers too and we will look forward to your mini-me video!

  2. Love your fill-ins. I love participating in the Friendly Fill-ins. Sometimes I have a tough time with them though.

    The book looks like a fun read.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  3. I can't wait to see the felting videos. Thank you to your mum for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I don't like horror movies either, but I was in 2 independent ones-they really stink. Nice book review Amber. I missed you so much all summer. XO

  4. Oh Amber, we hope you received your treats!

  5. I am with you on number one! We used to watch the old reruns but then the computer became our pastime, sadly enough. Today and yesterday I spent hours outside in the yard doing chores. What a change from life in the world of electrons. I am glad I have a job that doesn't use computers, though we need them to record our work at the end of the day...
    Books are far better!

  6. Gosh, golly, the PA will be breaking into Hollywood soon! Mrs H. has seen first hand when she cycled over to Mewton Clawson that day, how skilled the PA is, as well as how productive. We cant wait to see the video shorts (NOT items of clothing as I thought, but mini movies) in due course.
    Now this little book looks like a must read. In days of, what is basically fake news by people that like to cause havoc and mayhem for their own amusement (and that isnt me talking about the temporary gardener who was using my veg patch to grow weed!) a little clarity is always welcome.
    Purrs and love to all the Team, until our next visit.
    ERin & Mrs H

  7. That book sounds great, Amber! And we are super excited to see your Mini me videos! :)


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