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**VALENTINE'S CRAFTING RE-RUN**PART V** Crafting With Cats Valentine's Special ~ How We Made Catnip Heart Cookies

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Supurr Furbulous Greetings Pawesome Pals

Thanks for joining us for Part V of our supurr fun Crafting with Cats re-run. We thought we'd get a head-start on the Valentine's Crafting, as the big day is just two weeks away, so if mew want to make anything we share over the next couple of weeks, mew should have plenty of time! 

If mew missed Part I, click here to see how we made an epic heart shaped crinkle mat, and here for Part II, when we made some epic catnip hearts and kicker toys. Check out Part III for the most epic Valentine's Cat Cottage ever, and click here to see Part IV, the Best Cat Tree Glow Up ever!

If mew missed any of our previous CWC posts, stop by the Crafting with Cats Page and see all our previous projects, and mew don't have to be an expert in anything to make any of them. Plus we offer workarounds and no-sew projects for those who don't like to sew.

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This time we're making these pawesome

Crafting with Cats Valentine's Special ©BionicBasil® Valentines Catnip Cookies

What We Used:

A selection of scrap pieces of felt in pale pink, hot pink, tan, white & red


Cotton thread in brown


pinking shears

BBHQ organic homegrown catnip

Let's get Started

Crafting with Cats Valentine's Special ©BionicBasil® How to Make Valentine's Catnip Cookies 1
 Our selection of leftover felt from other projects

2. We just cut the largest size hearts we could from the fabric available.

3. & 4. Then we got our pinking shears ready and cut around the edges of all the hearts to give them a fun zig-zag edge. 

Crafting with Cats Valentine's Special ©BionicBasil® How to Make Valentine's Catnip Cookies 2
We are ready to start sewing.

6. First topstitch the smaller heart onto the larger heart.

7. & 8.  It should look something like this. Repeat for how many cookies we are making; we made six.

Crafting with Cats Valentine's Special ©BionicBasil® How to Make Valentine's Catnip Cookies 3
9. & 10. 
Next topstitch the two larger hearts around the edge, leaving a small 2.5 cm or 1" gap for stuffing and catnip. Repeat for extra cookies.

11. & 12.  Get your stuffing and catnip ready, then fill the heart cookies.

Crafting with Cats Valentine's Special ©BionicBasil® How to Make Valentine's Catnip Cookies 4
13. & 
14.  We always add the catnip first, then the wadding after. And mew should now have catnip heart cookies that look like this.

15.  Stitch the gap closed.

16. And mew should now have a selection of uber epic Valentine's catnip heart cookies for your kitty!

The Finished Gift

The P.A. found a small box which she decorated with ribbon and some small wooden hearts that were leftover from our Valentine's Cottage project, and then she added some shredded paper and a small jar of our homegrown catnip with a fluffy pom pom stuck on the lid, and this is our finished gift, isn't it epically epic?

Crafting with Cats Valentine's Special ©BionicBasil® I Love The B Team Valentines Catnip Cookies

Watch the video:

or watch on YouTube

As mew can see, once the cookies were ready, they did cause a mini-riot, Smooch wanted them all, Melvyn tried to grab one, Fudge came along and ruined that! MOL

Yesterday Fudge literally sat/lay over the box to stop anypawdy else getting any, and this morning the P.A. found catnip cookies everywhere, so there'd been a bit of a pawty during the night.

The B Team want to know, which colour catnip cooking is your favourite?

And that furiends furry sadly brings us to the end of today's furbulously fun Crafting with Cats post, we do hope mew liked it. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we've got lots of videos there, and some which mew might have not seen before.

Amber will be back tomorrow with another furbulous cat-centric book review just for mew, so do join us then.

Epically crafty purrs

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  1. They're beautiful and they certainly look like fun.

  2. Mommy wishes she was as talented as your mom. Those look professional.

  3. Those look almost good enough to eat...cookies, well, after I cleaned up my glasses I realized they were catnip cookies, LOL!! Great job! And I love how you have presented/displayed them

  4. Those are cute, cute and more cute! Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. OH they look wonderful! And since we love our cats it's a perfect show of love for them.

  6. I have my mom's pinking scissors thank you now I can actually use them. Did you stitch the smaller heart on by hand I always wondered about getting a hand stitcher😺 way to go Fudge.😽

  7. Cute as can be, and so much fun!


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