Saturday 1 June 2024

Happy 22nd Birthday Celestial Basil

Birthday Pawty Banner ©BionicBasil®

Happy 22nd Birthday Basil @BionicBasil®

Grab a pawty hat furbulous pals, we've already got ours! MOL
Basil's Birthday Pawty Hats ©BionicBasil®

Get some cake!

Basil's 22nd Birthday Cake  ©BionicBasil®


Basil's 22nd Birthday Pawty Official Pawtrait  ©BionicBasil®

The Nip Bar is OPEN!Basil's Birthday Drinks ©BionicBasil®

Have a Nip Cocktail or two! 

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Help yourself to nibbles 

Basil's Birthday Snacks ©BionicBasil® Sushi

Basil's Birthday Snacks ©BionicBasil® Sushi

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MMMMM Yummy... seafood and eat it! MOL

Basil's Birthday Pawty Balloons ©BionicBasil®

Get some pudding

Basil's Birthday Desserts ©BionicBasil®

Dessert Platter  ©BionicBasil®

Basil's Birthday Desserts ©BionicBasil® 2


Basil's Birthday Pawty Balloons ©BionicBasil®


 The Nip Nirvana Lounge



Basil 20th Birthday  ©BionicBasil® Nip Nirvana Lounge Night Club

Welcome to our nightclub on Level 11 of the Bunker; The Nip Nirvana Lounge and another legendary cat rave. Mew may remember at Smooch’s Rave last month; Amber tried to be in charge of the bar again, even though she's been banned due to being an old lush! So we have brought in kitty droids to serve the drinks from our extensive cocktail menu.

If mew would like any extra snacks or nibbles while in The Nip Nirvana Lounge, Humphrey’s A.I. Replicator is in the kitchen behind the bar. Just look at the menu to see what grabs your fancy, or if mew want something that’s not on the main menu, just input your order on the screen at the bar, and the kitty droids will be with mew imminently. 

Smooch and Fudge have set up another most epic ‘90s and early ’00s playlist of all the best dance tracks from way back in the day when mewsic was extraordinarily epic. 

Snowie has been lushing out on the Blu-topia Mindbender nip cocktail and Posie is also about to go down that rabbit hole with her, so be careful mew don’t fall over them at some point!  

I’m sampling the latest batch of catnip beer that Humphrey has been brewing in his laboratory, and according to Parsley, it’s so fizzy it will literally blow your fur off. Wish me luck as this is my second and I’ve got Tangerine Utopia nip cocktail as a chaser! MOL (That’s the one on the bottom row, third from the left on the drinks menu).

If mew want to partake in any catnip, all varieties are available, including some of our homegrown primo-fur-fluffer; it’s a brand new strain with extra zing that we’ve launched just in time for my birthday called Nutty Fluff-Face.

Fudge tried some Nutty Fluff-Face earlier and his giant floof literally exploded, but then his giant floof is always exploding everywhere! MOL Melvyn has set the hubbly bubbly pipes up just around the corner from the dance floor. There are oodles of huge floor cushions, enough for everypawdy to get sprawled out on, and if the nip run lows just ask the kitty droids for a top-up.  

Litter cubicles are in the entrance foyer, gurls use the door on the left and boys the door on the right, and whatever mew don’t go wandering around the bunker as we don’t want anypawdy getting lost or accidentally heading down to Level 16 and releasing all Fudge’s Magical Menagerie, they did escape at the weekend and we’re not sure if all of them are back on Level 16, so if mew come across any weird little creatures, it’s not the nip mew’ve just had! MOL  

And on that note, I’m headed to the bar. Who wants a catnip beer?


Basil's Birthday Pawty Balloons ©BionicBasil®

We do hope mew all have an EPIC time at the rave, and if mew need to chill, we have allocated the Crystal Room as the zen zone which is now located next to the nightclub; just head back out into the corridor, take a left and it's the next door along, so mew can have a snooze, take five or just crash completely.

Thanks furry much for coming, I love a big get-together at BBHQ with all my epically epic furiends!

Wing Commander Basil - Celestial Status

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  1. Happy Birthday Angel Basil, we miss you down here dude. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Happy Heavenly birthday Angel Basil! You still know how to throw the very best parties.

  3. Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‰ to Angel Basil! Looks like a grand time to be had at your place! Y'all party hearty!

  4. Basil was a special boy. I wish they lived as long as we do. XO

  5. Happy birthday, Celestial Basil. We love and miss you always and forever, dear pal. We truly do.

  6. Basil, I hope you had an especially epic time. I know my kitties had their tunnel out and programmed to go and slept hard the next day, so it must have been great!

  7. Wow ๐Ÿ™€ amazing, fabulous, fantastic ๐Ÿ˜ฝlet's get the party started we love you always Basil.๐Ÿ˜ฝ๐Ÿˆ‍⬛๐Ÿพ


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