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Wordy on Wednesday with Biblio-Kitty Amber #29 featuring Wicked Days (An Ivy Morgan Mystery Book 1)

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Wunderpurr greetings fellow book lovers

Hey guys, great news, my new audible credits came in 2 days early - WOO HOO - so it's all ok in biblio wurld once again, and the P.A. even said that when I've run out of effurything she will renew my subscription early, so in essence I can have as many books as I could effur need! MOL

Basil will give mew an in-depth update on his progress tomorrow, but the good news is he's home!  So as I'm furst to post since Monday, it's my job to do the Give-Away draw.

Today I'm delighted to be announcing the winner from our Give-Away last week, and mew know the drill no, so here's all the entries...

The P.A. doing her thing... and THE WINNER IS....

Woo Hoo guys, many congratulations, we've left mew a message on your blog, so mew if can email us your snail-mail address and we'll ship mew the fab colouring book and Zen Bracelet asap!

Thanks to effurypurrdy else fur entering, and don't worry if mew didn't win this time, there'll be another giveaway soon enough.

Guys we've also run into a few admin issues, the P.A. semi-dislocated her right shoulder a couple of weeks ago, it's still really painful and she is trying her bestest to comment on effurypurdy's blog fur us while we dictate of course, so many apologies for our absence we are going as fast as we can.

And now I think we'll get to this weeks fab new novel that I bought the other day with one of my shiny new credits.

This week on book reviews with Amber, I'm sharing

Wicked Days 

An Ivy Morgan Mystery Book 1


Lily Harper Hart

Here's a little snippet of the book blurb:

Have a witch of a good time … 

Ivy Morgan is happy with who she is, and what she can do. She certainly doesn’t need to second guess her life, or her witchy ways ... that is until Shadow Lake’s newest police detective enters her life.

*    *    *

I think this is a fun book, although the cat doesn't play an integral role in the book, which I thought he did when I saw the book book cover - and what a cute cover, it was my reason fur buying it! MOL

Anyhoo that aside it's a nice little read, a light romance with a moderate paranormal twist as Ivy is Wiccan.  I have the next 2 books ready to go as I purchased them as a box set, making my audible credits go further.

So in closing, although there was not really any major catty action to speak of, I did quite like it, although the narration was a little clunky but once listening I didn't notice it so much.

Try it!

Paperback copy:  262  pages

Audio Edition: 6 hours 27 mins

The Amber Biblio Rating System Fur Offurall Enjoyment:

Ratings of:

Wicked Days



Story Development


Offurall Enjoyment

I hope mew enjoy this book if mew do take the plunge and get it... and if mew've read it already, tell me what did mew think?

Sadly it's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and don't furget to stop by tomorrow fur Basil's Brain Training!

Happy reading or listening

Bestest biblio purrs

Amber xox

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Kit Knit CosPlay said...

So Glad that you've finally got the credits you deserve! ALL of them <3 You look gorgeous now you can chill out and your PA isn't giving you too much jibber jabber....finally! You have fun rolling in all your new credits and I can't wait for your next post! xx

Herman TattleCat said...

Basil, you have the most inpurresting blog out there. So much going on. I need to zoom by more often so I can get in on the fun stuff, too. I'm so glad you're home. Keeping your in my pawprayers, buddy. Purrs!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

amber...we iz buzzed happee for ewe ya now haz 192,037,149,378,466 creditz !! YAY !!! basil....pleez make sure ya STAY HOME~~~~~~~~~ congar ratz two caren & cody on winnin de total lee awesum bracelet & book and we N joyed yur ree veew two day amber ~~~~ ♥♥♥

The Swiss Cats said...

Concatulations to Caren and Cody ! Purrs

Deziz World said...

OMC Dat's a lotta mews. Furst, We're so glad Basil be back home where he belongs. We're keepin' da purrayers goin' tho' handsum, so you get all better now ya' hear?! Second, ConCats on those credit things. We so totally don't get it, but we're glad you're happy. And ConCats to Cody and awnty Carin. We're sure they're gonna be thrilled. And last, great review. Big hugs to you all.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Anonymous said...

Cooncats to Caren and Cody! YAY! Also very happy to hear Basil is back home......we send tons of POTP Basil!

Love, Angel Sammy

The Island Cats said...

We're so glad Basil is home again. We purr that he is doing better.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

We're glad to hear Basil's home! We hope he's back to his magnificent self soon! Love that picture of your belly, Amber. So cute!!!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I get so mad when they show a cat on the cover and then hardly mention it. Great review. And congrats to Caren and Cody!

meowmeowmans said...

There's lots to be happy about, Amber! Basil coming home, your book credits and our pals Caren and Cody winning the drawing! Hooray! :)

Too bad that book didn't have more of a feline focus, but it still sounds pretty good.


MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Concats to Caren and Cody!!

And concats on having all those credits, Amber!!
And concats to your brofur, Basil...for coming home...Hooray!

Hope the PA's shoulder starts to heal up better too.

So much POTP needed in your den. Purrs and hugs to all!

Jean Neilson said...

Hi Amber, I have a question for you dear furry reader....are these books also available in Canada? Would you tell us if they are not available in Canada? We have our story time before bed and mom reads to us and dad. We all enjoy it, so we go through a lot of books. We get treats when mom has finished for the evening so we doubly enjoy story time.

We sure hope our buddy Basil is doing much better and will be home and on the blog again soon.

Shoko and Kali

Canadian Cats

Henry said...

Absolutely love your posts!! Haha very entertaining!! Keep up the great posts :) Henry

Erin the Cat said...

YAY! Da main cat dude is in da house! Does that sound suitably street? Anyways congrats to Caren and Cody them prizes sure are wonderful. Sounds like this is a good book to start a series, I hope the cat features more in the next books. Purrs, ERin

Bionic Basil said...

Hi Aunty J, thank mew and next time I'm reviewing the pawesome book mew told me about! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hey Herms, thanks so much we're so glad mew like it and thanks fur all the purrs fur Basil! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hiya Tabbies & Miss Dai$y, oh I feel much better about my credit level now! MOL And I'll tell Basil fur mew! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hi Swiss cats, yes it's pawesome fur Caren & Cody! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hi Dezi & Raena, thank mew fur all the purrayers and I'm so glad mew liked the review! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Thanks so much Angel Sammy! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hi Island Cats, thanks fur all the purrs! Purrs back Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hey Momma Kat & Bear, MOL that picture is funny!!! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hiya guys, yep that so piddles me off too, mew think it's going to all about the cat and it's not! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hey guys, oh me have no idea how happy we were, oh and then my extra book credits too, even happier!! MOL purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hi Pipo & Minko, thanks fur all the POTP! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hiya Shoko and Kali, yes they do and I left mew a message on your blog! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Thanks so much Henry! purrs Amber xox

Bionic Basil said...

Hiya Erin, me too, I've listened to 3 now and the cat still doesn't feature any more! purrs Amber xox

Three Chatty Cats said...

Yay, congrats to Caren and Cody!

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