Sunday 12 February 2017

Sunday Selfies #130 Valentines Edition & Blog Hopping with Cat on my Head

Happy Early Valentines Wunderpurr Furriends

I know we keep sharing the lurve but we've got a lot of lurve to share! MOL

Here's hoping mew all have a totally pawesome week

And just before we go, as it was the P.A.'s birthday last Sunday, we're giving away beautiful colouring book which also has a wurdsearch on effury page and a gorgeous semi-precious gemstone bracelet designed and made by the P.A.. 

To win these fab prizes just leave us a comment on Monday's post, click here and we'll draw a name out of the hat next Monday evening.  

Our Give-Away is Open WORLD-WIDE

Have a supurr fabulous day and don't furget to stop by tomorrow fur our big surprise! MOL

Sweetest Sunday Purrs

Basil & Co xox

Don't furget to join in the pawesome Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with

 Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo at their fabulous blog:

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank mew Summer, mew know we're all about sharing the lurve! MOL XOX

  2. Well, we love you all, pals, so you won't hear any objections from us about sharing the lurve. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, and we're excited to see your big surprise!


  3. You guys are all wonderful, especially you, dear Basil, we especially the smile on your face this week, sheer ecstasy and love. Have a great week. Purrs, Erin

  4. Those are some mighty good selfies. What a great good looking group of cats. You all have a great Sunday.

  5. Great selfies. Happy Valentine's Day! The rest of us wore your Bobble Hat today in our selfies.

    1. Hey guys, that's pawesome, I'll be there to see in 2 shakes of a lambs tail! XOX

  6. We LOVE those grins!! Have a love filled day...wait, a love filled life each and evfurry day!

  7. I know, I know, we're extremely late, but tadaaa we're here :) You all look lovely in Pink and we love the watering mouth of you, Basil. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Heartshaped Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :) <3


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