Thursday 9 February 2017

Crosswurds & Wurdsearch's by Professor Basil ~ Brain Training with Cats! #19

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Supurr Crosswurdy Greetings Pawesome Furriends

Welcome to another Brain Training Session with Cats, as mew may or may not know I had a bit of a relapse last week, so this week I've been recouping.  Furstly, I must say many thanks fur all the purrayers and purrs, they've helped me tremendously and fur all the foody tips to help get my weight back on.

This week the P.A. has been cooking me white-fish, and giving me tuna in spring-water as to be honest I really wasn't feeling the catfood pouches.  But I've been loving the white-fish and tuna... nom nom nom.

 And she bought me some new kibble which I really like, and then she bought me some kitten food as appurrently that is bursting with oodles of protein, so once my tummy feels a bit better I'll be going back to my kitten-hood, not that I knew the P.A. when I was a kitten as she didn't rescue me until I was 2! MOL

I did get out for about 30 minutes on Tuesday as it wasn't too cold, I really enjoyed it but the P.A. was like a helicopter-mum following me effurywhere! MOL 

So as I've been a little under the weather, I hope mew don't mind that there's only a wurdsearch today, I'll endeavour to make sure there's crosswurd fur next week though.


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Furstly we know mew'll want to see the solution to crosswurd #14, so here's the answer-key:

and if mew got it right, here's the marvellous and rather attractive badge fur your pawesome wurk and well done fur purrticipating in our brain-training programme!

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Time to get scribbling on...

[just right click to save the wurdsearch to your 'puter or print it off.] 
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And here's a delightful badge fur your pawesome efforts, just right click the image to save it to your computer.

Well it's time fur us to go get ready fur tomorrows Pet Parade, but in the meantime we hope mew have lots of fun, and do let us know what mew think of today's puzzle.

And quickly before we go, as it was the P.A.'s birthday on Sunday, we're giving away beautiful colouring book which also has a wurdsearch on effury page and a gorgeous semi-precious gemstone bracelet designed and made by the P.A.. 

To win these fab prizes just leave us a comment on Monday's post, click here and we'll draw a name out of the hat next Monday.  

Our Give-Away is Open WORLD-WIDE

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Until tomorrow...

Keep Calm


Puzzle On

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. Basil, We are sorry you have been under the weather! We are glad you got lots of special foods and TLC

    1. Thanks so much Angel, Kirby & Max, but sadly it got wurse and I'm in the pawspital right now! XOX

  2. I am so sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Tuna and kitten food should perk you up! Happy belated birthday to your P.A. ♥ ♥

  3. I'm glad you're finding something you like to eat Basil! Please feel better!

    1. Hi Summer, I'm trying my bestest, but sadly I'm in the pawspital, but I'm feeling better and hope to be home tomorrow! XOX

  4. dood !!!! we iz buzzed happee ta lurn yur doin better AND gettin
    whitefish AND toona AND goin out oh doorz which bye de way iz awesum
    yur gardin N all ~~~~~

    we total mizzed 11 a cross thiz week, we waz bout ta call N say
    ..what IZ de PA watchin.....we couldna get that cloo
    for love oh trout... sew we iz claimin werd search onlee thiz time !~

    thanx for thiz weekz; we haz all reddy spotted de werd:

    werrm !!!


  5. I am glad you are feeling better and are liking the food your Mom got for you.

    1. Hey guys, sadly it didn't do the trick and I went into pawspital on Thursday, but I should be home tomorrow! XOX

  6. We're glad you're feeling a bit better, Basil. That whitefish, tuna and kitten food sound nommy, so keep up the good eating, okay? :)


    1. Hiya guys, I took a little downward turn and ended up in pawspital but I should be home tomorrow all being well! XOX

  7. Glad you're feeling a little better. I can understand the P.A. being a helicopter mom!

    1. Hey Chatty Cats, oh that helicopter mum thing is annoying though, but I know she's only doing because she loves me so much! MOL XOX

  8. Its good to see you exploring, Basil!!
    We liked this word search...our Opa (grandpaw) was a Gemologist, so petcretary is familiar with those terms and could likely describe most of them...some of them jumped right out of the puzzle when she perused it,MOL!!

    1. Hey Pipo & Minko, oh wow how exciting that your grandpaw was a gemologist, that's fabulous, the P.A. is a crystal'a'holic! MOL XOX


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