Wednesday 1 February 2017

Wordy on Wednesday with Biblio-Kitty Amber #27 featuring A Spirited Tail

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With Amber ~ The Self-Appointed Biblio-Kitty

Wunderpurr greetings fellow book lovers 

Here's hoping mew've had a truly fabulous week thus far.

Last week, mew may remember that I had a little issue regarding buying more credits from Audible and the P.A. was most unsympathetic to my plight. 

Anyhoo the other day the P.A. decided to buy this:

Mew can read all about the Tank on Fridays post, but while Basil and the guys were off doing something else I decided that critical action was needed to get my point across regarding my 'zero' credit position at Audible, so I got my furry caboose in that tank, drove it into the lounge and faced the P.A. who was sitting on the sofa watching some Ancient Aliens show on the TV with her headphones on.

Please turn your speakers on to get the full effect

So there I was sitting in my tank, the P.A. completely riveted to watching something about some pyramids in a dry and dusty desert a gazillion years ago and completely oblivious to the fact that I was in the room, in my tank, fully armed and highly and most unequivocally dangerous!

Well, I couldn't believe it when she finally glanced my way, took her headphones off and said. "Oh wow Amber, don't you look completely adorable in the little tank!"

This was so NOT the reaction I was expecting, and then she had the utter nerve to say. "You're just so cute!"




Then... then, she had the gall to laugh, yes mew heard me, she laughed in my face, like what kind of nutjob is she?  Who would be laughing when the barrel of a tank was aimed at them, LIKE OMC!!!  Mew know I really do sometimes wunder about her sanity, or lack thereof as obviously she has no sense of danger at all.

Trying to keep my composure because at this point I was bristling all offur, my paw was shaking just above the fire button and I said, my voice as cold as ice. "I need more credits or else!"

What do mew think the P.A.'s reaction to that was?

And if mew could meme my picture, what would it say?

We'll finish this story next week...

 Anyhoo it's time to get stuck into this weeks book pick.

This week on book reviews with Amber, I'm sharing

A Spirited Tail 

(Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series Book 2)


Here's a little snippet of the book blurb:

Middle-aged bookstore owner Willa Chance is looking forward to the opportunity of appraising a valuable private library that hasn't seen the light of day for fifty years ... until she finds a dead body in the backyard and the ghost of the home's previous owner anxiously waiting for her inside.

Can Willa discover the identity of the killer in time or will she end up being the fourth victim?

*    *    *

I reviewed Book 1 & then  Book 5  don't ask me why I was doing a 'backwards road-round' thing because I have no idea! MOL   But here we are with book 2, which is totally pawesome, Pandora is back with all her usual gusto trying to train Willa to help keep evil away from Mystic Notch.

As in the previous novels, it is furry hard to put down, furry hard as the story is so well plotted and mew just can't help but have to see what happens next.

I love this series so much and can't praise it enough.  I do prefer the audio versions as the narrator brings the story to life in such a fabulous way and each character has their own voice so mew can just see the action unfolding in your mind's eye as mew're listening to it.

Brilliant, read it, but my advice is to listen to it!

Paperback copy:  354 pages

Audio Edition: 7 hours

The Amber Biblio Rating System Fur Offurall Enjoyment:

Ratings of:

A Spirited Tail





Offurall Enjoyment

I hope mew enjoy this book if mew do take the plunge and get it... and if mew've read it already, tell me did mew think?


And just before I go I have news on The Time Travelling Bobble Hat, it's landed in the Netherlands with beautiful Binky from AngelWhisper2011, so mew must go visit and see her epically epic photo's!  Smooch and Parsley have now added their £2.00 to the 'Kitty Fund' and we're up to £62.00 WOO HOO, thank mew BINKY!

Sadly it's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and don't furget to stop by tomorrow fur Basil's Brain Training!

Happy reading or listening

Bestest biblio purrs

Amber xox

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  1. Those tanks make a lot of noise! How did you slip her? Mom loves Leighann Dobbs books

    1. HI Angel, Kirby & Max, MOL oh they do make a lot of noise indeed, but when the P.A.'s is focused on something everything around her just fades away! MOL XOX

  2. I want that tank! Although Binga would probably steal it.

    1. Summer mew definitely need to get one, Amazon is the place to go, then mew'll have to get a little camoflague outfit to wear!!! MOL XOX

  3. MOL...Your P.A. always comes with the most cutest ideas...a kitty tank...MOL :D We just finished our Bobble Hat post and I did wear the hat..YES! Pawkisses for a Happy Day :) <3

    1. Hi Binky, MOL our P.A. is NUTZ, like seriously nutz!!! MOL Thank mew so much fur joining in the bobble hat tour, we really appreciate it so much! XOX

  4. amber....well de PA iz rite ya DUE look awesum in yur tank

    we wood werd it like ....well, we all wayz said we never will cuzz
    on anotherz blog sew with that cloo in mind ~~~~~~ :)

    yur ree veww iz awesum, we will ahfta chex out thiz seereez !!

    happee destruction !!! { just due knot run inta yur ladder ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. Thank mew so much Tabbies, the ladder is safe and sound, so don't panic! MOL Love your meme!!! MOL MOL XOX

  5. MOL ! Your tank is terrific ! Purrs

  6. Oh Amber, we're so sorry she laffed at you. Dat wasn't nice at all. But we think you look absolutely adorable in da tank. We can only 'magine what she decided to say. We think Binky looks great in da hat. We wish we could afford da postage to purrticipate, but oh well. We can't wait to see where it goes next. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Hi Dezi 7 raena, thank mew fur da sympathy, it's much appreciated! And didn't Binky look amazing? If mew'd like to photoshop a pink bobble hat on your pictures - like we did fur ERin - just email us at: and mew can be part of the tour too! XPX

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Island Cats, thanks, I really had such a great time in it! MOL XOX

  8. That tank is awesome, Amber! And you look fierce in it! The proper response by the P.A. *would* have been, "Okay Amber, you win! More credits for you coming up STAT!"

    Thanks for the review of A Spirited Tail. It sounds like a great read!

  9. Cool tank. That sounds like a great book.

  10. I hate when my Momma does the cute thing! I mean, I'm in the middle of savagely hunting and brutally killing my toy mousie and all she can say is, "Awww ... you're so CUTE, Bear! Come here so I can give you some ear rubs!" @#$%!
    I do like that tank though! ~Bear Cat

    1. Hi Momma Kat & Bear, yep that cute thing sucks when we're being all fierce and the like! Oh mew should definitely get a tank fur sure! MOL XOX

  11. Oh my word... does it come in pink, that would so rock, pink with flames and somewhere for my cream supply. purrs Ooh I do like the sound of that book, one for the book list, the audible list that is.
    Purrs, Erin

    1. Hey Erin, no but I think it could easily be remedied with a can of pink spray! MOL XOX

  12. I am so sorry your PA doesn't understand your needs. I, myself, have offered her credits for you but she said something so callous like "she'll never learn to appreciate them if I do that". Seriously, you should shoot from that tank from me too! =( By the way - you look beyond gorgeous as always Ambs and I'll go and check out the book when I've a few spare hours! Keep up the good work and keep at that ruddy PA of yours! <3

  13. ^^^ What they said we second!

  14. I JUST read this book and loved it. I just started book 4 in the series.

  15. Whoot! What a heavy duty kitty tank!! OMC!! Your PA wasn't scared?? Sheesh. By the way...she had funds aka credits to get the tank but not to get your books??? Why...we ought'a....can we join you in that tank to help your vendetta??

    1. Hey Pipo & Minko, no she wasn't, and that's a really great point, I'll note that down fur future reference! MOL XOX


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