Friday 10 August 2018

We're Moving To Wednesdays and Amber's Not Best Purrleased on the Pet Parade Blog Hop No: 260 ~ Hosted by Dash Kitten Co-Hosted by Basil & Barking from the Bayou

Epic Friday Greetings Furriends

Welcome to the Pet Parade and our weekly news round up!

Well the utterly epically epic news is, mew voted and The Pet Parade is moving to Wednesday starting next week!


And to kick off the ceremonies Dash Kitten will be hosting a totally terrific give-away to mark this epic occasion, so hop on offur to Middle-Earth and see all the epicness on offer.

In other news...

Our new summer blockbuster The Clockwurk Labyrinth is starting next week on Tuesday Tails, so mew won't want to miss that as young Fudge get's sucked into a rather eveeel dimension and we have to go save him from some heinous entity!

When Amber furst heard the news that we were off on a rescue mission, she had this to say...

As mew can see, she didn't take the news that she had to leave her library furry well - OOPS! MOL

Well, she is right in the middle of re-cataloging her books and she's also getting ready fur the return of her book reviews on the 4th of September with a really fab book - so I can understand her reaction, sort of... but we can't leave Fudge trapped in there can we? Oh heck no we can't.

Though she was supurr, mega, epically impressed with Peaches and Paprika on Purrsday, with their National Book Lovers post, in fact she was so blown away she's given them a lifetime honorary memfurship to her private & purrsonal library as they take their library duties extremely seriously - way to go ladies - she'll be emailing mew soon!

And we have to say many apologies fur our lack of commenting, sporadic visiting and interaction offur the last few months in the blog'o'sphere. The P.A. has been and is still supurr busy at wurk with an expansion plan and it's just a huge time suck leaving us with furry little time, but hopefully in the next few weeks we'll get her reprogrammed and back on our blogging schedule! MOL 

and if mew're still bored get our free colouring books below:

Parsley will be here tomorrow with another Pet Peeves post and then we'll be back with our usual selfie selection on Sunday, so hope mew can join us then, in the meantime we wish mew all an epic weekend

Bestest purrs and big hugs

Basil & The B Team xox

Don't let the Pet Parade pass you by!

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  1. Amber! Sorry that the change got you spaced out!!!
    Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!!

    1. PS BTW Amber, that shot would make a great Jigsaw!

  2. Amber, you look totally shocked at the thought of leaving your library. It has to be done though. Everyone is waiting with baited breath to see what trouble Fudge has got himself into.

  3. Your adventures are the BEST, Basil, and we'll be beating a path to your door to get front row primo backstage all access passes to this one!

  4. guyz....we iz sew lookin for werd ta de new add fact we pre ordered
    7 number 5'z and 3 number 7'z for a snax for de pree veew a dish un... sew we due knot
    mizz a moe mint oh act shun !! :) ♥♥♥

  5. Marv is right...another jigsaw puzzle!
    Tell your human not to work so hard; kitties are way more impawtant than any old job...

  6. We look forward to this fun adventure!

  7. Amber, I will love you no matter what day you are on. XO

  8. Poor Amber! With the exception of Basil (and tied with Smooch), she's our very favorite BB kitty. We can't wait to see what happens with the parade!

  9. Amber is NOT having a good time of it is she * worried look * ....

    I know what I'm like given an enforced layoff from reading!!!

  10. We're looking forward to another adventure, mew guys! That's exciting about the Pet Parade moving to Wednesdays. :)


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