Wednesday 1 August 2018

**NEW FEATURE** What Would The B Team Do? OMC The Free Trade of Rodents is Under Threat As Chief Downing Street Negotiators Go AWOL

Wednesday greetings fabulous furriends

Welcome to another 
Fur our new readers; some of mew may not know that as well as being your ordinary, effuryday kitties, we're also an elite horde of Kitty Commando's opurrating from a secret bunker in Mewton-Clawson in the heart of the English countryside, and saving the wurld at least once a month is what we do. Though mew neffur get to read or hear about it because its classified and way above your pay grade!

[BB HQ Control Centre in The Secret Bunker]

So, we hear mew ask, what is; What Would The B Team Do?

Well our supurr furriends, we're going to give mew a scenario, which may or may not be real [classified protocols restrict us from confirming or denying such things] and mew get to choose one of 3 options on how we would respond, and then we show mew how we may have responded!

Now let's see if mew guessed correctly last time, click here fur a quick recap...

Die-hard Golfers Trying To Navigate The Wurld Championship Golf Course On The Isle of Cats During The Volcanic Eruption


A. Tell Hans we're remodelling the bunker and we can't pawsibly make it until the refurb is offur.

B. Hop in the stealth bomber and fly up to Greenland. Use Humphrey's miniaturising ray gun to shrink the giant iceberg that's currently threatening coastal communities. Take the shrunken iceberg; keeping it well frozen fur the journey back to the Isle of Cats. Then throw it out of the stealth bomber as we're circling the erupting volcano, and using the reverse feature on the miniaturising ray gun to make it full size, and let it land on the volcano thereby extinguishing it.

C. Go watch the latest Jurassic Wurld movie at the cinema.


D. All of the above, because we're really that EPICALLY EPIC!

Did mew guess the right answer?

And we know most of mew have chosen OPTION B - which is the correct answer WOO HOO! 

Howeffur, we did go see the latest Jurassic Wurld movie a few days later! MOL

*   *   *

And this is exactly what happened....

We got the stealth bomber out of the bunker and flew like cats possessed to Greenland.  The giant iceberg was causing huge swells and wide-spread flooding of coastal areas as we've arrived. I got on the radio and said. "Is there anypurrdy out there?"

I got a response but sadly I didn't understand so I flicked on our auto translator and replayed the message.

"This is Peter Strauss, I'm with the UN and in charge of this operation, who is this?" The dude was most abrupt and highly agitated.

"This is Commander Basil Widdairs of The B Team, we're going to alleviate your iceberg purroblem in about 5 minutes or so!" I replied.

There was radio silence fur a brief spell and then. "Thank heavens you're here!" Peter replied, relief flooding through his voice. "Are you in the stealth bomber above us?"

"That's an affirmative dude," I answered. "Can mew get effuryone off the berg as we're going to shrink it and take to the Isle of Cats to extinguish the volcano."

"You're going to what?"

"Shrink it to the size of an ice cube dude!" 

"You can really do that?"

"Yes sir we can!" I was grinning now, sometimes peeps are quite behind the times with tech and the like.

"And you're going to use it to put out a volcano?"

"Yes sir we are, so purrlease can mew evacuate all your purrsonnel as the clock is ticking," I said.

Less than 6 minutes later the iceberg was now an ice cube and safely stowed in the stealth bombers freezer storage facility and I said. "Don't anyone make a drink with ice cubes until aftur the mission!" 

A few hours later we could see the huge black plume of smoke above the Isle of Cats and headed straight fur it.

Humphrey took the ice cube-berg from the freezer unit and opened a secret wing hatch and threw it at the mouth of the volcano as I flew the stealth bomber as close as I could.  He then zapped it with the ray gun turning it instantly back to its original size.  

Moments later the full sized iceberg had completely filled the mouth of the volcano and a huge sizzling steam cloud burst skywards. 

In minutes it was melting and extinguishing the eruption and lava flow and an hour later the volcano was well and truly iced out.

The golfers were best purrleased as they could now finish their game and get to the 19th hole! MOL

We joined them there and had a small celebration [it then turned in a larger one, which is quite normal fur us! MOL]

And so it goes, we saved the fabled Isle of Cats and its residents to play another round of golf all in time fur tea, and Greenland can now stop wurrying about a giant iceberg causing mayhem along the coastal communities!  HOO AH!

Just another day in the life of The B Team...

And today's scenario is this...

Last week I was just taking it easy, the weather was far too hot and the only cool place was in the bunker, where we keep the temperature at a rather doable 18C or 64.4F, in fact in the bunker mew'd neffur know there was a heatwave outside. Anyhoo, there I was in my private office playing the latest Simon's Cat bubble game [I love the other one too - pawesome fun to while away the time] on my iPaw when the red telephone on my desk rang.

Now the red telephone is serious business only and is a direct line from No 10 Downing Street, London. Yep the P.M. aka Purrime Minster has a direct line to me, but obviously don't tell anypurrdy as its top secret. So anyhoo I answered the call on the 2nd ring.

"This is Commander Basil Widdairs."

"Hello Commander Basil, this is the PM," said the female voice.

"Hello ma'am, how can I be of service today?" I asked knowing that it must be serious that the PM called me herself.

"Commander Basil, it would seem that Larry and Palmerston are AWOL during this Brexit fiasco, can mew find them?" she asked.

I could tell she was well stressed. I mean this Brexit thing is certainly dragging on, like trying to pull yourself out of a vat of treacle with a kraken tentacle wrapped around mew which is constantly pulling mew back in = HUGE DRAG FACTOR and pawsibly one that'll last until Catmas! 

As Palmerston is with the Foreign Office his rather untimely disappearance along with Larry has sparked much consternation among the Cabinet Ministers, as both cats need to address the free trade and movement of mice and other rodents through EU territories. And without them to negotiate, the tax levy's could be astronomical, thereby impacting the Rodent Trade wurld-wide in ways that we cats would not like at all.

"Ma'am leave it with me and I'll call mew as soon as I have news," I said efficiently and hung the phone up. 

So What Would The B Team Do?

A. Go to Level 8 in the bunker, get my lilo out and cruise around the lagoon in the BioSphere while sipping a fabulously chilled nip cocktail with a rather fancy-schmancy umbrella in? 

B. See Smooch on Level 3 of the bunker and go to the shooting range fur a bit of target purractice?


C. Scramble The B Team and start the search fur Larry and Palmerston?

The answer will be on the next

MOL sorry about that, but mew that's know how we roll!

Thanks fur visiting today and tomorrow Smooch will be here with his **NEW SOLO POST** Smooch Around The Wurld, plus we'll be sharing a new jigsaw puzzle on the Puzzle Page to keep mew entertained until Friday when its time fur The Pet Parade blog hop.

Until then

Keep Calm



Commander Basil & The B Team 

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Red Phone


  1. Bravo! Well done taking care of that volcano, Basil and the B Team! As for your new adventure, we're guessing the answer is "C"!

  2. I know who I'm gonna call if I have problems, y'all sure beat the heck outta the GhostBusters!

  3. The world is a much better place, with The B Team always on guard!
    I am sure that C is the correct answer, but there is a resident cat at 10 Downing St, so maybe that's where you'll find the remains of Larry and Palmerston!

  4. guyz....we iz optin for choize C az in catz rool de B teem total lee rocks !!!
    we iz lovin thiz add venturez N look for werd ta next weekz eppa sode az we
    settle bak with 3 number 5'z ~~~~~~~~ 984 pawz up N we hope it kewlz down over
    yur way ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  5. We vote for C ! 18C is a purrfect temperature, do you have some room for us in your bunker ? Purrs

  6. I vote for C of course. You all are such heroes extinguishing that volcano.

  7. Definitely C!!! And thank you for another puzzle, I am off to do it. XO

  8. That steam cloud sure looked like a mushroom cloud, MOL!! I bet that now you caused some global cooling, which your peeps would be thankfur fur, I do think:)!
    Wow, missing cats?? OMC!!

  9. YIKES! A mouse and rodent crisis takes precedence over Brexit fiasco any day! In fact now I check my diary I should have been there too! Curse this heatwave and that cheap mouse kebab I had for supper last night (nothing to do with the dozen spiced Jamaican nipped rums I had too!) Definitely option D...... Whats that Mrs H? Ah, right that was a bit of rice stuck on the screen. C!
    Toodle pips and purrs


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