Thursday 2 August 2018

**New Post** Smooch Around The Wurld and Today We're Smooching All Offur Tasmania

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Woo Hoo Pawsome Pals

Smooch here, and how are mew doing today?

Great news, aftur all these eons I've finally got my furry own post thanks to mew our pawesome pals and readers who furry kindly came up with this pawesome idea!

So dudes and dudettes we're going to be Smooching All Offur The Planet as we Smooch Around the Wurld ~ how much fun, so much fun!

Oh and because The B Team doesn't use conventional means of travel, I'll be using the TTTB aka the Time Travelling Telephone Box to go on my little jolly's, so thank cod I won't have to use an airport as I don't think I'd get through security with all the extra covert hardware I travel with! MOL

Furst though I have to make a travel check sheet:

Oh and I've already had all my travel vaccinations, as mew neffur know and I always think it's better to have the lot rather than risk getting some foreign lurgy which in turn ruins your jolly's! 

So where are we going today?

Today we're going to magical Tasmania, home to one of the oldest forests in the wurld.

Here I am in the Freycinet National Park [pronounced Fraysh-net] and it's cold because it's mid-winter right now.

Let me show mew my Tasmanian Scrapbook of the pics I took while travelling up the East Coast...

So we finally come to the end of our fleeting Tasmanian Tour, the scenery was breath-taking and it was like stepping back in time 50 years as mew travelled through the countryside, just incredible. Next time I go [not yet] I have plans to travel on the famous railway up the west coast and see the Jurassic forests as I think there still could be some dino's hanging out there! MOL

Thanks so much fur joining me on my furry furst post and I'll be back before mew know it sharing another far-flung destination so hope mew'll join me then!

And if any of mew would like to accompany me on any future excursions which no doubt will be terribly exciting, possibly a little bit dangerous [might be furry dangerous at times] and definitely once in a lifetime oppurrtunity, send an email to:

deardrbasil @ gmail . com

with Smooch Around The Wurld in the subject line and a nice picture of yourself [which we can clip] plus your name, age and a couple of fun facts about mew, and who knows mew could be joining me on the adventure of a lifetime!

Until next time

Keep Calm 


Don't Furget The Camera

Smooch xox

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  1. That was fun! We're always open to smoochies!

  2. Have always wanted to visit Tasmania! Know why?!? Because the old-time Hollywood actor Errol Flynn was born there! Even though he died before I was born, I sorta had a thing for his dashing good looks since I was a kid. Such gorgeous scenery; I'm going to ask Manny and CB if they want to adventure with you too...I'll let you know! They are young and full of energy, you know.

  3. iz thiz !!!! ewe betcha we wood like ta go along
    sum place...but we due knot haz "reel" pazz a portz...if thiz iz knot a
    problem we iz buzzed happee ta tagz a long....course we due knot haz reel
    drivin licentz either but still drive de car :) ♥♥☺☺

  4. That was a very exciting trip to see all of the lovely scenery and those endangered animals. I hope you didn't make them feel more endangered!

  5. What a fun trip, Smooch! Thanks for taking us along. We love Tasmania.

  6. I am glad you got your own post Smooch. That was a great trip. I didn't know Tazmanian devils were endangered. XO

  7. What a wonderful trip ! We enjoyed discovering Tasmania with you ! Purrs

  8. Gotta say I think you have landed yourself the BESTEST adventure yet. What I needs to know is, what was the food like, if you knows what I means MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  9. Smoochie, that was furbulous! Thanks fur sharing the views with us:)


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