Monday 24 April 2023

Brain Training with Cats #68 with your Epic host ~ Professor Basil P.H.D. **PLUS** A Furbulous Throwback To March 2018

Brain Training with Cats ©BionicBasil®

Happy Monday guys

Welcome to another fab Brain Training sesh on the blog today...

And this week I'm sharing a throwback from March 2018, so not that long ago really and this is another of the P.A.'s fav pics of me.

Brain Training with Cats #68 ©BionicBasil® Flashback with Basil to March 2018

She said at the time, I was in such deep thought I had no clue she'd been taking my picture! The P.A. said my fur looked as white as fresh-fallen snow, and my eyes were like pale green amethysts... ahhhh shall we wax lyrical some more?  Nah just kidding, let's get brain training! MOL MOL

It's time to get those little grey cells working.

Here's the answer key to last week's sudoku #35

Are mew ready for this week's puzzle?
Basil's Easy Sudoku Puzzle #36 Brain Training with Cats ©BionicBasil® Downloadable Puzzle Fur Purrsonal Use Only

Just right-click to save the puzzle to your 'puter or print it off.

The answer key will be on next week's post.

Here's this week's wurdsearch.
Brain Training with Professor Basil  #68 Greek Mythology Wurdsearch Gemstones @BionicBasil® Downloadable Puzzle
Just right-click to save the puzzle to your 'puter or print it off.

And here's this week's jigsaw puzzle, featuring yours truly of course! MOL

Brain Training with Cats #68 ©BionicBasil® Puzzle

It took me 6 mins 3 secs...  How did you do?

I hope mew enjoy today's puzzles and we'll be back on Wednesday with some more midweek news, do stop by if mew get chance, until then...

Keep calm


Puzzle On

Epic purrs

Professor Basil 

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  1. That's a terrific photo. Happy Brain day gang!!!

  2. That is a lovely photo. You look like you were very intent on watching birds.

  3. First, you look , well, epic in that photo! My gosh, my pink heart is beating a little faster. Next, I love the brain training and mom said she'll print off a couple to do.

  4. The puzzle took me 10 minutes and 29 seconds. Fun one.

    Love all the brain training. I'm now ready for the week.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to all the kitties and a big hug to mom. ♥

  5. That was a new one. I loved this post for my little grey one.

  6. Celestial Basil, we all wax lyrical about you, and your fellow teammates think of you only with kind, happy thoughts.

  7. OK I think we need to take a nap before we start to work on the puzzles... zzzzzzzz.

  8. I'm wondering how long it will take me to take all these tests! But I suspect Mr. Cat has already completed them! This has been a fun post! Thank you! Cathy

  9. Basil, we figure you were dreaming up today's mind games way back then. You look
    like a professor. Precious

  10. Thanks for sharing your puzzling post at

  11. Great throwback picture of you, Professor Basil!

  12. Very sweet shot of Angel Basil. XO

  13. Took me furever- but twas fun! Thanks!

  14. That is a beautiful photo of you, Basil. We are sure there are many, many more!

    The Chans

  15. Basil, yoor hansumness is Legendary. Remember when yoor Basil clone was at my house and we wrassled? I had so much fun pouncing on yoo, even though Hwermie later told me it wasn't fun for yoo. Sowwy! Love, Dori

  16. I totally agree that's a gorgeous photo and your eyes are indeed particularly captivating!


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