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Easter Eggstravaganza** Crafting With Cats #30 ~ How We Made The Supurr Fluffy Carrot Catnip Kicker Toy

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Supurr Greetings Pawesome Pals

Thanks for joining us for Part 30 of our Crafting with Cats segment, and today we're sharing our eggstra special Easter project. 

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This time we're making the pawesome

The Supurr Fluffy Carrot Catnip Kicker Toys

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® Supurr Furry Carrot Catnip Kicker Toy

What We Used:

Orange Faux Fur

Green Feather Trim

Wadding or Stuffing


Cotton Thread


Sewing Machine and Needle 

Optional Cat ~  Smooch was today's Craft Room Snoopervisor

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® Carrot Catnip Kicker Toy - Snoopervisor Smooch

"What do mew mean I've got catnip on my chin?" Smooch said, then added. "I definitely have NOT been trying the catnip stash!"

Easter Crafting Divider @BionicBasil

Let's Get Started

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® Carrot Catnip Kicker Toy - Steps 1 - 4

We used some of the orange faux fur left over from our pumpkin bed project a few years ago. We bought some green feather trim on a satin ribbon for the leaves.

2. Next we winged it, and just made a long triangular pattern - see dimensions on pic. As we wanted a longer kicker toy, so the first one was just a test, but luckily it worked out purrfect.

3. & 4.  Then we got some of the old faux fur offcuts and cut out our pattern, with a 1cm or 0.5" seam allowance all around.

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® Carrot Catnip Kicker Toy - Steps 5 - 8

5.  We folded it in half with right sides together, or the furry side inside. And pinned in place.

6.  We used a basic straight stitch to sew up the edge, and we did then use a zig-zag stitch to stop the edges fraying.

7. This is what it looked like before the zig-zag stitch.

8. Then we turned it right sides out, or fluffy side up! MOL

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® Carrot Catnip Kicker Toy - Steps 9 - 12

9.  Let's get ready to start stuffing. The wadding we used is from a cushion, and our catnip is homegrown.

10. & 11.  We used a wooden chopstick to push the wadding and catnip down the carrot. And we didn't overstuff so it has movement.

12.  Say hello to the fluffy carrot.

13.  Smooch had to sample the catnip just to make sure it was the supurr extra primo blend. (Mew see, he lied about not having any earlier! MOL)

14.  Then he eagerly awaited the next part. 

15.  We cut the feather ribbon into a 4" or 10 cm length and rolled it up. Apologies for no pics here but the P.A. found it impawsible to take any while trying the hold the carrot and feathers in place and then take a pic. Smooch couldn't believe it, and said, "That's a purretty poor effort, and I think mew need to try harder!"

We won't post the P.A.'s reply! MOL 

Anyhoo, basically while holding the rolled up feathers, mew stuff them into the top of the carrot and hand sew the whole top together, pulling your stitches tight so it gathers everything together leaving a nice domed top with the feathers poking out. 

16. And here's the finished fluffy carrot kicker toy.  

We didn't stop there we made five more! MOL

Crafting with Cats Easter Special ©BionicBasil® Supurr Furry Carrot Catnip Kicker Toys in The Basket

Let's see what The B Teams' reaction was:

or watch on YouTube by clicking here.

As mew can see Fudge thought the carrots were all his, basically because they are ORANGE! MOL

But that aside, and Fudge's little rough and tumble with Melvyn over sharing said carrots - see the video, they were enjoyed by all.

We have also made extra, three went to our epic pal Eric, at Erics Emapwrium, one went to a magnificent black panther who resides a couple of villages away from BBHQ, and another went to Twinkle and Pixie, who live with Nanny and Grampaw, so we have shared the joy of supurr fluffy catnip carrots this Easter.

Easter Crafting Divider @BionicBasil

And that furiends furry sadly brings us to the end of our eighth Crafting with Cats post, we do hope mew liked it and if mew decide to make your furry own fluffy catnip carrots as we'd love to see them.

Feel free to post your pawesome crafty pics on our Facebook page at:

And if there's anything mew'd like us to make, leave a comment and we'll do our best.  

We'll be back tomorrow with our usual selfie selection so do stop by to see what we have in store for mew this week.

Epic crafty purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 

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  1. Those carrots look like they are fun to play with.

  2. Those are very cool!
    Would like to order a Smooch, please.

  3. Oh wow, those look so nip-tastic! Good jon snoopervising, Smooch!

  4. Such amazing fun and impressive too gang. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. Watched the video definitely a winner.x😸😻🐈‍⬛🐾


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