Thursday 18 May 2023

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide ~ So Mew're Thinking of Adopting A Cat?

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Happy Purrsday Fluffies

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The B Team's Quick Cat Guide

As highly experienced cats in the field of training humans, facilitating the best human relationships and how to get the most out of life, we've decided to share a bite-sized series offering completely unsolicited advice to any potential cat pawrent who needs it in our new Quick Cat Guide. 

We offer a highly condensed guide to all things cat, as we know mew're busy and probably have less time than mew'd like in today's hectic world. Plus we are very time sensitive as we have a lot of catnaps and meals to fit into our daily routine, and mew know if we don't get enough naps, we don't have the energy for our main snooze!

So Mew're Thinking of Adopting A Cat?

Hello! We are thrilled that mew're thinking about adopting a cat! Cats are wonderful pets that can bring much joy, love and happiness into your life, just look at us, The B Team! MOL 

Before you head to the animal shelter, let's go over a few things to consider.

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Firstly, are mew ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a cat? Daily care includes feeding, grooming, and playtime, as well as regular vet visits for check-ups and vaccinations. If mew travel frequently, mew'll need to figure out who will care for your cat while mew're away.

Your living situation is also important to consider. If mew you rent, always check with your landlord to see if pets are allowed, as many apartments and rental homes have restrictions on the number and type of pets allowed.The BBHQ Easy Cat Care Guide ©BionicBasil® No Pets Allowed

Your lifestyle is another factor to think about. If mew have a busy work schedule, a cat may be a great choice since they're independent and can entertain themselves. However, if mew have young children or other pets, make sure your new cat will be comfortable around them.

When it comes to choosing a cat, there are several things to think about. 

Do mew want a kitten or an adult cat? 

Do you have a preference for breed or colour? 

Older cats may have a harder time finding homes, so adopting an adult cat could be a great option.

Read our fabulous guest post called:

 The Complete Cat Adoption Checklist

Which shares a wealth of information to assist mew every step of the way through your cat adoption.

And our Top Tip is to always ask to see the longest resident at any shelter which mew may visit, as this cat may be the one for mew, essentially your Soul Cat.

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Before bringing a new cat home, make sure mew're prepared. Stock up on food, litter trays, litter and toys. Set up a special area for your cat's food, water bowls, and litter box. Create a cozy, safe space where your cat can retreat when they need privacy.

Check Out Our Top Tips For Getting Into A Good Routine Early On

Lastly, be patient with your new cat. It may take time for them to adjust to their new home and surroundings. Give them lots of love and attention, and they'll soon become a beloved part of your family and probably your new BFF.

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In conclusion, adopting a cat can be a fantastic experience for everyone involved. Just make sure mew're ready for the responsibility and have considered all the important factors. With a little preparation and patience, mew'll be able to provide a loving and happy home for a furry furiend in need.

We hope mew enjoyed our bite-sized guide to cat adoption, and if mew're looking for further information, check out our Top Tips for Cat Pawrents page, at the top of the blog, or click here.

Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon, until then...

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Wing Commander Basil and The B Team

Disclaimer: We are not vets, animal medical professionals, animal doctors or have any formal qualifications in animal health. If mew are worried or concerned about anything at all, purrlease take your feline furiend to your purrsonal veterinarian or other health care provider and seek expert advice and assistance immediately.

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  1. I want a cat but Mommy says I am barely out of puppyhood and wouldn't take care of it.Drat!

  2. Commander Basil and the B team, you are purrfectly right about pet adoption.
    I came to live with Lynn 10 1/2 years ago, and right away she played fetch with me.
    I liked to chase the bouncy ball, even though I am all CAT, and she would run get
    it fur me to throw again and again and again. She says she would be too old to do
    that now, so it is a good thing I got here from the orphanage when I did, mol.

  3. I hesitate to type this, but we did most everything WRONG when adopting Celestial Chuck and Angel: they were too young, they were not socialized, they were not vetted. Once they were home, we did everything correctly...except having more than one litter pan. Thank goodness I said "NO!" to the vet's suggestion that we do the spay & neuter WITH declaw...GRRRR, I still get angry when I think of that...should have taken the kittens and found another vet that didn't push cat-parents to that horrible surgery.
    My bad, this has turned into a rant, and y'all were just giving good advice!
    Right on, B Team!

  4. Good advice! We could have used this when we first got kitties that's for sure.

  5. Great post. There is a lot to consider when one adopts a pet. XO

  6. Good guidelines for pet adoption!

  7. That was lots of good info gang and we're like you, always ready to adopt a kitty, or two, or three. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. Enjoyed all the hints here. Yu know mom said that al of her boys took care of the cats as she worked a very hard schedule. She was home to sleep only unless there was a day off. So when the boys moved away some long time ago I had sole responsibility and there were things I did not playing enough and things of that type. But I got on board and became all they needed...each of them. .


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