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Claws of Terror is an action-packed and immersive adventure that takes mew on a journey through a world of danger and excitement. With vivid and detailed descriptions of the intense battles and spine-tingling encounters, the story draws mew in, making mew feel as though mew are right there with The B Team, fighting for survival.


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~ Chapter Ten ~

Fluffing Shuffling Hell

          Pandora waved her paw at the door, and the blue warding glow vanished with a definite pop. “We’re good to go!” she said, and swung it open, racing down the corridor towards the stairwell door.

The noise was horrific as the zombie cats were trying to batter their way through the solid steel blockade; they were piled high, clambering and clawing on top of one another, trying to peer through the small sliver of a window.

Luckily, the window was so small that even if the bullet-proof reinforced glass broke, they didn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of fitting through the tiny space.

“Hurry Pandora!” Fudge said urgently, his weapon raised and ready to fire.

Ice and Shadow took up defensive stances too, their blasters whining, signalling they were ready to fire.

Pandora placed the wooden box on the polished concrete floor, flipped the lid open and pulled out several small vials and a hessian bag.

Miss Warts and Mogs edged closer to see what she was using, but Shadow stepped in their way, saying, “Miss Warts and Mogs, I respectfully ask mew to stay behind us just in case we need to open fire.”

They both nodded and moved back. Miss Warts drew her amethyst tipped birch wand from inside her cloak and Mogs, using his elemental magic, pulled his power from the air, and his paws crackled with violet light as little silver starbursts fizzed around him like a gleaming halo.

With all the vials ready to use, Pandora opened the small hessian bag and threw the contents at the door. “Repellarmo expellamento!” she commanded, using her paw to guide the contents. The spelled salt and herb mixture hit the door and then, Pandora used her magic to spread the contents out, covering the entire surface in a red sparkling light.

The zombie cats who’d been in contact with the door in the stairwell were blasted away. Shrieks and howls replaced the bloodthirsty, guttural snarling and feral growling.

Not losing momentum, Pandora opened the corked vials and poured the contents at the base of the door. The sparkling colours from each bottle merged into a rainbow puddle as she said while waving her paws outward and upward. “Diadum Frette Fluidom.” The magical mixture rolled up the door and surrounding wall, covering the red glimmering motes which were still active and sealed the spell in place with. “Resoluto Firme!”  

The rainbow seal pulsed with a life of its own, and Fudge took a step closer to see where the shufflers were through the window.   

“Fluff me, that one just got fried!” he smirked, witnessing the zombie cat who touched the door blasted back down the stairwell. “That’s some good repellant Pandora. Can it be used on us?”

She looked at him. “Huh, now there’s an idea. I bet I can make an anti-shuffler repellent spray!”

“A zombie zapper spray!” Fudge replied with a grin.

They stood there for a couple of minutes, making sure that the ward held and the zombies’ own magic didn’t adapt to compensate.

Miss Warts said. “Lovely job Pandora, and a spell I’ve never seen before.”

Mogs agreed. “Mew must teach us that one. We could definitely use it at Mogwarts.”

Pandora smiled, quickly packing the vials and empty bag back into the box, and said in her odd, little foreign accent. “I’d love to share and trade magical knowledge. We could learn much from each other.”

Ice and Shadow edged back from the stairwell with Fudge. “Time to go,” Fudge said, as he tapped his comms unit and added. “Basil, all ok at the stairwell.”


          The fog was even thicker and swirling like a big, gloopy syrup being stirred in a pan. Funghorn Furkle limped away from the church, muttering (lisping) unmentionables as he slunk into the shadows and headed towards Main Street. His blacker than night robe with its red satin lining smelled like burnt wool on a damp sheep farm, and his rather unpractical footwear made from the skins of fairy newts weren’t designed to repel fire, and the burnt boot was hanging on by a literal thread, well bootlace.  

As the bad tempered necromancer reached Main Street, the last remaining Red Wing Raptors burst out of the fog and surrounded him, teeth bared and snarling wildly.

They closed in and Funghorn lisped, “For pity’s sake, it’s me your master!” Which sounded like – For pithy’s thake, it’ths me your masther!

The Red Wings came to a sudden stop and snorted the air ferociously, taking in the necromancer’s scent. With a plethora of guttural, snorting barks, they backed away and Funghorn commanded. “Go and help Sawragon and LilyDeth. They are trying to break through the force field at BBHQ.”

The pack of raptors ran into the fog and disappeared like wraiths in the night.

Sitting down on the old wooden bench opposite the pub, Funghorn took out his crystal-tipped wand and waved it at his ruined boot. “Reparee!” he decreed, and a bolt of green fire engulfed the boot. He screeched as the magical green light turned pumpkin-orange and the boot burst into flames again.

Kicking it off as fast as possible, he watched as it sailed through the air and exploded in a fog cloud.

“Curses!” he thundered. “I should have remembered that those boots can’t be spelled. When I get back to Gremoria, I’m going to make those Fairy Newts extinct!”

Looking down at his holey, burnt sock, he cursed again under his breath and stood up. His limp, now even more pronounced as his boots had a little heel, he lurched furiously towards BBHQ in the swirling mist.


I had been watching Bomber and Smoke scanning the text on the fifty-inch screen. Melvyn perched on the boardroom table next to them and was trying to read the foreign language, but was failing terribly.

Posie smiled and nudged me. “Young Melvyn is just so cute!”

Humphrey was standing on my other side, and he said. “Basil, your nephew is quite extraordinary, and when this is all over, I can’t wait to teach him a few things.”

“Should I be worried?” I asked with a grin.

“Oh, mew should be very worried,” Humphrey chuckled. “He’ll make Fudge, Smooch and Parsley look like saints in comparison!”

“Fluff help me then!” I laughed.

Bomber turned to me and said, “Commander Basil, there’s a passage here that might be of use.”

Fudge’s voice came through my comms unit and I said. “Fluffing marvellous, head back to the Control Room stat.”

Bomber was pointing at a paragraph of text on the screen which in all honestly looked like Furling-On crossed with Cati-form.

“What does it say?” I asked.

Before Bomber could reply, I heard the Control Room doors swoosh open, instantly followed by the sound of gunfire.

Fudge yelled, “Shufflers in the air vents!” As he fired his AA-12 fully automatic shotgun again, and I will say, thank fluff for drum magazines. The noise was deafening as I yelled. “Stay here with Melvyn!” Then scrambled towards the doors as Shadow and Ice began firing their blasters. The smell of acrid cordite filled the air as I lifted my uzi and slid next to next Fudge and unloaded a full clip as the zombies fell out of the ventilation shaft about twenty feet down the corridor outside my office door.

The air was filled with the fetid stench of death mixed with smoking gunpowder and topped off with the taint of burning electrics from the blasters.

There were so many of them as they fell to the floor, it was like a waterfall of death.

“RETREAT!” I yelled and pulled Fudge back into the Control Room, hitting the button to the close the doors. I tapped on the keypad and activated the internal locks. Shadow and Ice looked around with confusion.

“What’s wrong?” I asked seeing their angst.

“Where’s Pandora?” Ice asked, his face etched with concern.

Fudge looked around, a deep foreboding filling his face. “I thought she ran in before me.”

Shadow spun around, scanning the room. “Miss Warts and Mogs aren’t here either!”

I stared at Fudge and the two Maine Coons. “Where are they?”

Racing into the boardroom, I checked if they were there.

“Humphrey, is Pandora in here?”

He shook his head. “No, I thought she was with Fudge and the others. Why?”

“Amber, Snowie,” I yelled, racing back to the Control Room. “Check all the cameras on Level One.”

Staring at the monitors, I scanned every inch and saw no sign, only dozens of blood thirsty shufflers fighting their way through the corridor towards us.


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Guys, mew know how we roll, so many apologies to cut it right there, but we will say, OH MY COD, it's really getting out of control at BBHQ, can we take the pressure???? MOL 

What the fluff happened to Pandora, Miss Warts and Mogs?


What did Bomber discover in the text?

Seriously guys, this is our most wild adventure yet!

If mew would like to read Chapter 11, let us know in the comments, as OH MY CAT, this is getting more deadly by the second!  Remember, this story is for mew, and mew decide if it continues.

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