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Claws of Terror is an action-packed and immersive adventure that takes mew on a journey through a world of danger and excitement. With vivid and detailed descriptions of the intense battles and spine-tingling encounters, the story draws mew in, making mew feel as though mew are right there with The B Team, fighting for survival.


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Chapter Eleven

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Chapter 12

Things Just Got Fluffing Real

There are some days when I just wished I’d stayed in bed, and right now this was one of them! It’s not that I’m opposed to conflict, if I’m honest, normally I love it, but the circumstances of being ambushed and attacked at my home totally hissed me off in a monumental way.

          The bunker alarm was wailing for the umpteenth time in the last couple of hours. The red lighting was giving me a migraine, and I yelled. “Vera, turn off the alarm and restore normal lighting parameters.”

“Restoring bunker defaults,” Vera answered rather calmly, well for an A.I. calm was her default mode.

“Snowie,” I called through to the Control Room. “What’s happening on the monitors?”

There was a brief pause and then she said. “The T-Rexs are in the garden with six Red Wing Raptors and they’re heading straight for the summer house, and that weird fog seems to getting thicker.”

I glanced at everyone in the boardroom. “Weapons ready dudes!”

Fudge, Parsley, and Smooch headed into the Control Room to get the trolleys laden with ammo and all manner of weapons.

Bomber came and stood next to me and murmured. “You saw didn’t mew?”

I nodded. “I don’t know what mew just read, but I know it’s not good.”

“It said that mew fought well, but ultimately lost,” he sighed heavily.

“Dude, don’t tell me anymore,” I answered. “I don’t need the negativity right now, as we’ve got more than we can cope with."

Humphrey had been listening and said. “Basil, we can do this. I know mew’re worried about us all, but listen to me. I’ve may have an idea.”


        The zombie cats were relentlessly battering the broom cupboard door, causing blue sparks to fly as they bombarded the magical ward. Vera’s voice sounded through the tannoy system. “The Invisi-dome has been breached. I repeat, the Invisi-Dome has been breached.”

“Pandora,” Miss Warts said urgently. “We need to get out of here.”

Mogs added. “I can hear them in the air ducts above. I don’t think we have much time.”

Pandora had been gathering a few supplies in a canvas grab bag. Picking up her wand and giving the room a last glance, she said in her odd little foreign accent. “Let’s go.”

The amethyst circle was glowing deep purple as Pandora summoned her aethereal power and chanted, “Powers of the air, the sky and the stars, transport us three immediately, to the circle by ancient oak tree!”

With a mighty clap of thunder, she firmly grasped Mogs by the paw and Miss Warts by the hand. A bolt of sizzling violet light flashed in the room and they vanished.

Seconds later they materialised in dazzling light show in the stone circle next to the Church. The one that Miss Warts and Mogs had arrived in earlier.

The three of them instantaneously took up defensive stances, scanning the immediate area. The mist was roiling and whipping up against the huge outer stones like waves crashing.

Pandora tapped her comms unit, knowing that it would work now they were out of the broom cupboard. “Basil, are mew on channel?”

There was a brief pause. “Pandora, where the fluff are mew?”

“We’re at the stone circle next to the church,” she explained, and added. “The shufflers were trying to get into the broom cupboard, so we had no choice but to teleport out of there.”

“Stay where mew are. I’ll get Humphrey to send a couple of the drones to watch your six.”

“Drones are on the way,” Humphrey’s voice sounded through the comms unit.

“Stay there, we’ll come and pick mew up!” Basil added quickly. “Stay safe, over and out.”

Pandora looked a little confused. Miss Warts and Mogs both asked. “What’s happening at the bunker?”

“Basil says he’s coming to pick us up,” she answered. “But I don’t see how that is possible if those T-Rexs and raptors are in the garden. They’re pretty much trapped, and I can’t leave them there."

Mogs put a paw on Pandora’s arm. “Let’s give them a few minutes. Commander Basil may have a plan, and if we go rushing off, and they come here and we’re not here… mew get the picture.”

Miss Warts nodded. “Yes, let’s give him ten minutes. If he doesn’t arrive, then we’ll go, OK?”

Pandora thought about it for a moment and then agreed. “Yes, I know mew’re right, it’s just I can’t stand to think that I’m not there helping.”

A drone flew low over the stone circle and Snowie’s voice sounded through Pandora’s comms unit. “Pandora, Red Wing Raptors are headed your way from Main Street!”


          Smooch and Parsley wheeled in the first overloaded trolley, followed by Fudge pushing the second.

“What’s the plan Basil?” Fudge asked.

“Snowie, Amber, come in here,” I called through to the Control Room.

Once everyone was assembled, I was just about to speak when Pandora’s voice came through loud and clear in my headset. Listening to her voice filled me with relief. As she said the word “teleport,” an idea unfolded in my mind, resembling the reverse engineering of an origami swan.

Snowie was holding her iPaw tablet with all the monitor feeds on which she was watching carefully. Amber was carrying a basket and I could see several books sitting beneath an Uzi with several spare clips, and I smiled to myself. Amber couldn't go anywhere without her books.

I looked at my team, plus The M-Unit and young Melvyn, they were all waiting for me to speak. I tapped a hidden button on the wall panel and it slid open.

“This is our way out,” I said.

“Huh, that’s really sneaky,” Smooch grinned. “We didn’t know about that, did we guys?” He looked at Parsley and Fudge, who were both quite shocked at the revelation of a secret passage.

“And we thought we knew every escape route in the bunker!” Fudge laughed.

“Not this one,” I replied. “Deezul was under strict orders to keep it quiet.”

“Where does it go?” Amber asked.

“To the one place where we can lead this nightmare horde away from BBHQ.”

Snowie urgently tapped her comms unit. “Pandora, Red Wing Raptors are headed your way from Main Street!”

“We’d better make haste then,” I said. “Everyone in the tunnel, quick sharp.”

As they headed into the dark passageway, overhead lighting snapped on immediately.

I ushered them all ahead of me and once they were all inside; I said. “Vera implement Code 792-Delta-Echo-9.”

“Affirmative Commander Basil," the bunker A.I. responded. “Code 792-Delta-Echo-9 will be implemented as soon as you’re clear of BBHQ.”

Humphrey was waiting just inside the passage as I entered and closed the secret panel behind me. I tapped on a keypad set into the wall and a steel blast door slammed down from the ceiling.

“Basil, are mew sure mew want to implement Code 792-Delta-Echo-9 with Vera?” he asked hesitantly. “Mew know we’ve never run that code before, only computer simulations, and who knows what might happen.”

I paused for a second. “What choice do we have?”

Smooch was the first to reach the end of the corridor and he found a large steel door, tapping the bunker’s general door code into the keypad. To his amazement, the hatch swung open. “I’m surprised Basil used the same code for this door.”

“Yeah, me too,” Parsley agreed.

They entered the fusty smelling, concrete room and were horrified to discover that it was completely empty. I was last through the door and rapidly secured it.

The B Team looked rather unnerved to be locked in a sealed room. “What the fluff is this?” Fudge grunted as his trolley came to a stop. The M-Unit looked a little bewildered too, and Melvyn, who was sitting on Smokes’ shoulder, began to cry.

Seeing everyone’s apprehension and unease, I blurted out. “Guys, don’t panic. Just stand by the walls and all will be revealed.”

As soon as the floor space in the centre of the room was clear, using a remote fob I’d fished out of my tactical vest. I pushed the button and a second later, a motor started. Gears noisily clanked and ground, clearly unused for a while, as a heavy-duty platform started descending from the ceiling. An area in the middle of the floor dropped downward several feet, and the large slab of concrete slid into the wall of the newly revealed shaft.


          Miss Warts had her wand primed and was ready to go. Mogs was drawing his power and his silver spotted fur turned the blackest of blacks and he seemed to melt into the darkness. His emerald green eyes flashed with sparks of gold, the same as his mistress’s as they harnessed power ready to attack.

Pandora hissed. “They’re almost here!”

“I can hear them,” Mogs breathed. As the sound of racing claws through long damp grass got closer and closer.

Miss Warts’ crystal tipped wand glowed like liquid gold and small green starbursts of radiant power erupted from the tip.

Pulling her magical powers from the surrounding elements, Pandora in that moment wondered if she could harness the mist, and began to reel the dense swirling fog towards her. It spiralled and spun faster and faster.

It twisted and became thicker and thicker until it was just like white candy floss.

She used her power to manipulate the white frothy mass just as the first Red Wing Raptor launched into the stone circle, its jaws snapping as it made the most terrifying sound. 


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Guys, mew know how we roll, so many apologies to cut it right there, but we will say, OH MY COD, it's really getting out of control at BBHQ, can we take the pressure???? MOL 


What the fluff is happening in that sealed concrete room?

Where are the T-Rexs and the looney necromancer?

How the fluff are Pandora, Miss Warts and Mogs going to stop a murderous horde of Red Wing Raptors?

And what the fluff does Code 792-Delta-Echo-9 do?

If mew would like to read Chapter 13, let us know in the comments, as OH MY CAT, this is getting wilder by the second!  Remember, this story is for mew, and mew decide if it continues.

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