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Wordy on Wednesday with Biblio-Kitty Amber #31 featuring The Chocolate Cat Caper (Chocoholic Mysteries)

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Hey guys, how's your week been so far?

I've been buying book aftur book, I added 10 to my library in just the last week, I've listened to 5 so far.  There's no stopping me now, I'm on a roll! MOL

But this is my new dilemma...

So I've gone from zero to light-speed in the book buying department in the last couple of weeks and to be honest I feel exhausted.  This is my 'think-tank' basket at the top of the stairs where I go to mull things offur, take five, and stare at the paintings on the wall, in fact it's like my furry own mini gallery.

So while I do a spot of daydreaming and napping, art gazing and then some more daydreaming, I think it's time to show mew this weeks book.

This week on book reviews with Amber, I'm sharing

The Chocolate Cat Caper 

(Chocoholic Mysteries)


JoAnna Carl

Here's a little snippet of the book blurb:

After giving up her career as a Texas trophy wife, 28-year-old Lee McKinney finds herself in a Michigan resort town, keeping the books for her Aunt Nettie's luxury chocolate business. But she soon finds that her new life isn't all truffles and bonbons...

*    *    *

Ok, this book was furst published in 2002 and is part of a series, with this novel being No: 2.  The reason I didn't start on numero uno is because this is the only book in this cozy mystery series with a cat, that I can see.  And as it was published a while ago I'm sure many of mew will have read it already.

What I thought... it was actually a really mellow vibe when listening to it, furry unhurried and quite laid-back, which given my current state of uber busyness was pawesome.  The story is centered around chocolate and a chocolate shop, which the P.A. said made her want to eat chocolate aftur listening to all the yummy descriptions throughout the story.  So if mew're on a diet stay away from this, as it will be akin to chocolate torture.

Ofurall without spoilerizing anything fur mew, as mew know how much I hate that, this was a fun cozy mystery and I would most certainly recommend it .  My only gripe is there's no more books in the series with cats, so fur me it was a standalone volume, and mew know how much a like a saga long series! MOL

Paperback copy:  240 pages

Audio Edition: 8 hours 53 mins

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The Chocolate Cat Caper 





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I hope mew enjoy this book if mew do take the plunge and buy it... and if mew've read it already, tell me what did mew think?

Sadly it's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and we'll be here again with a surprise fur mew on Friday.

Happy reading or listening

Bestest biblio purrs

Amber xox

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  1. The Chocolate Cat Caper sounds fantastic...just from the blurb. It must be about a Chocolate Point Meezer. It's gotta be an awesome story. I'm glad you told me the other books in the series don't have cats. We don't want them if no cats are involved.

    Thanks for the info Amber.

    Shoko and Kali

    1. Hi Shoko and Kali, I think it is and yes I'm sure mew'll love it! purrs Amber xox

  2. amber....look at ewe N yur gorgeouz self in ree poze :) thatz fancee trout talk for chillaxin ☺☺☺ ~~~~~~~~ thanx for thiz ree veew; de book soundz grate but yea what a bummer therz noe mor catz :(

    whitefish wednesday two all ~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. Hiya Tabbies & Miss Dai$y, so glad mew liked my pictures! MOL Yes was disappointing about no more cats! purrs Amber xox

  3. Sounds innerestin' Amber. Mommy likes chocolate fur sure. Glad you enjoyed your book. And dat looks like a great basket fur loungin'. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Hi Dezi & Raena, oh the P.A. loves chocolate too! purrs Amber xox

  4. Oooh definitely like the sound of this one, but I suspect it won' do peeps diet any good at all. MOL

    1. Hey Erin, don't let the peep read it then because we had to stop the P.A. scoffing a whole box of Thortons! MOL MOL purrs Amber xox

  5. You almost look like you're pouting there in your basket, Amber. At first, I thought you were having problems getting books ... but I'm glad that's not the case, beautiful girl :)

    1. Hi Momma Kat & Bear, yep I went from zero credits to oodles of credits and kinda went a bit crazy! MOL purr Amber xox

  6. Now who would give up their life as a trophy wife?? ;)

  7. I love these photos of you Amber, you are so adorable. I just gave up chocolate for Lent so I need to hold off on reading this one for 6 weeks.

    1. Hey guys, oh no chocolate fur 6 weeks, then definitely do not go near this book then, wait till aftur! MOL purrs Amber xox

  8. Chocolate and cats? Sounds like a winner to us, Amber!

  9. Queen Amber! It's happened, Merlin's ...ahem, Mum, has just started reading the title of the book and already complained she wants chocolate! Ah you can't help some people. Stay furry cool <3 xx

  10. The peep has read some of those chocolate books and LOVED 'em! I wonder if she has read 'em all... PURRS.

    1. Hey Seville, oh wow that's amazing, I really enjoyed this one! XOX

  11. I think that's a good dilemma to have! The Chocolate Cat Caper sounds like a good book!

  12. Hmmm, we live in Michigan and have not heard of this book... And you know Pipo kind of looks like that cover kitty:) And Oooh, chocolate??? Maybe petcretary had best *not* read this, else she will fall into the chocolate trap!


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