Thursday 26 October 2017

Time To Give Those Little Grey Cells A workout on Brain Training with Professor Basil P.H.D. #24 Halloween Style ~ MUWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

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Puzzling greetings my wunderpurr pals

Welcome to another fabulous Thursday on the blog and today it's all things spooky.... muwahahahahahaaa

And as an extra surprise... have not only do we have a crosswurd but a wurdsearch too! MOL

If mew feel the need to catch up on any of the previous puzzles, here's the links:

It's time to get those little grey cells wurking...

[just right click to save the crosswurd to your 'puter or print it off.] 

I'll publish the answers fur mew on next weeks post!

[just right click to save the wurdsearch to your 'puter or print it off.] 

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Until tomorrow...

Keep Calm


Puzzle On

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. Thank you for these Halloween puzzlers, Professor Basil! Time for us to get thinking!

    1. Hiya Gracie, oh mew're furry welcome, I hope mew enjoy them! XOX

  2. They look like fun, I'll have to save them and work on them.

  3. Prof. Basil, you always have such fun activities on your bloggie! I shall put my human to the task of working on your puzzles, 'cause I think her brain cells need to be challenged a bit. Tee hee hee.

  4. Oops, I'd better get another cup of green tea, to get my brain in gear for your puzzles! Thank you!

    1. Hi Eastside Cats, oh green tea is pawesome fur the little grey cells! XOX

  5. EXCELLENT fun, I shall print them off and add to my crossword and Sudoku challenge for the day.... after my nap of course !
    Toodle pip and purrs

    1. Oh Erin, that soduko is beyond us, we'll take the nap instead! XOX

  6. Thank you! I love Halloween, these will be fun. XO


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