Friday 6 August 2021

Welcome To Friday Fluffers ~ Showcasing The Latest Batch of Photo Bloopers From The BBHQ Archives Starring Parsley Panfur and Mission Impossible ~ PLUS Friendly Fill-Ins

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Friday Fluffers withThe B Team ©BionicBasil®

Happy Friyay Fab Pals

Welcome to our Friday Fluffers post where we showcase a selection of photo bloopers or photo fails from BBHQ, the photos that we thought would neffur see the light of day, buried deep, deep, deep in the archives on level 12 of our secret bunker, with no chance of effur being seen on the interwebs fur the wurld to see... UNTIL NOW!

Are mew ready fur some fun outtakes from The B Team? Of course, mew are!

And today, Parsley Panfur is sharing his utter frustration as an Elite Purrsonal Trainer.
black cat in  a gym, black cat, step aerobics, cat

Trying to teach the P.A. how to do Step Aerobics = #Missionimpossible! MOL

This week we're also joining in Friday Fill-ins with the fabulous 15 & Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.

1. I am contemplating _________.

2. My _________ are _________.

3. I can _________ in record time.

4. I miss the days when _________.

The P.A.'s answers are...

1. I am/have been contemplating for quite some time the many facets of life which have evolved over the last 10+ years since the inception of smartphones, and my conclusion is; smartphones are the invention of the devil designed to take our awareness away from the present moment, to keep our attention diverted away from the things that truly matter. These tiny devices are stealing our time, literally sucking the life energy from us as we are bombarded with meaningless drivel while a lot of the population are all screaming 'LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!' 'I'M HERE! I'M HERE! I'M HERE!' 'LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT THIS!'

. How did the human race become so caught up in this deceptive non-reality time trap. I think mobile phones are a brilliant device, but the way they have evolved appears to have created so much misery and sadness for so many. I say let's get the old Nokia phone out of the drawer, and stuff the smartphones.

2. My cats are fluffing epically epic, well they are The B Team after all! LOL

3. I can clean up all the cat things in record time. Bowl washing and litter tray cleaning for six cats is a breeze with my system.

4. I miss the days when things were easy, simple and we weren't shrouded in an all-encompassing electromagnetic smog, thank cod for my crystal room where I can go and get away from modern life and just simply be.

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We do hope mew enjoyed today's fluffers and we'll be back next Friyay with more funny photos.

Join us again on Sunday when we're here with our usual selfie selection, in the meantime...

Keep calm, and purr on

Supurr purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. Keep having fun Parsley! Those were all good answers too!

  2. Good job Parsley! We totally agree with your fill-ins!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. So cute. I remember I had a kitty that wouldn't let me workout either. You made me chuckle.

    My smartphone doesn't suck up my time. I turn it on sometime in the morning, if I remember and depend on it when I am out and about. The thinks that sucked the life out of me was Social Media. I dumped all that. You're right though, many are controlled by their phones. The look at me or here's my opinion on something and you should heed it is over the top.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  4. dood....grate job helpin de PA lurn her stair stepper :)...haz she figured it out yet !!!!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    and tell her... her answerz bee spot on; heer in trout towne we haz NOE tee vee hooked
    up, a land line still :) and de pad and fone.... "sleep" a lot !!! ;) ♥♥☺☺

  5. Great try Parsley yes the parents are as fumble footed as humans have always been. Good luck
    Your Fill Ins are spot on. I do not live on my phone and other than a few texts that is it. Every now and again I do watch fun clips of cats on the puter but dont live there. Once every couple of weeks for an hour or two is my limit. I think the younger generation are truncated in their learning and ability to have the ability to think in any complexity past anything other than a sound byte. It is sad when I see our country and when you say the same across the pond I worry our once great countries and on a steep and slippery slope to some dark place.
    Enough of that Yay for the B team!

  6. Oooops...I think I may have accidentally hit the send button when I wasn't done commenting! Yikes. Not enough coffee for me today! So...part 2...regarding your answers...yes! yes! yes! Everyone has their nose in their smart phones nowadays that all the "smarts" have seemed to disappear! And talk about not noticing their surroundings. People are missing so much by looking down all the time. Such precious moments missed because they need yet another selfie. SMH. Thanks for joining in our blog hop today! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I used to have a terrific routine for scooping litter boxes...until The PO'M joined the crew! Now, I need to break it up for the upstairs cats, and Da Boyz downstairs.
    Haven't yet found the rhythm, but I will.

  8. Parsley, you may need to choose a different career. :) Thank you to the PA for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I am so with you on #1 , it is sad to see everyone glued to their phones instead of being part of the actual world. Have a wonderful weekend. XO

  9. Ahahaha that was funny, Parsley! Good answers, the devices just have too many bells and whistles these days!

  10. I agree wholeheartedly with you on #1 and #4...I still do not have a smart phone...LOL! I have what I call a 'Hello-goodbye' phone, and it sure is a dinosaur, but it works so that's all I need...but at the end of the year it won't work anymore as the tech-heads are switching their service to more advanced devices only...which mine is not. It already does not work in Canada, but its not an issue for me cause I can't travel there anyways...Hahaha! (Sigh...)

    Parsely; Maybe instead of coaching, maybe he wants to exercise!

  11. These are great fluffers. I completely agree about smart phones, and since the pandemic you have to have an app for so many extra things or you are left behind not being able to do what you want to do.


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