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The B Team's Quick Cat Guide ~ How Do Cats Recognise and Remember Their Owners?

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The B Team's Quick Cat Guide 

As highly experienced cats in the field of training humans, facilitating the best human relationships and how to get the most out of life, we've decided to share a bite-sized series offering completely unsolicited advice to any potential cat pawrent/guardian/staff who needs it in our new Quick Cat Guide. 

We offer a highly condensed guide to all things cat, as we know mew're busy and probably have less time than mew'd like in today's hectic world. Plus we are very time sensitive as we have a lot of catnaps and meals to fit into our daily routine, and mew know if we don't get enough naps, we don't have the energy for our main snooze!

Today's Quick Cat Guide is All About:

How Do Cats Recognise and Remember Their Owners?  

Do mew ever wonder how your furry feline friend recognises mew? As a cat lover, I'm sure mew've noticed that cats are more than just adorable pets. They are highly intelligent and social animals. So, let's dive into the fascinating ways that cats recognise and remember their owners with these informative points: 

Scents: Cats have an incredible sense of smell and use it to identify familiar people and objects. Your cat can identify mew by your unique scent, which is a combination of your body odour, clothing, and any other scents mew carry with mew. Over time, your cat will become familiar with your scent and be able to recognise mew from a distance. 

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Voice: Cats are very attuned to the sounds around them, and they can recognise the voices of their owners. When mew talk to your cat, your voice becomes familiar to them, and they will remember it. This is why cats will often come running when they hear their owner's voice, even if they are in another room. 

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Positive association: Cats are creatures of habit and love routine. If mew have a regular routine with your cat, such as feeding them at the same time every day or playing with them in a specific way, your cat will remember this routine and associate it with mew. This positive association will help your cat remember mew and form a strong bond with mew. 

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Body language: Cats are also very observant of their owner's body language. They can recognise your movements and posture, which helps them identify mew. For example, if mew always crouch down to pet your cat, they will recognise this movement and associate it with mew. 

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(That's how we see the P.A. stumbling about BBHQ! MOL)

Treats and rewards: Cats also remember their owners through rewards and treats. If mew always give your cat treats or rewards for good behaviour, they will associate this positive experience with mew and remember mew. 

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Visual cues: Finally, cats can recognise their owners by sight. If mew have a unique style or feature, such as a distinct hairstyle or glasses, your cat will recognise these visual cues and associate them with mew.

(This is what we say to the P.A. every morning - her hair is like Cousin It! MOL)

In summary, we cats are intelligent and social animals who form strong bonds with our owners. We use a combination of scents, voice, positive association, body language, treats, rewards, and visual cues to recognise and remember our owners. So, the next time mew interact with your furry friend, remember that they are more than just a pet, they are a smart and loyal companion who loves and remembers mew.

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We hope mew enjoyed our bite-sized guide on how your cat recognises and remembers mew, and if mew're looking for further information on all things feline, check out our Top Tips for Cat Pawrents page, at the top of the blog, or click here.

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Disclaimer: We are not vets, animal medical professionals, animal doctors or have any formal qualifications in animal health. If mew are worried or concerned about anything at all, purrlease take your feline furiend to your purrsonal veterinarian or other health care provider and seek expert advice and assistance immediately.

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  1. The Hubby claims that all of the neighborhood cats know when I'm coming, because they recognize my footsteps.

  2. Excellent information! I had a roomie who didn't like cats much and she was the same size as me. They'd sometimes mistake her for me, for a moment, but her voice and mannerism told them all they needed to know and they'd leave her alone.

    Feel free to link it up to Feline Friday if you want, you don't have to put the logo. Any kind of kitty post is okay!

  3. I'm always really amazed at how well our cats know is and remember us. Like after a long hospital stay, Frankie upon first returning, Franklin jumps up and comes bounding for my lap.

  4. Great post. Have a nice weekend. Tell Amber I already miss her reviews. XO

  5. I use smell and sound. I save sight fro the important things.

  6. Such a fun post and pretty darn accurate too!


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