Tuesday 4 July 2023

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY** Melvyn's Epic 6th Birthday Rave and Giveaway!


Welcome to the pawty fluffy furiends!

Happy Birthday Melvyn ©BionicBasil®

Grab a pawty hat pawesome pals, we've already got ours! 

Basil's Birthday Pawty Hats ©BionicBasil®www.bionicbasil.com

Get some cake!

Melvyn's 6th Birthday Pawty ©BionicBasil® Birthday Cake


Melvyn's 6th Birthday Pawty Official Pawtrait  ©BionicBasil®

The Nip Bar is OPEN!

Have a tipple!

Birthday Pawty Balloons ©BionicBasil®

Help yourselves to nibbles!

Melvyn's Pawty Food BionicBasil®

Melvyn's Pawty Food BionicBasil®

MMMMM Yummy... seafood and eat it! MOL
Birthday Pawty Balloons ©BionicBasil®
Get some pudding!

Melvyn's Pawty Food BionicBasil®

Melvyn's Pawty Food BionicBasil®

Birthday Pawty Balloons ©BionicBasil®WELCOME TO THE BBHQ NIGHTCLUB

 The Nip Nirvana Lounge


Melvyn's Birthday Rave  ©BionicBasil® The Nip Nirvirna Lounge


Greetings and a supurr furry welcome to the Nip Nirvana Lounge, our exclusive nightclub located on Level 11 of the Bunker. We are elated to have mew join us for Melvyn's 6th birthday rave, which promises to be the most extraordinary cat rave yet.

Tonight's exceptional playlist has been curated by Parsley and Pandora, featuring the best dance tracks from the 90s and early 00s. Additionally, if mew feel the need to snack, Humphrey's AI Replicator machine can prepare any dish of your choice. Simply place an order on the screen at the bar, and the kitty-droids will serve it to mew in a jiffy.

We'd like to inform mew that Amber is not permitted to serve at the bar on this occasion or ever again. However, Snowie and Posie are available to mix your favourite drinks, and they purromise not to sample said drinks, before giving them to mew! MOL (See Amber's shocking admission here).

If mew're in the mood for some nip, we've got all varieties available, including our latest homegrown release, the Strawberry Starfish Mix. But beware of dancing too fast, like Basil did, and ending up in a pile of cushions!  

And speaking of cushions, as mew move towards the dance floor, mew'll notice the hubbly-bubbly pipes set up in the corner. We've also arranged ample supurr plush, velvet floor cushions so mew can relax and enjoy the mewsic. Fudge is headed there now to try some of Fuzzy Heathen pawty mix catnip, guaranteed to ruffle your fur in all kinds of ways mew didn't know was pawsible! MOL

Also, Smooch is in charge of the Kitty Karaoke, so if mew want to blast out a tune or tune just tell him, and he'll make all your wishes come true.

In case mew need to use the litter cubicles, they can be found in the entrance foyer. Please note that the girls' cubicles are on the left, and the boys' cubicles are on the right.

We urge mew to have an epically epic time, but please don't wander off too far. We wouldn't want anyone getting lost in the Bunker. If mew require assistance with anything, please don't hesitate to let us know. So, who's ready for a nip cocktail? MOL



The giveaway is open wurld-wide** as usual, and all mew have to do is leave a comment below OR on Melvyn's Birthday Instagram post. We'll do the draw for the winner next Tuesday at 5pm, so mew have until then to enter, and we'll post the winner on the next Midweek News post we share. So remember to come back!

And what's the prize, we hear mew ask?

Well, as all our pawesome regulars know, our giveaways are epically epic, and we like to surprise mew with a little goodie bag with delightful things for mew and your hooman.

We have one goodie bag to give-away

[**Unless mew're in one of those countries that aren't allowed to join in. Mew know who mew are.]


Prizes are as stated, and no substitutes or cash prizes will be substituted.  The rules are clear, so purrlease abide by them. Failure to respond within
14 days of notification will result in your prize being offered to someone else.

We do hope mew all have an EPIC time at the rave, and if mew need to chill, we have allocated the Crystal Room as the zen zone which is now located next to the nightclub; just head back out into the corridor, take a left and it's the next door along, so mew can have a snooze, take five or just crash completely.

Thanks for coming, mew know how much we love to pawty with all our supurr besties!

Melvyn xx

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  1. Happiest Birthday sweet Melvyn, we're so glad to be here for your party!

  2. Happy Birthday, Melvyn!
    Great par-tay...Sweetie is already headed to the hubbly-bubbly pipes.

  3. Happy birthday, Melvyn! Another great rave up.

  4. dood…a most epic lee sooper grate total lee kewl day two ewe N heerz two nother 60. cauz trubullz haz fun, a yeer a head filled with happeez N healtheez eat much perch pizza pie and happee day 🎂🐟🍀💚

  5. happy birthday Melvyn. you are so furry young as I am going to be 12 this fall. I am having
    a delightful feast at your pawty and Lynn will have to carry me home and put me to bed soon.
    I am sorry I am not allowed to receive lovely gifts from lovely kitties. So pass on my paw print and bring it on fur another sweet kitty. Thanks for the invite and the nippy. Precious

  6. You throw the best birthday parties ever. Wow.

    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Melvyn,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the kitties and a hug to mom. ♥

  7. You always have the best parties. Amber is very reserved and would never be a problem so let her serve if she wants. Happy Birthday Melvyn!! XO

  8. Happy Birthday, Melvyn! What a party this is! XO

  9. Happy Birthday, Melvyn! This is a fun pawty!

  10. Happy Birthday to YOU, Melvyn!! You're six?? Wow the tiime sure does fly by!

  11. MELVIN! Happy Birthday! I was hiding under the bed all day the 4th, but I'm out, and I'm loud and proud in wishing you had the happiest of birthdays. I am in your kitchen scouring for leftovers.

  12. pee ess...mine is in December.

  13. Happy Birthday Melvyn, what a Purrsday Bash you hosted ... sorry to be a bit late, I had to wait until all the "noisy holiday boomers" were over and done with before venturing out of my hidey spot in the closet. Thank you for the yummy sushi and mine Mommy stole some chocolate ... I swatted her paws real good so she wouldn't take too many pieces, being the chocoholic that she is. I even found a handsome mancat who twirled me around the dance floor a few times ... wonder if he'll come across the pond to visit me??? Thanks for the invite, it was pawsome. Here's to the next one! Your furriend, JUNE

  14. Happy Birthday, Melvyn! Party hearty!

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