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The B Team's Quick Cat Guide ~ How To Tell if Your Cat Loves You

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil® July 2023

Happy Purrsday Fluffies

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As highly experienced cats in the field of training humans, facilitating the best human relationships and how to get the most out of life, we've decided to share a bite-sized series offering completely unsolicited advice to any potential cat pawrent/guardian/staff who needs it in our new Quick Cat Guide. 

We offer a highly condensed guide to all things cat, as we know mew're busy and probably have less time than mew'd like in today's hectic world. Plus we are very time sensitive as we have a lot of catnaps and meals to fit into our daily routine, and mew know if we don't get enough naps, we don't have the energy for our main snooze!

Today's Quick Cat Guide is All About:

How To Tell if Your Cat Loves You 

Do mew ever wonder if your feline pal loves mew as much as mew love them? It can be tough to tell with cats being so independent and all. But fear not, there are some signs that your cat may be showing mew love and affection. Check out these ways to tell if your cat loves mew:

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil®How To Tell if You Cat Loves You

 Purring: If your cat is purring when they're around mew or being petted, it's a great sign that they're happy and feel safe with mew. It's like having a little motor running next to mew, grumbling away with much content and happiness.

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil®How To Tell if You Cat Loves You 

Head-butting: When your cat rubs their head against mew, it's called bunting, and it's a way for them to show affection and claim mew as their own. Parsley does this all the time, and Melvyn is catching up with him. Although Melvyn likes to bump his nose and give kisses too.

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil®How To Tell if You Cat Loves You

Kneading: If your cat is kneading on mew, making biscuits, or doing little paw press-ups, it means they feel comfortable and safe around mew. It's a throwback to when they were kittens nursing with their mother. Check out Parsley making biscuits below.

Licking: Cats groom each other as a bonding experience, so if your cat is licking mew, it means they trust and love mew. Smooch likes to do this a lot, and he grasps Cat Dad's arm between his paws and gives it a darn good licking.

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil®How To Tell if You Cat Loves You b

Slow blinking/winking: When your cat gives you a slow blink, it's a sign of trust and affection. They feel relaxed and safe around mew. They can also wink at mew, either eye, and it means the same. The B Team do a lot of winking! MOL 

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil®How To Tell if You Cat Loves You

Bringing mew gifts: If your kitty brings mew a gift, like a mouse or bird, it means they see mew as part of their furmily and want to take care of mew. Ahhh, the P.A. says, if only in real life they brought a gift-wrapped box of chocolates, and not dead creatures! At BBHQ there have been many, many gifts including a mole on the sitting room rug, half a pigeon in the downstairs bathroom and a hare by the back door.

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil®How To Tell if You Cat Loves You

Following mew around, and watching mew: Cats are curious creatures, and if they're following mew from room to room, it means they enjoy your company and want to be near mew. Plus they may stalk mew, watching what mew're doing and then join mew.

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil®How To Tell if You Cat Loves You

Being with you while mew work, read, watch tv etc...: Whether they sit on your knee, next to mew, or on your desk, they feel safe and want to spend their time with mew, and are curious about what mew're doing. Some cats may just snooze, and others may want to participate in some way, yes we've all walked across the keyboard at a crucial point while the P.A. was typing, Fudge is really great at sitting on it! MOL The P.A. actually had an in-tray on her desk just for me, with my name on it.

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil®How To Tell if You Cat Loves You

Scenting mew: When your cat rubs his/her face on mew, they are essentially marking mew as theirs by rubbing their unique scent onto your clothing, skin or whatever, and mew now belong to them. 

The B Team's Quick Cat Guide  ©BionicBasil®How To Tell if You Cat Loves You

Remember, each cat has their own unique personality and way of showing affection. So even if your cat doesn't display these behaviours exactly, they still might love mew in their own way. Keep an eye on their body language and behaviour to better understand your furry friend and build a strong bond with them.

Cats may not be as in-your-face as dogs when it comes to showing affection, but they definitely have their own special ways of expressing their love. By paying attention to the signs and cues, mew can better understand your cat and build a deeper connection with them. 

Happy cat pawrenting!

We hope mew enjoyed our bite-sized guide on How To Tell if Your Cat Loves You and if mew're looking for further information on all things feline, check out our Top Tips for Cat Pawrents page, at the top of the blog, or click here.

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Disclaimer: We are not vets, animal medical professionals, animal doctors or have any formal qualifications in animal health. If mew are worried or concerned about anything at all, purrlease take your feline furiend to your purrsonal veterinarian or other health care provider and seek expert advice and assistance immediately.

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  1. Lynn gets full benefit of my luv fur her. She gits to brush me while I purr the
    cat song of luv. Then I grace her old tired legs with 3 solid hours of leg time. Too
    bad her bladder does not hold out as long as mine, mol.

  2. Lovely post; we know our cats love us, but this info just makes us understand it a little more.

  3. I love all the ways Katie shows her love for me. She is very very bonded to me...and I am to her. :-)

  4. Definitely a great guide, B Team!

  5. Those are all so true and they all happen here too!

  6. My boys used to do all those things. When Flynn was exceptionally happy e.g. walking around the fields with me he would poof up just the base of his tail like a flower. Eric was the biscuit maker. Flynn tried but never really got the hang of it. I miss those boys!!


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