Friday 24 November 2023

**FELINE FICTION FIX** Book Reviews with Amber at The Mewton-Clawson Library #258 featuring **Purrs and Peril** by Jinty James **PLUS** Friendly Fill-Ins & Photo Fails Blog Hop

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Hello meautiful library guests 


Welcome to the Mewton-Clawson Library at BBHQ 

Thank mew for joining me in the stacks today, and this week I've been keeping a rather low profile, as on Wednesday on the Midweek News there were aspersions cast upon my pristine character.

Apparently, a ginger and white cat, who looks like me and also has a library like me, got their mittens on one of Parlsey's credit cards and purrchased 32 books! I mean, wow, who would do such a sneaky thing?

My only conclusions are that a. I've been illegally cloned, or b. Somepawdy is masquerading as yours truly! 

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As the only nefarious activity I've engaged in all week is having a really great time with my catnip teabag! MOL

Anyhoo let's look at this week's top book pick.

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Today the P.A. is also joining in Friday Fill-ins Blog Hop with the pawesome 15 & Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.
1. I _______________________________________ on Black Friday.

2. Our Christmas Tree goes up on ________________________________ and down on _______________________________.

3. It’s important to _________ this time of year.

4. _________ helps me get in the festive spirit.

The P.A.'s answers are...

1. I go to work on Black Friday.

2. Our Christmas Tree goes up around the 21st of December, and down on the 6th of January.

3. It’s important to stay warm this time of year. It's freezing right now at BBHQ, there's a north wind blowing.

4. _________ helps me get in the festive spirit. I'm not really a super festive person, I never have been! LOL

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Today, as it's the last Friyay of the month, we're also joining in the furrbulous...

So do drop by the marvellous Mudpie's blog at to join in.

This month's photo fail comes courtesy of Fudge all the way from September 2022.

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Obviously, the camera shutter speed was woefully inadequate for this photo! MOL

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This week's top book pick is...

Amber's Book Reviews #258 ©BionicBasil® Purrs and Peril By Jinty James
Mewton-Clawson Library Copy

Purrs and Peril 

A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 1


Jinty James

       Here's a little snippet of the book blurb:      

A cat café


Who is the killer?

Lauren Crenshaw and her Norwegian Forest Cat Annie run their own certified cat café in the picturesque small town of Gold Leaf Valley, Northern California. Lauren’s fun cousin Zoe helps out as well.

Lauren, Annie, and Zoe are shocked when one of their favorite customers is poisoned. Steve came into the café nearly every day – but who wanted him dead?

The trio find themselves suspecting their customers – even elderly Mrs. Finch, whom Lauren thinks of as a substitute grandmother, doesn’t escape their scrutiny.

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This week I read a supurr cat cozy mystery by a new author to me, and while the basic plot is a murder and trying to solve the mystery, it was an easy, lighthearted read, purrfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Purrs and Peril by Jinty James is a delightful read that caters to cozy mystery lovers and feline enthusiasts alike. The story is set in a Norwegian Forest Cat café, which is as charming as it sounds. Jinty James has done an excellent job of crafting the setting, and it's easy to imagine oneself in the cozy atmosphere, surrounded by the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee and delectable baked goods. The book's kitty character is Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat. Not only is she adorable, but she also plays a crucial role as the kitty hostess in the cafe. Annie's antics and actions kept me engaged to see what she would do next. The other characters in the book are equally interesting, and each one adds a unique flavour to the story. I liked the witty banter between the main character, Lauren, and her cousin Zoe, andthey had a good dynamic. The author's vivid descriptions of the café and its surroundings are really good, and it's easy to visualize the cozy setting and the mouth-watering pastries. The attention to detail is remarkable, and mew could almost taste the coffee and the sweetness of the baked goods while reading. Overall, Purrs and Peril is a fun read that offers a compelling mystery, charming characters, and an enchanting setting. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series, and I'm excited to see what Jinty James has in store for us next.

Another Totally Top Paw Read!

Paperback: 226 pages
Audio: 4 hours
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Ratings of:

Purrs and Peril 

Overall Enjoyment

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Other Fun Blog Hops to Join Today

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I'm off to prepare for next week's review, as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time!

I always look forward to your company as I share a specially paw-picked book just for my epic readers!

Don't forget if mew are looking for great books with cats, check out the Book Review page, just click the link here or at the top of the page, as that's the place to visit to get your feline fiction fix.

Until next week...

Keep calm and read more books


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  1. Dang sweet Amber, I hope you get to the bottom of the credit card thing! That does sound like a good book and I enjoyed your review. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. How could Parsley accuse you of such a dastardly crime!! A great review of book 1. Did you say there are 32 books in this series?

  3. Amber, sounds like Jinty James did a good book. And how is this "other" kitty going to ever read all 32 books! Good thing you are the one who bought them, mol. Love the floofy photo.

  4. You've been cloned, Amber!

  5. Good review Amber, of another interesting mystery book! Cute Fudge photo fail too! I've gotten pics like that, I have some rapidly moving kitties!

  6. Poor Amber, identity theft is awful. I love the photo of you playing with your nip tea bag. Great review, that looks like a fun series. Thank you to the PA for participating in the fill-ins. I always enjoy her answers. Sorry she had to work on Black Friday. XO

  7. Fudge has a gorgeous tail!!! 32 books...WOW! Purrs and Peril sounds wonderful.

  8. Amber, i wish you could have an unlimited book budget. I wish I could, too.

    It's okay not to be festive, we need someone to stay clear-headed when something goes sideways.

    The book sounds like a ton of fun.

    Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

  9. Purrs and Peril sounds like a great read, Amber! And that is terrible that somekitty stole your identity and ordered all those books! Anyway, enjoy that catnip teabag. :)

    Hello to Fudge's floofy tail!


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