Sunday 19 November 2023

The B Team's Duddo Five Stones Selfie on The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop **PLUS** Smooch's UK Historical Travel Guide

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Pawesome Sunday greetings furiends

Welcome to another BBHQ selfie selection, this week we decided to bip north in the Time Travelling Telephone Box to meautiful Northumberland just below the Scottish border.

The B Team's Duddo Five Stones Selfie

The B Team's Duddo Five Stones Selfie ©BionicBasil® Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Guys, these stones are something else, and what a truly pawesome place to visit, we enjoyed every moment, and next time I am taking my dowsing rods as I am convinced all of these stone circles are energetically connected! Of course, mew know about ley lines, and I'm convinced that those underground energy paths were discovered prior to any stone circle ever being constructed.

Mew know how much we love ancient standing stones and stone circles,
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Here's a little bit of info from BBHQ's Historical Travel Guide, Smooch:

Greetings fellow travellers and history lovers!

Seeing the winding and scenic roads of Northumberland, we were amazed at the stunning natural beauty that surrounded us. As we journeyed on, we came across a hidden gem that left us spellbound - The Duddo Five Stones. These age-old stones, with their weathered exterior, hold a captivating charm that is hard to miss and look like huge, gnarled teeth emerging from the ground. These ancient stones, estimated to be around 4000 years old, have stood the test of time and bear witness to the rich history of this beautiful region. These stones are covered in deep fissures, though it cannot be determined whether these are by design or natural erosion over the centuries, and the carvings on them depict various symbols that are believed to represent the different deities worshipped by the people of that era.

Melvyn did have a theory about the deep fissures on the stones; he reckons that really big cats like sabre tooth tigers used them as scratching posts to sharpen their claws in ancient times! MOL Apart from the Five Stones originally thought to be seven, Northumberland boasts a plethora of historical attractions that are sure to leave any history buff in total pawe. The Alnwick Castle, built in the 11th century, is a magnificent structure that stands tall and proud. The castle has a rich history and has served as a filming location for several movies and TV shows, including the famous Harry Potter series. The castle's impressive collection of artwork, including paintings by Canaletto and Van Dyck, is a testament to its grandeur. We thought we'd been to Alnwick, but it seems not, so we'll have a little trip there soon. Another attraction that is worth exploring is the Lindisfarne Priory, situated on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. The priory dates back to the 7th century and was founded by Saint Aidan. The island is accessible only during low tide, and visitors can walk across the causeway to explore the priory ruins. The priory boasts of a rich history and offers breathtaking views of the North Sea. The stunning architecture and intricate details of the priory ruins are bound to leave any visitor in wonderment. Northumberland is a treasure trove of history and culture waiting to be explored. The Duddo Five Stones and other historical attractions in the area are a testament to the rich history of this beautiful region. A visit to Northumberland is a journey through time, where anypawdy can immerse themselves in the fascinating history and culture of this enchanting region. A visit to this region is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who experiences its natural beauty and rich history. We loved it!



The BBHQ Historical Travel Guide

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We're also joining in Athena's Fabulous Art Hop so do stop by and show off your pawesome arty-farty skills.

We really like this effect, it reminds us of Van Gogh's The Scream, obviously minus the scream! MOL

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The effect was created with Befunky - AI Enhancer, Impresssionist 3 + colour changes to fill light and saturation.

We also turned this fab arty-farty picture into a puzzle, so do stop by the puzzle page and take the Puzzle Challenge, see if mew can beat our time of 10 mins 58 secs. 

We're off to go and snoopervise Cat Dad while he does a spot of leaf raking, hopefully, tomorrow the chiropractor can fix the P.A.'s shoulder and then her outdoor duties can commence.

Smooch is looking forward to lunch, and this afternoon we're watching Ruthless People, from 1986 with Bette Midler and Danny Devito, it's really quite funny.

Do join us again tomorrow, when we're back with another episode of Cats Have Problems Too, and check out this week's Despurrate Dilemma. And we'll be back on Tuesday with Chapter Four in our brand new adventure, Claws of Terror, and we know mew won't want to miss this one, seriously, mew won't catch your breath! MOL

We do hope mew have an epic day, and remember to always...
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Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

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  1. Those stone could be giant poops covered in litter and stood up

  2. Wow, those stones look wild, mew guys! Good luck with helping Dad with the leaves, and we hope the P.A. gets that shoulder all squared away by the chiropractor. XO

  3. Every part of the British Isles is steeped in history and a lot of natural beauty. I could spend a lifetime exploring and not see it all.

    Thanks for the introduction to this part of your world!

  4. Love that art effect for the Duddo Stones. I have never heard of them. We have travelled to most parts of the UK but never Northumberland. I think that needs to be remedied next year! Have fun with the leaf raking!

  5. Wow, those stones look really spooky in the artified version. We can truly believe they are part of a circle of magic that ringed the British Isles.

  6. Thanks for telling us about those stones. We learned something interesting!

    The Chans

  7. Colorful Sunday, thanks guys and gals fur this fun trip.

  8. Wow, what a cool place to visit!
    Did your paws feel the stones vibrating with magic?
    Lovely art, and am off to puzzle...thanks!

  9. I swear I would never ever have thought there were so many stone "sculptures" in England. What a delight each time you feature one.

  10. Wow, that is a beautiful and fascinating place for sure! Love the pictures with the B Team present!

  11. I have never seen these but they look amazing AND I love the filter, its fabulous.

  12. What an amazing group selfie and your art is most magical!

  13. Great selfie. And excellent theory Melvyn. I love the art. Thanks for the puzzle. XO


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