Sunday 5 November 2023

The B Team's The Ring of Brodgar Selfie on The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop **PLUS** Smooch's UK Historical Travel Guide

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Pawesome Sunday greetings furiends

Welcome to another BBHQ selfie selection, this week we decided to bip north again in the Time Travelling Telephone Box to the ameowzing Orkney Islands in Scotland.

The B Team's Ring of Brodgar Selfie

The B Team's Ring of Brodgar Selfie ©BionicBasil® Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Wow!  What a truly pawesome place to visit, we enjoyed every moment, and mew can tell Melvyn loved it! MOL

Mew know how much we love ancient standing stones and stone circles, see our previous trips to:

Here's a little bit of info from BBHQ's Historical Travel Guide, Smooch:

Greetings fellow travellers and history lovers!

We had the purrleasure of visiting The Ring of Brodgar, (it sounds like an epic fantasy novel! MOL) an ancient and fascinating site located at Stenness on the Orkney Islands in Scotland, and we cannot wait to share our experience with mew. This paw-inspiring site was built over 4,500 years ago during the Neolithic period and consists of 27 imposing standing stones arranged in a perfect circle with a diameter of just under 104 metres, it is absolutely colossal. Originally there were approximately 60 stones. Each stone is unique and massive, some standing as tall as 4.5 metres, others vary from 2.1 metres tall, and they are arranged in a very precise manner that showcases the incredible engineering and architectural skills of the ancient peoples who built it. The Ring of Brodgar is not only an impressive feat of engineering, but it also has a deep historical and cultural significance. While the exact purpose of the site is still a mystery, historians believe that it was likely used for religious and ceremonial purposes, as well as being a prehistoric astronomical observatory. The site's location, near the stunning Loch of Harray, only adds to its meauty and mystique. Visiting The Ring of Brodgar is an experience that will leave mew in awe. The site's sheer scale and the surrounding natural meauty are breathtaking. The area is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, otters, and seals, which only adds to the charm and uniqueness of the location. Additionally, the site's proximity to other notable sites such as the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Maeshowe chambered tomb make it a must-visit for anypawdy interested in ancient history or archaeology. If mew're planning a trip to Scotland, we highly recommend adding The Ring of Brodgar to your itinerary. It's a remarkable piece of history and a beautiful location that will provide mew with a deep appreciation for the ancient peoples who built it and the natural beauty of the Orkney Islands.

And on another note, Scotch Mist is definitely REAL! MOL



The BBHQ Historical Travel Guide

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We're also joining in Athena's Fabulous Art Hop so do stop by and show off your pawesome arty-farty skills.

We tried Prisma again this week, but there was nothing that complemented the picture, so BeFunky came to the rescue, and we think it turned out really well.

The B Team's Ring of Brodgar ©BionicBasil® The Caturday Art Blog Hop

The effect was created with Befunky - AI Enhancer, water Colouor 4 + colour changes to saturation.

We also turned this fab arty-farty picture into a puzzle, so do stop by the puzzle page and take the Puzzle Challenge, see if mew can beat our time of 9 mins 08 secs. 

We're off to get the bunker ready again, as the last couple of night peeps have been letting fireworks off willy-nilly like total lemmings! 

Seriously, we can't believe that in this day and age when nearly everything is banned from sale, the authorities still allow the public to purrchase fireworks, like what the fluffing fluff? Are they mad? 

Look, we're not opposed to fireworks as long as they're at an organised event being carried out safely. Not some total flufftard letting them off in the back garden. And with all the health and safety protocols thrust upon us in modern times, it really begs belief that they are still for sale, truly, it makes no sense on any level.

If mew'd like to see our Guy Fawkes post, click here to view.

Amber has this to say:

mber's Purrsonal Opinion of Fireworks ©BionicBasil®

Smooch is camped out by the oven right now in anticipation of lunch at 1pm. And this afternoon we may watch a movie, or if the weather is clement for the time of year, we may go on a little garden safari before we go and barricade ourselves on level 8 of the Bunker. 

Do join us again tomorrow, when we're back with another episode of Cats Have Problems Too, and check out this week's Despurrate Dilemma.

We do hope mew have an epic day, and remember to always...
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Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

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  1. Whoa! That place is epic, mew guys! What an awesome place for a selfie!

  2. That is a great place to visit! We took a private local company tour when we went there a few years ago during a British Isles cruise. We also visited Maeshowe but as I am claustrophobic I waited outside and made friends with the cows while the others went inside.
    Here is a post I did when we were there, and I see the few years were actually 11years!

  3. That looks like yet another amazing place, guys!
    About fireworks - We find it astounding that people can still freely purchase what basically amounts to EXPLOSIVES!!!

  4. Luv knowin' the stones are where wildlife lives. let me know if they gots the chipmunks like me. Fireworks are hooman evil and should be banned and if cats ruled they would be. Precious

  5. I'd love to visit every standing stone monument EVERYWHERE!
    Just think they are so cool.
    Thank you for sharing, B Team, and I'm off to puzzle.
    Staying fluffy!

  6. Wow, looks like a remote and very wild area, with fascinating history! Love both pictures with the B Team there touring! And Amber, good for you! I don't like fireworks in neighborhoods either!

  7. Amber, you are so adorable. I am sorry you have to put up with those awful things. Nice selfie from all and I love the art. Thanks for the puzzle. XO

  8. Scotch Mist made me think of some kind of adult beverage, LOL!!
    Fireworks?? Sheesh with all the wars going on, some peeps might begin to think its now in their area...and not to mention the other hazards.

    Your Ring of Brodgar is truly amazing!! I had NO idea there so many stone circles in the UK. Wow!

  9. That is a fabulous selfie gang, howdy Melvyn!!! Amber, we dislike those fireworks too sweetie. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  10. I really do need to fit one of those on the lawn. If I link them with cord from stone to stone I could make Mrs H a HUGE clothes line dryer!

  11. I loved the picture, the information about the site and OH how I WISH I could be there too with you mews. . I am fascinated with your historical tours always. EPIC! Epically epic, I say! I could look at and read these all day long.

  12. Oh, and Amber! GOOD SHOW! Your expression is spot on, Mew know how to tell it, Girlfriend!

  13. I am with you Melvyn, it is one amazing place to visit. My ring has the stones on it in a line (ok around the ring). You look a bit freaky but we LOVE the treatment of the photo.

  14. These ancient sites serve to confirm to me people of ancient times were not "primitive" in their thinking and reasoning skills, just their technology. Excellent selfies and post. (I'm trying hard to catch up on my reading.)


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