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Happy Monday, furry floofers

Welcome to another episode of Cats Have Purroblems Too, where I give epically epic advice to cats with despurrate dilemmas too great for them to solve alone. 

 Take a seat, and read today's despurrate dilemma and my solution.

Also, mew may be pondering on what my professional credentials are, so purrlease purruse the list below:

Ph.D. in Kitty Psychology & Psychiatry
BSc (Hons) Headology  
Psy.D. Furry Logic
 MS. Fuzzy Logic
MA. Common Sense

My other Professional Credits include:

NOM Master
Snoozy Savant
Purr Master
AdvoCat of T.L. Treatment
Touchy Feely Therapy or T.F.T
Purrfume Aroma Treatment or P.A.T.

I can help mew to solve all your Pet Peeves, Purrsonal Problems and Despurrate Dilemmas, no matter how great or small they may be.

Plus, I 
only use the very latest techniques, some of which I have developed myself over my long and esteemed career, which include:

 Purr Therapy ~ For Uptight and Particularly Stressed Kitties 

Nom Zen ~The Art of Nomming in Total Tranquility 

ZZZ's Snooze Sensation ~ Including Mewsical CatNap Sessions tailored to your purrsonal requirements

YogiCat Meditation ~ Stretches and Breathing Techniques for the Severely Stressed & Overworked

Intense CatNip Therapy ~ This treatment speaks for itself (I find it very beneficial)

I am also an AdvoCat of Tough Love coupled with a healthy dose of common kitty sense

Purrfume Aroma Treatment ~ A Sensory Smelling Session S.S.S. to calm and soothe with highly aromatic blends of specially selected scents

To help mew release all your stresses and worries just drop by my clinic held here or, alternatively email me your purroblem, and I'll answer here. If mew require to remain anonymous or anon, purrlease include that in your email. 

Mew can contact me directly at the following address:

DearDrBasil (at) gmail (dot) com

So come and sit on my supurr comfy couch, reee-lax, breathe deeply and tell me of your troubles, as I'm ready, willing and able to help.

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This is one of my cases via email:  


Dear Dr. Basil, I'm writing to mew today with an urgent plea for help. My name is Buffy, and I'm a supurr cute toroiseshell cat with a lot of tortitude, and I think I have a severe case of C.I.S. (Chronic Interrupting Syndrome). No matter what my human is doing, I have to interrupt it and be the centre of attention. Whether they're reading a book or working on their laptop, I just can't resist sitting on it and getting in the way. It's becoming a real purroblem, and I don't know what to do! Purrlease, Dr. Basil, I need your expert assistance and guidance! What can I do to curb my Obsessive Compulsive Interruptions (O.C.I's) and live a more peaceful life with my human? As I feel that I could be driving her away with my behaviour. Yours truly, (beyond despurrate)


This is my Expert Reply
Today I use the colour blue, as this is renowned for being the colour of calm, and hopefully will be the purrfect choice for this particular purroblem.

Dear Buffy, I can totally relate to your struggles with C.I.S. (Chronic Interrupting Syndrome). As an internet cat agony uncle, I have encountered this issue in many feline households. I understand that no matter what your human is doing, mew have to interrupt it and be the center of attention. But fear not, my dear tortoiseshell furiend! I have devised a comprehensive 9-point action plan to help mew abate your O.C.I.'s aka Obsessive Compulsive Interruptions and feel more relaxed and at ease. 1. Schedule playtime: It's essential that your human sets aside a specific time each day for playtime with mew. This way, mew won't feel the need to interrupt their work or reading and will have something to look forward to. 2. Provide alternative distractions: Get your human to give mew some toys or treats to keep mew occupied while they're working. This will help mew feel less left out and reduce your need to interrupt. 3. Create a designated cat space: Set up a cosy spot for yourself near your human's workspace, so mew can be nearby without actually getting in the way. This will help mew feel connected to your human without being intrusive. (I actually have my own purrsonal In-Tray on my humans desk!) 4. Use positive reinforcement: When mew're being good and not interrupting, make sure your human rewards you with cuddles, treats or praise. This will encourage mew to keep up the good behavior and reduce your need for attention. 5. Invest in a cat tree: Providing a high-up space for mew to perch on can help mew feel more secure and relaxed, which may help reduce your urge to interrupt. This will also provide mew with a fun and safe place to observe your humans activities and still feel part of the action from an elevated space. 6. Consider a calming aid: If mew're particularly anxious or stressed, a calming aid like Feliway may help soothe mew and reduce your need to interrupt. This will help mew feel more at ease and less likely to be disruptive. 7. Take a nap: Sometimes, all mew need is a good nap to calm your nerves and reset your behaviour. Take any opportunities to nap throughout the day. This will help reduce your anxiety levels and make mew feel more relaxed. 8. Get some fresh air: Spending time outdoors safely, in a catio for example, or near an open window can help stimulate your senses and reduce your anxiety, which may help mew interrupt less. This will provide mew with a change of scenery and help mew feel more connected to the world outside. 9. Finally, remember that mew are loved: No matter how much mew interrupt, your human still loves mew unconditionally. So take a deep breath, relax, and know that mew don't need to interrupt to be the center of attention all the time. This will help mew feel more secure and less anxious about seeking attention. I hope these tips help mew, Buffy, and any other cats struggling with C.I.S. Remember, with a little patience and understanding, mew can overcome this behaviour and live a happy, peaceful life with your human. Purrs and head-butts,

Yours most sincerely
Dr. Basil
@ The Cats Have Purroblems Too Clinic T.M.

Today's Moral Code is:

~ Change takes time, so take things slowly ~
If mew can relate to this purroblem or feel that mew are in need of any assistance, purrlease leave a comment to: Dear Dr Basil.... or email me directly and I'll get back to mew.

Thank mew all for joining me today at The Cats Have Purroblems Too Clinic, and I'll be back next Monday with another open clinic and a new case study.

Until then, Keep Calm and Purr

Dr. Basil

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  1. Those are great ideas, your plan is solid.

    Another thing, research has shown cats are drawn to squares and rectangles for some reason. It's not just boxes, they like, it's any rectangle or square shape, like a book, laptop or magazine. It might help if Buffy had a square or rectangular bed to lie on, or her own magazine or sheet of newspaper on the floor to enjoy.

  2. We are not interupting, we are just reminding the humans we are there if they need us and while we have your attention can I get a treat?

  3. Flynn had his own Peggy Blankie on the left hand side of the computer desk where he would happily curl up and not interrupt me.

  4. Mine is just the opposite Dr. Basil. Lynn does the interrupting whilst I'm tryin' to snooze. Teach her better, purr-lease. Precious

  5. We don't have that issues yet, but we'll remember Dr. Basil's take on this.

    Have a purrfect day and week. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  6. That was wonderful advice, you always nail it!

  7. Super duper advice as always.x😽


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