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**VALENTINE'S CRAFTING RE-RUN**PART III** Crafting With Cats Valentine's Special ~ How We Made The Valentine's Cottage Cat House ~ Video

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Supurr Furbulous Greetings Pawesome Pals

Thanks for joining us for Part III of our supurr fun Crafting with Cats re-run. We thought we'd get a head-start on the Valentine's Crafting, as the big day is just under three weeks away, so if mew want to make anything we share over the next couple of weeks, mew should have plenty of time! 

If mew missed Part I, click here to see how we made an epic heart shaped crinkle mat, and here for Part II, when we made some epic catnip hearts and kicker toys.

Stay tuned for more epically epic crafty fun!

If mew missed any of our previous CWC posts, stop by the Crafting with Cats Page and see all our past projects, and mew don't have to be an expert in anything to make any of them.  Plus we offer workarounds and no-sew projects for those who don't like to sew.

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**A quick note before we begin**

All Crafting with Cats ideas and creations are of our own design, and we share them fur purrsonal/home use only.

  So purrlease do not copy fur commercial/resale purrposes.

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The Valentine's Cottage

Crafting with Cats Valentine's Special ©BionicBasil® The Valentine's Cottage

Today we're doing things a little bit differently, instead of step-by-step destructions, we're sharing a video of the entire process... enjoy!

How We Made The Valentine's Cottage Cat House

If for any reason the video doesn't play go here: watch video on youtube

As mew can see The B Team Boys loved it, and there's room for two, if not three inside, although young Melvyn has declared to all who'll listen that it's his cottage, he's put his paw-mark on the deed and he'll rent it out on certain days via the CatBnB netwurk - currencies accepted are:- catnip, wire transfer and treats, preferably Dreamies! MOL

If mew have any questions about construction or anything in the video, feel free to ask in the comments, and we will answer.

Also do let us know if mew prefer to watch a video or have the step-by-step destructions? Or purrhaps a combo of both?

And finally, tell us what mew think of The Valentine's Cottage Cat House.

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And that furiends furry sadly brings us to the end of today's totally terrific Crafting with Cats post, we do hope mew liked it. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we've got lots of videos there, and some of which mew might have not seen before.

We'll be back tomorrow with our usual selfie selection so do stop by and see what epic location we've got in store for mew.

Epic crafty purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

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  1. I LOVE the Valentine Cottage Cat House. What a privilege to own that sweet Melvyn! I wonder what the rent amount it...more than 10 treats per night and day? I may pop on through and see about renting it for a day. Maybe you'd let me go on an adventure with you. I hope Amber will b\let me into the library...I'll be good.

  2. That is a wonderful little Valentine Cottage House!! Purrfect for a loving kitty pair...hmmm, who does Pandora hang out with?? MOL! Or Amber for that matteer???

  3. I don't know how you have the time for writing, crafting and taking care of cats.

  4. That is a lovely cottage, and it looks like Melvyn has taken possession.

  5. Melvyn, I'll pay in Temptation Treats fur rent! Lynn like the videos of crafting with PA, but we both enjoy all ways of all new creations. Thanks fur them all. Precious

  6. Oh that is such a cute house! I loved watching the kitties check things out as you built it!

  7. Definitely a must to craft love the valentine's cottage. Any hope of renting it out promise to keep it tidy and you can all hang out.xx😽❤️😸

  8. That house is super cool, bravo, it's beautiful. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. You come up with the most amazing things!


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