Saturday 25 November 2017

Guest Post: Create The Purrfect Environment For Your Happy Kitty

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Create The Purrfect Environment For Your Happy Kitty

Cats are naturally predators and adventurers, they love exploring, climbing, and finding high places to perch. When we keep our cats inside we repress the ability for them to express these needs and desires which can cause cats to become unhealthy and unhappy.


Cats were born to hunt, placing a food bowl on the floor doesn’t satisfy their desire for hunting for their meal. Instead, try to make feeding containers for your cat to play with in order to earn food. For example, you can take a small container that has a reusable lid, like a yogurt container, and put holes in it that are large enough for kibble to come out. Fill the container with your cat’s normal amount of dry food and let them play with it. Your cat may rattle it or bat at it until the food comes out of the container. Another option is to place the food bowl somewhere other than the floor. Try placing the food container on a countertop or a shelf to encourage your cat to explore and look for their food.


Cats naturally scratch to sharpen their claws, mark their territory, and helps stretch out their back. You will find at the pet store that there are so many options for cat scratching posts. Find what fits best in your budget and consider buying a few for different areas of the house. Some of these posts can attach to a wall or a cabinet while others can be vertical or horizontal.


Cats are social when they want to be and not a second before. It is important to provide a space for them in which they can retreat from social activities going on in the house. The best type of refuge is one that is high up where the cat can perch and survey what is going on from a distance. Provide multiple beds or refuges throughout the house so your cat has many places they can use. Some favorite spots are attached to a window, or on top of a bookshelf. Make sure that no matter where your kitties perch is, that it is safe and secure. The litter box is also a place of refuge for many cats. Make sure that your litter box is in a quiet place away from noises, people, and other animals. Some people like to


If you don’t give your cat something to do, your cat will find something to entertain themselves with. Toys are a great way of satisfying predatory instincts and also give your cat some exercise. There are many different types of toys out there to purchase but you can also make your own toys. Some people get very creative and make their own cat toys with catnip inside them. You cat is very social, so spending time with them and playing is always great to help keep them happy and also helps you relax and be happy too!


Allowing your cat to spend time outside can increase the risk of your cat getting injured or diseases from other cats. If you really want to give your cat outdoor time, make sure you are able to give them a safe environment such as being on a leash and harness or creating an outdoor playroom for them to enjoy. If creating an outdoor playroom for your cat isn’t feasible you can always bring the indoors in. You can make a planter with grass that is big enough for your cat to lie and stretch out on. Cats love chewing and rubbing against plants, but make sure the plants are not irritants or poisonous.

There are lots of places in which you can purchase products for your cat to have a happy environment. Some products have multiple features such as cat trees that have multiple perches, can be used as a scratching post, and some even have toys attached to them to encourage play. If you purchase one that has multiple perches you can even feed your cat on one of them. All of these features will help you create the purrfect environment for your kitty. 

Author Bio:

Kaylin Stinski: Throughout my life, I have always been very passionate about animals and have worked in the veterinary medicine field for the last 10 years. Outside of working directly with the animals, I really enjoy educating clients on the overall care of their pets; not only from a medical perspective but also discussing general concerns such as behavioural interventions and preventative care. Writer at Pet Wellness Advisor.

Thank mew furry much fur such an informative article Kaylin, with some really great tips and advice.

Don't furget to join us again tomorrow fur our usual selfie selection and in the meantime we wish mew a supurr Caturday!

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. Great post! With a young rambunctious cat who spent a whole year in a small barren room, I have got some ideas of what I can do to keep him entertained when I am at work! Thank You!
    Love Barb

    1. Thanks Barb! Marv buddy, oh no mew didn't live in a small barren room... dude that's awful, but we're so so furry happy that mew have a beautiful new loving home with your fab mom, we bet it's the bestest home effur! XOX

  2. Thanks for sharing an informative post. We love our outside time but we know all cats aren't lucky enough to live somewhere where they can go outside.

    1. Hi all at ATCAD, yes we're lucky to be able to go outside, but fur those under house arrest fur whateffur reason - busy roads, purredators, built up area unsafe fur free roaming etc etc etc... it really helps to create an environment that won't bore the fur off us! MOL XOX

  3. I really like your blog for those correct contents you are sharing. Thank you a lot for sharing this put up with us. It become very informative post. I were given an amazing writing ability out of your blog.

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth and we're so happy that mew like our blog! XOX

  4. An excellent post and one that serves outdoor as well as indoor only felines. Thanks for all the info!
    Toodle pip

  5. Lots of good info here to keep us cats happy.

    1. Hey Island Cats, absolutely there is, and we know that a happy cats = a happy home! XOX

  6. Super information!
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  7. Excellent post. Very informative.


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