Thursday 1 July 2021

**PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT** Our Feedburner Email Subscription Is No Longer Oppurrational - DON'T PANIC! & WOO HOO! **Our Etsy Store is now officially OPEN**

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Happy Purrsday fluffies

Happy July!

Just a quick note to say our longstanding Google Feedburner Subscription service has ended, so if mew previously subscribed by email to be notified of news posts, mew won't be notified by Feedburner anymore.


We have set up a new subscription service via and mew can see the new sign up box in the righthand sidebar under our shop banner, or mew can click here to sign up and never miss another post!  

We have hopefully migrated all our existing subscribers across, but if mew no longer want to receive email post notifications from us, mew can opt-out easily enough, though we will be sorry to see mew go if that's what mew decide.

Or if mew didn't receive an email this morning or yesterday from the new service, this means that we royally fluffed up and could mew purrlease sign up again, using the box in the sidebar or the link above. And many apologies for the service interruption!

Our second announcement today is a lot more fun.


Finally, after many eons our new Etsy store is open today, yep, it's just opened minutes ago.  

It's called 

And just so mew know mew're in the right place, here's what it looks like:

Kwerky Kat Boutique Etsy Shop Header

And here are a few of our products:


Everything is handcrafted by the P.A. and most items are one of a kind, so mew can be epically excited in the knowledge that what mew have is as fantastic and as unique as mew.  The pom pom Snuggle Mats do have matching Katnip Kickers and Kushions too made with extra primo organic nip, so mew can get nipped out in style. Catnip-phoria here we come!

There are oodles of designs, although we've only loaded a few up to start with, plus we have lots more exciting products waiting in the wings to appear in the coming weeks and months. The P.A. has been working supurr hard, and we've been extremely busy with purroduct testing and quality control, in fact, our poor paws are almost wurked to the bone. But we do get to have a pawty every day in the sewing studio, which has something to do with a huge box of catnip - nuff said! MOL

The P.A. feels quite proud of her little shop and hopes that the lovely things that she's adored making will bring oodles of joy and happies to many kitties. At the moment we can only ship within the U.K. as when we applied for insurance they wanted to know the estimated sales figures for around the world. Talk about 'how long is a piece of string' or 'how many stars are in the universe' - DUH! - it was a totally unquantifiable question when the shop isn't even open; how the fluff do we know what any sales purrjections are? In fact, we don't even know if anyone will buy anything in the U.K. for that matter. 

Anyhoo, many concatulations to the P.A. on all the gorgeous kwerky items, and mew know we love all the things she's made for us as mew have seen lots of things here on the blog over the years, what we're saying is catisfaction is purretty much guaranteed!

Mew can follow The Kwerky Kat Boutique on Instagram, as we'll be sharing new products there when they go live, and also on our shop page here too.

That's all the news from BBHQ, and we'll be back on the morrow with our usual fluffers post and the winner of Fudge's Birthday Rave giveaway so don't miss that. Oh, and if mew missed yesterday's post, we have another giveaway happening there too!

Until then...
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...and shop on!

Pawesome purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. We got you on our Feedly Feed Reader so we always see when you post. Hey, your new Esty store looks really, really nice with very cool items.

  2. Lovely inventory in your new shop!! Hope it does well:)

    Can you give us directions on how to get the 'following' widget on our own blog? Petcretary can't seem to figure it out very well...

  3. The shop is looking good! I have never signed up for email notifications but have you in Feedly.

  4. I will go look right now for your sign up in Following...and I love your crafting works. XX
    Katie Isabella

  5. I'm getting emails about your posts so I guess I don't have to sign up for anything, it's already working (?) Love your crafts, they look very nice!

  6. You're in my Feedly feed to when you post a new post you're on my list of places to visit. I won't miss a thing.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. Scritches to the kitties and a hug to mom. ♥

  7. Those are some awesome goodies that I know the family will love. We have a button but did not get this post maybe tomorrow. Hope so we went and fiddled with the settings

  8. BEST OH FISHEZ to de PA with her new etsy stor !!! we iz now fanz and add mirerz.. we will sneek over ther and see what we can purr chze :) we hope de PA sellz like a bazillioz $$$$ werth oh goodz :) ♥♥

  9. We follow you on Feedly, and we always see your posts there. We switched our email thing to, too.

    Your new Etsy store looks epic, mew guys! We will go and look again!


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