Wednesday 4 December 2019

Farewell Lil Bub, Fudge and Melvyn Catch A Ray and Smooch's Courtyard Excursion on The Pet Parade 329 with Dash Kitten, Barking from the Bayou and US!

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Wednesday salutations fab pals

Welcome to our mid-week news round-up, and this week we kick off with furry sad news.

Most of mew will of heard by now that interwebs cat sensation Lil Bub has departed offur The Rainbow Bridge, she was only 8.  Apparently she got her wings and passed peacefully in the night while asleep next to her dad.  The wurld has lost another beautiful soul, though we know this special angel will neffur be furgotten.

Farewell Lil Bub, may mew rest in peace sweet one.

 In other news...

Woo hoo December is here and we're waiting for our new Catmas tree to arrive, which we'll be decorating with some special things, oh my just wait until mew see what we've been making, but more on that soon. #TEASER

Now let's talk cats....

Fudge and Melvyn caught a ray of sunshine yesterday morning, it was fleeting but even so they really enjoyed it! MOL 

Fudge and Melvyn Catch A Ray ©BionicBasil® The Pet Parade 329

Our home aka converted barn doesn't have furry large windows, so this time of year it can feel quite gloomy inside if the days are grey and offurcast, that's why we love it when the sun does peek out, even if it's just fur a moment.

And finally in between the rain, freezing fog and super chill weather Smooch managed to get out in the courtyard for a brief spell.

Smooch's Courtyard Excursion ©BionicBasil® The Pet Parade 329

It's been so damp everywhere; the trees have been dripping, the gutters have been dripping, everything's been dripping, we could do with a week or two of nice, dry crisp weather, so if any of mew have that variety purrlease feel free to send some to Mewton-Clawson stat! MOL

Though Smooch didn't mind the drips in the slightest as he checked to see if the magic shrooms were behaving, as he did a perimeter sweep on his way into the main garden. 

If mew've missed any of the posts offur the last week, here's the catch up links:

Amber will be here on Friday with a fantastic book she can't wait to share with mew all, so do stop by the library, tea and nip cookies will be served, and we hope to see mew then! 

Best purrs

Wing Commander Basil The B Team

Now let's HOP on... 
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  1. We are so sad about Lil Bub. She did so much good in her short life.

    Glad you got a little sun, pals. And that Smooch got some outside time!


  2. We have had two dry crisp and sunny days, but today is cloudier with a moist feel to the air, so maybe our two good days are on their way up to you.
    I was sad to hear about Lil Bub.

  3. I'm glad you got to enjoy some fun in the sun time! We sure were sad to hear about sweet Lil Bub too.

  4. This is so sad. Sorry 'Lil Bub passed away.😢😢😢😢😢😢 Our Purrs and Prayers are with you.
    We put our Pet Parade Link in.

  5. doodz....we haz a wee bit oh sun two day sew we will pack sum up N ship over seez.. aye ess aye pea....smooch...ya look feerce lee feerce ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Smooch looks like a man on a mission! I am loving his expression. We are happy to have some sunny days here in Texas too. It was gloomy last week.

  7. Our weather has been very changeable, with little to no sunpuddles, and being outdoors means being pelted with leaves, or rain, or snow chunks.
    We have the sads for Lil BUB and her dude.


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