Wednesday 5 August 2020

Monster Slugs, Sunning with Melvyn, The Daisy Umbrella and Strange Things are Apaw at BBHQ on The Pet Parade 364 with Dash Kitten, Barking from the Bayou and US!

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Pawesome Wednesday Greetings Furriends

Welcome to the Pet Parade and our weekly news round up!

OH MY COD! Have mew seen the size of that slug? And no, it's not a Snorg that's escaped from the bunker either, how do I know, because Snorgs are blue and this definitely isn't blue!  

But it is huge and it was eating our lettuce. Notice I used WAS, that's because the P.A. kindly helped it into next-doors garden late one night [MOL - OOPS!] let's hope it's found some really tasty morsels in that garden and wants to stay there and then invite its family for a wunderful staycation, or a purrmanent-cation! MOL MOL MOL 

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Buh-Bye Mr Slime!!!!

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In other news, it was quite warm again offur the weekend and Melvyn found himself a sunny windowsill to bake in, it's a good job the fan was on him as it got rather warm!

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He looks so sleepy on his snuggle mat!

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Also this week, early Friday evening it started to rain just as the P.A. was doing a spot of tidying near the summer house, anyhoo she spied this little bee helping himself to some yummy nectar from one the larger daisies in the rain, then she realised he was also using the daisy above him as an umbrella, clever little bee! 

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And finally, before we pop off...

Talking of things happening in the garden, not only do we have the garlic incident still to solve, but yesterday when the P.A. was walking around the garden with Mr Fluffy [Fudge's name of the moment! MOL]  and they had just come off the rear patio and were heading towards the gazebo when she noticed a whole kidney bean seed next to the wine pump???? This may not seem at all odd to mew at furst, but those seeds are in a shallow tray up on a small shelf on the wall in the potting shed.  How did one bean get from the potting shed get down to the wine pump and its not been [pardon the pun] chewed or damaged?  

Strange Things are Apaw at BBHQ

What do mew think is going on?

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If mew missed anything offur the last week, here's the latest posts fur your purrusal:

We'll be back on Friday with another Fluffers post so we do hope mew can join us and don't furget to hop around the wurld on the Pet Parade below.

Supurr purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 

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  1. That's so mysterious about that kidney bean. Sounds more like a jumping bean to us!

  2. Maybe some mousie tried to carry it off to its nest for a snack?? Eek, a mouse!!!

  3. Sounds like spooky happenings at BBHQ!
    We usually get monster black slugs like that and monster yellowy brown ones too, but I haven't seen any at all this year. I hope I haven't jinxed it!
    We are inundated with birds, far more than usual, and all seem to have had successful second broods already. Maybe they have been feeding them on the slugs when they are still tiny, so no giant ones.

  4. That is some big slug, maybe it was searching for that kidney bean!

  5. guyz.....thatz knot a slugz itza anconda ~~~~~ YEOWZERZ !!!!! N we think may bee everee one kneadz ta pull out yur "spiez" geer coz sum mizz tree stuff for sure iz goin on ther

    stay healthee :) ♥♥

  6. MMM... that's mysterious. Maybe the snorgs went back to full size and pulled it down there.
    Linked up for pet parade today but I'm guessing my link/url is so long it won't let me put in the blog hop. My link is:

  7. Mr. Slime is huge. Goodness.

    Nothing better than a windowsill to enjoy a nap.

    The bee is beautiful. What a great capture.

    Have a fabulous day. My best to your mom. ♥

  8. We like to see Mrs Bee having such a fine day and we wish the same to you all

  9. Hmm...I wonder where someone could get a team of investigators to look into the Whole Kidney Bean Seed Caper? Gosh, wait a minute, isn't there a team right there on the premises, with all sorts of modern equipment and stuffs?
    Unless it was the now-neighbor slug who did it...

  10. A double thanks today, thanks for hopping in and joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  11. Melvyn is a cutie. My hubby would have sent the snorg to his next life. Thanks for hosting the parade. XO


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